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Horary AstrologyI’ve never been an astrologer that was really into using astrology to “predict” the future of anything. In theory, I know how to do progressed charts, that allow the astrologer to provide information to a client concerning the upcoming year. I even know how to do horary charts, where a client asks a question and, based on the time the question was asked, a chart is erected that will provide the answer to that question. I’ve always just placed primary importance on my clients understanding the energies of their natal chart and why they chose those particular energies to work with in this lifetime.

Then my astrology student, who is also a regular client of mine, asked me if I could do an horary chart for him about a matter that he was having concerns. Never having been someone to back away from a challenge, particularly about something I have such passion, I agreed to take on the project.

What was really amazing to me was the fact that, after initially rechecking my information about the process of doing horary astrology, the chart and the information pertaining to the question came together rather quickly. He told me he was very pleased with the results and I found the whole project interesting and, of course, educational.

Although I would still rather have people come to me who really want to understand themselves, I could see where this might come in handy under certain circumstances. The end result is much the same as having someone read cards (Tarot or others) for you, but it really focuses down to particular information concerning a particular question.

As a result of this experience, I have decided to add horary astrology to my astrological repertoire beginning in 2015. The cost for having an horary chart cast and the answer to the question revealed is $75. After January 1, 2015, it will be listed on this web site under “Services” for any who might be interested.

In the meantime, don’t forget that from now until December 31, 2014, I am offering a special rate for natal astrology charts. Contact me by email at with the keywords “Who am I?” in the subject line and receive a special rate of $125 on having your natal chart done. That’s a $25 savings – and you will still receive 3 free consultations about your chart after receiving and reading it! So, if you really want an excellent tool for getting to know the real you, contact me by email and remember to include the words, “Who am I?” in the subject line. Let me help you begin to find the real you.

Taurus Full MoonThe Full Moon in Taurus occurs Thursday, November 6th at 5:23 p.m. EST. and draws our attention to those things that make us feel emotionally safe and secure in the material world.

The potency of the Full Moon being in Taurus can cause some people to accept only those ideas that conform to their preconceived standards. The good news is that common sense is applied to all situations and problems. Emergencies can be met without falling apart.

Moon in Taurus romantic attitudes include soft candlelight and music along with gracious companionship. Whether male or female, you want all the frills to “set the mood”.

With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, there can definitely be some stubbornness that occurs in those affected by this Full Moon combination. Tempers can flare. Jealousy and possessiveness can rear their ugly heads.

Overall, this is a good combination and, if the positive trait energies are focused on, then it can be a pleasant experience.

Mercury in ScorpioMercury moves back into Scorpio on Saturday, November 8th, at 6:09 p.m. EST once again creating shrewd, sharp, powerful minds with clear vision and foresight.

That tendency to be overly critical or devious may return. Words can be wielded like weapons, especially in anger.

Remember, when used in a higher state of vibration, the mind can be brilliant and penetrating especially when fighting for a cause or doing research.

There may be a tendency for mental activity to be drawn to the occult or metaphysical sciences, especially with the Sun in Scorpio as well.

All in all, it’s very interesting time for mental activities.

Neptune in Pisces 2Neptune in Pisces turns direct on Sunday, November 16th, at 2:06 a.m. EST from being retrograde since June 9th.

Neptune rules Pisces and brings to us lessons concerning banishing illusions pertaining to our spirituality. When retrograde, those energies wash back on us, calling us to learn about our perspectives in that area of our life. When it turns direct, what we have learned becomes a tool with which we can improve our lives.

There can be a desire to travel by water and even an interest in careers connected with water, like shipping or cruise ships.

The energy of Neptune in Pisces is sympathetic, broad-minded and charitable. It intensifies mediumistic and psychic faculties and can often create an interest in investigating mysticism and other occult sciences.

Venus in SagittariusVenus transits into Sagittarius on Sunday, November 16th at 2:04 p.m. EST. It is said that love here can be like a shooting star, brilliant but impermanent. Perhaps this is due to a desire and need for freedom. Any regular relationship will be too binding. There will be no sacrifices made for love with this placement of Venus.

Art and music, both created and enjoyed, during this transit will tend to be of a more lavish nature. Activities enjoyed may be of an outdoor nature such as hiking, horseback riding or even skiing. Conversations will tend toward the philosophical and spiritual. Religious ceremony and/or pageantry may draw your attention now.

A very interesting and uplifting experience awaits.

Meteor Shower - LeonidLook to the skies on the nights of Monday & Tuesday, November 17th and 18th to see the Leonids meteor shower.

Drawing its name from the constellation of Leo, look to the eastern sky after midnight to see 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

Be sure to be away from city lights to see Mother Nature’s current fireworks display!

Until we meet again….

Astrology 4Love & Blessed Be

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