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Knowing YourselfA very famous Witch, Sybil Leek, once said in one of her books, “Know yourself and do this before you do anything else.” That’s real wisdom, my friends, especially in these times of transformation.

We are taught to not be ourselves from the time we are old enough to understand. It’s all about approval. It’s all about what those outside of you think. So, as the years roll by, we bury who we really are under layer after layer of façade in our attempt to seek out and receive that very same “approval” from the outside world.

The Real us becomes lost. We have no clue who we really are. We are lost, confused, and often feeling hopeless about our lives. It’s no wonder so many have sought out counseling and/or therapy nowadays.

Let me throw you a rope…a life saver, if you will. It’s called Natal Astrology. Call it the “Chilton’s” manual for human beings. (If you’re too young to know what “Chilton’s” is, it’s a car manual for the year and model of whatever vehicle you drive that used to be really popular back in the 70s for those of us who used to work on our own cars.) A good natal astrology chart will describe to you all the energies, both assets and challenges, that you cloaked yourself in upon entering this incarnation. For some, it’s like discovering buried treasure!

Sybil Leek was right. Without knowing who we truly are, how can we possibly know what we want from life? How can we possibly know who we want to have a relationship with or what job we are best suited for that would also be a joy to perform? Knowing yourself IS the key to making your life joyful and uplifting. Having your natal astrology chart done can be a big help in gaining that understanding.

From now until December 31, 2014, I am offering a special rate for natal astrology charts. Contact me by email at with the keywords “Who am I?” in the subject line and receive a special rate of $125 on having your natal chart done. That’s a $25 savings – and you will still receive 3 free consultations about your chart after receiving and reading it! So, if you really want an excellent tool for getting to know the real you, contact me by email and remember to include the words, “Who am I?” in the subject line. Let me help you begin to find the real you.



New Moon 11Talk about beginnings, we have a New Moon on Monday, August 25th at 10:13 a.m. EDT. Both the Sun and the Moon will be in Virgo, a very practical, analytical, frugal and critical combination.

Virgo is an Earth sign, thus the practicality, but it is ruled by Mercury which sharpens the mind. The trick is to maintain the analytical and critical, discriminating abilities without going overboard and becoming harsh or over-critical.

The energies of this combination are very self-reliant and independent. There is foresight and a tendency to be methodical and precise.

Moon in Virgo, by itself, can cause people to be shy and retiring. It is also a good time for talking care of anything that needs painstaking attention to detail. This can include cleaning the house and organizing any area of ones life.

With Virgo ruling the health, and in particular the intestines, one should take care as to the food and drink that is consumed during this transit.

Women's Equality Day 3Women’s Equality Day is Tuesday, August 26th. This is a day that celebrates and commemorates women being given the right to vote in the USA on August 26, 1920.

Although “We’ve come a long way, baby!”, we still have a long way to go to have true equality between men and women in this country. That being said, celebrate and give thanks for the women who did the work so the women of today have a vote and a voice!

Mercury in LibraMercury begins it transit through Libra on Tuesday, September 2nd at 1:38 a.m. EDT.

When Mercury is in Libra, the mind becomes curious about how others think and relate to others. Interests may turn to psychology or astrology. Obviously good communications in any relationship will become essential at this time.

Harmony and justice are keywords for this placement – Venus, ruler of Libra, seeks harmony while Libra itself seeks justice. This tends to make one, influenced by this energy, honest in their communications. Some will find themselves considering all sides of a situation before making a decision in order to be fair to one and all. The drawback is that if used for too long on an issue, it can cause indecision, thus causing the loss of the opportunity that presented itself.

You may find yourself seeking out those who possess honesty, integrity and refined minds. Crudeness, in any form, and/or an attitude of unfairness will be a complete turn off.

Overall, a pleasant journey for the mind of many.

Venus in VirgoOn Friday, September 5th at 1:07 p.m. EDT, Venus will enter Virgo, a not-so-good placement for the planet of love.

For some, these energies will create the tendency to over-analyze emotions. This can cut off the direct intuitive response we have to beauty.

Venus in Virgo tends to make one meticulous about appearance, hygiene and manners. Sometimes this is a cover-up for their shyness and even feelings of social inferiority.

There can be a coldness to ones external presentment to the outside world. This can cause a block to the development of romantic relationships and can result in feelings of frustration and loneliness.

This is an excellent placement if you are a writer or an actor as well as public speakers and even lawyers.

Grandparents DayNational Grandparent’s Day is on Sunday, September 7th. This day of recognition has been celebrated in the US since 1978.

This is a time to honor the wisdom of those who came before us – our Elders. Whether they are family or not, they all have a story to tell, wisdom to share. Don’t miss out on what they might be able to tell you.

Happy Grandparent’s Day!!!

Astrological Banner 2

Well, that’s it for now.  Don’t forget to contact me to get your natal chart done!  It also makes a great birthday or holiday gift to give to that hard-to-buy-for person.

Until next time…


Know Yourself 2Love & Blessed Be

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