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How are you feelingI’ve talked before about the fact that there are three main areas for which most people are looking for answers. These are money, love and health – not necessarily in that order.

Although you can find all kinds of clues to the answers for all three of these in your natal astrology chart, I want to talk about health right now.

We live in a very fast-paced world that can leave us feeling stressed, unable to sleep, and eating less than healthy on a daily basis. This has caused various illnesses to skyrocket; filled doctor’s waiting rooms and ERs; and, left a majority of people dependent on prescriptions to cope with day-to-day living.

You will not find any cure-all within these sentences, but you may find a little hope and a beginning of understanding as to why you are going through this.

Your natal chart – that unique map of the placement of the planets at your date, time and place of birth – is not just a conversation piece to be taken lightly. On the contrary, it has within its confines information that can reveal your strengths and weaknesses where your health is concerned. It can even give you a heads-up to predispositions you may have to certain illnesses so that you can take preventative steps, thereby averting it from happening or, at the very least, lessening its effects.

So where do you look? A natal astrologer would first look to the Sun, if you are a male, or the Moon, if you are a female, checking what sign it’s in, what house it occupies, and what aspects it forms with other planets and points in your natal chart. This would give a general picture of the health energies.

Next, looking at the placement of the planets on the chart, those which occupy the eastern side of the chart (left side) will indicate short, sudden attacks of sickness while those on the western side of the chart (right side) will indicate more serious, long, lingering sickness as well as chronic disease.

Next, the sixth house, which besides being the house of service and work, is the house of health and sickness, would be considered. What sign is on the cusp of this house? What planet rules that sign and what aspects are formed to that planet? These will all give additional clues to ones health. Also any planets in the sixth house and the aspects formed to them will add to your list of clues to susceptibility to certain illnesses.

Even your Ascendant will help spot ailments. Whatever sign is on the cusp of your first house, depending on what element it is – fire, air, water or earth – it can point to where you may be vulnerable where illness is concerned.

So, you see, there is a great deal of insight and information to be gained by having one’s natal chart done and becoming familiar with it. Imagine what other things you might discover if all this can be found just about your health! Something to think about!

Harvest Moon 4You might want to do some of that thinking under the light of the Full Moon that will be taking place on Monday, September 8th at 9:38 p.m. EDT.

Can you say “SUPER MOON”? This is the third super moon in a row, starting with the one that happened in July. What does that mean? Well, it will be bigger and brighter than a regular Full Moon. This one is supposed to be the biggest and brightest of them all, but then it IS the Harvest Moon as well.

Pisces is the sign this Full Moon will occupy and Pisces is about spirituality, intuition, and psychic qualities. We often relegate these things to one day a week or totally ignore these areas of our lives.

This Full Moon calls us to become aware of our spiritual tendencies and our “gut” instincts. It calls us to step into the light of our talents and abilities, casting fear aside, and be who we truly are.

Don’t let the combination of the Sun in Virgo with this Full Moon in Pisces make you lazy or ambivalent. That restlessness you may feel may well be dissatisfaction with how things are. Instead of getting irritable, be willing to march to the beat of your own drummer and make the changes that will bring you the satisfaction you seek.

Mars in SagittariusMars will transit into Sagittarius on Saturday, September 13th at 5:57 p.m. EDT. A fire planet in a fire sign definitely ramps up one’s courage. How you may use that courage all depends on your philosophy of life.

Two things Mars in Sagittarius will encourage you to do is be spontaneous and expansive. You know…act on instinct and move beyond current self-created boundaries. Woohoo!

Don’t spread yourself too thin during this transit or allow yourself to be side-tracked. This can happen when you feel the energy of this placement and try to “make up for lost time” by putting way too many irons in the fire.

One last thing. You may find your interests turning to higher education, foreign travel or even developing your psychic abilities. My advice? Go with it!

Power-of-LoveInternational Day of Peace is Sunday, September 21st. This is a day when millions of people around the world participate in activities and events to celebrate peace. At noon in every time zone a moment of silence takes place to send a wave of peace around the Earth. Something we should do every day!

Pluto in CapricornPluto in Capricorn, which has been in retrograde motion since mid-April, will be turning direct on Monday, September 22nd at 8:34 p.m. EDT. As I said at the time, “When Pluto is retrograde it is a time of spiritual growth, limited only by our conscious minds. There is a need to fulfill individual growth. Without this growth, we can regress. When we regress, because we truly are all connected, we impede planetary growth. For ourselves and everyone else, this is a time where we need to release all that no longer serves us and open ourselves to new ideas, new perspectives and new ways of doing and being.

“With Pluto in Capricorn, it especially becomes a lesson of how to link our individuality and our philosophies with that of the society and culture we find ourselves in this lifetime. It becomes an increasing awareness of both ones power and powerlessness within that society and how this can be used for the good of all.”

If you made good use of the retrograde vibration and time, perhaps through the use of self-discipline or just the releasing of any guilt or fear, then you are more then ready to move out into the world, empowered.

You can let Pluto in Capricorn weigh you down or use its heavy lessons to free you from bonds that have contained you for too long.

Libra 2Time for the Sun to transit into Libra. That will happen on Monday, September 22nd @ 10:29 p.m. EDT.

Libra is an air sign which brings in both thought and communication. Libra loves to debate and that may because they also enjoy looking at things from a 360-degree perspective – one degree at a time!

The energies of the Sun transiting this sign are those that seek to find harmony and balance in any or all areas of one’s life.

Libra is also about partnerships being the natural ruler of the 7th house of partnership in astrology charts. These can take any form – business, friendship, intimate or even your relationships with family members. Libra energies are about teamwork – working, living, being social with others.

Enjoy this transit of the Sun in Libra! To all those celebrating a birthday in Libra….

Happy Birthday Libra

Oh, and by the way….it’s Autumn Equinox!!! You know that time when day and night are equal again but with the nights growing in length as the days grow short. A time of balance! No wonder it begins the sign of Libra!

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I wish you all a very pleasant harvest season. Until next time…

Autumn EquinoxLove & Blessed Be

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