The Journey Continues – This Is The Season of the Witch

WitchWe’re entering the time of year that is most associated with Witches…Halloween to the general public, Samhain (sow-en) or Hallowmas to actual practitioners of Wicca. For this reason, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the choice of being a solitary Witch/Wiccan or being part of a Coven.

We live in very interesting times. We have been moving out of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius for decades. “What has that got to do with anything?” you might be asking. Well, the Piscean Age was more about groups and the Aquarian Age is more about individuality. Those energies do affect us, whether we’re aware of it or not. I believe that it’s one of the reasons there are more solitary practitioners in Wicca right now and less group participation.

I, personally, have never seen a conflict between the two, but then we all know how differently I see things sometimes. You see, even though the Aquarian Age puts emphasis on the individual, it also has a very humanitarian aspect. In other words, it’s an energy that helps you to recognize your individuality but also see your connectedness to the Whole.

For a Witch/Wiccan, this would mean recognizing, understanding, and implementing the uniqueness that belongs to each of us and then taking that uniqueness and bringing it into a group/Coven setting to enhance the workings of the Whole. No contradiction there. Covens were never meant to create sheep. Rather they are meant to empower the individual thus empowering the group. You can use a wagon wheel as an example – the rim, a circle, is sustained by each of the spokes. A Wiccan Circle, is sustained by each of the people (the spokes) who participate in it. There is a mathematical increase in power and energy when more than one person works together. The power squares with every person involved: 2 people = energy of 4; 3 people = energy of 9; 13 people (a full Coven) = energy of 169!!!

You could say I am both a solitary practitioner and a Coven member. Our group meets at least eight times a year, more often if possible, but I do my own personal workings at the New and Full Moons, at least, and also whenever the need arises. The experience of working with a group, to me, is a win-win situation. There is the Sisterhood and Brotherhood shared, the exchange of ideas and insights, and the difference in experience in the celebration of holy days with others that can’t be experienced alone.

But, how do you find a group and how do you know if that group is right for you? To start, with the internet (and especially Facebook), finding a group is a whole lot easier than in the days when I was seeking a Coven. There are all kinds of Witch/Wiccan/magickal groups who have pages on Facebook, making it a good place to start searching for a group that is close by to where you live. There you can ask others if they know of any groups that are open to new members, how to contact them, and what their requirements are. While you are doing that, you need to decide what you are looking for in a group that you would be comfortable working with and what you want to learn from being part of that group. Although you may be looking for acceptance into a group, you also much decide whether that group is for you.

While I will tell you that there are many groups out there that are sincere in their efforts to teach and practice Wicca – in all its many forms and with all its manifold attributes – there are also groups out there that take people in on false pretenses. The genuine desire of spiritual seekers to find someone to teach them or a group to practice with has too frequently led to these seekers paying with their money, their dignity and/or their sanity.

While it is true that at different stages of your evolution, in this incarnation, different groups or religions may be appropriate for you, most of all, you are probably looking for your true, deep spiritual connection. So how DO you make an appropriate choice? Finding the answer to this question may be your greatest learning experience.

The best help I can offer comes from an article written by the High Priestess and High Priest of the Isis Artemis Coven of Montreal, Quebec, Canada back in the early 1980s:


  • they demand material payment. Ask where the money is going. If it’s going towards   reasonable general expenses ad upkeep, okay, but true teaching should always be free.

  • sexual relations are required.

  • there is one person leading the show who believes him-herself to be a supreme being. Ego-trips are contagious and always degrading.

  • you think the group does not embody high ideals. You should be looking for growth, and high ideals are the best guarantee. Of course, “holier than thou” is just a charade. The highest ideal is loving service to all life.

  • there is no practical indication of compassion for others. Any group “in it” for their own personal gain should be run out of town.

  • you immediately have to pledge to remain forever. Everyone has a destiny that is different and you may find that this particular group is not what you really needed after all.

  • you are required to do things that you would not normally do, ex: sexual relations, drugs, breaking the law in any way. In the end, it is you who bears the consequences both materially and spiritually.

  • you are expected to embrace a particular political or social doctrine beyond the general values of compassion and growth. Each person must freely express their Divinity in their own way.

  • you are running away. If you are trying to escape your responsibilities, your family, or even yourself, you will always be brought around full circle to work it out again. Unless your group encourages you to face reality, it is only a temporary “hideout”.

  • the idea is fostered that your group is better than everyone else…and to hell with non-believers.

  • you are told that you are worthless, and no good (but we can make you better). Don’t you believe it! Every person is Perfect and Divine, but just hasn’t realized their full potential.

“This advice is a result of the experience and insight of a group of practitioners of a traditional spiritual method who wish any who seek to know in order to serve.”

There really isn’t anything more I can add to this except maybe to remind you that we are all connected and we all have a purpose in each of our lives. Take into consideration what you might have to offer and what you might learn/gain from working with a dedicated group/Coven. Remember it is possible to be both a solitary practitioner and be part of a group as well. Even if you ultimately reject being part of a group, you will have at least taken another look at the potentials.

I wish you all many, many blessings on your journeys, especially in this Season of the Witch!

Happy Halloween 5Love & Blessed Be

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