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Leo roaringLeo, the sign of success, leadership, and generosity is also the sign of drama. That can be a good thing unless the lion is unleashed and out of control. Then you get “drama”.

Right now, not only is the Sun in Leo, but Mercury and Jupiter occupy that sign as well. Shortly, Venus will be joining them for a brief while before Mercury moves to Virgo.

From my own personal experience, during the transit of these planets, if there are life lessons that really need addressing, they will be “in-your-face” obvious. At that point, you have, what I see as, two choices: you can whine and moan about your misfortune OR you can see the importance of what’s being presented to you, thank the powers-that-be, and work your way through it.

Leo can make you a drama queen, but you don’t have to willingly be swept up in it. Remember? Leo is also about success and leadership, even if that leadership is just of self.

So, if you come face-to-face with that important incident, look at it as a challenge to reach higher and harder for the success you want. Reach for the power of Leo and be determined to not be limited by anyone or anything. Let me hear you roar!

Full Moon in Aquarius 2Adding to the intensity of all that Leo will be the Full Moon which arrives on Sunday, August 10th at 2:09 p.m. EDT. The Moon will be in Aquarius, as always, in opposition to the Sun in Leo.

Moon in Aquarius, by itself, is very imaginative and creative. If no creative outlet is found or used for enhanced imagination, it can, without malice, turn into rumors and gossip which can bring backlashes from the subject of those imaginative tales that were told.

Sometimes wisdom and good judgment elude the good intentions of those affected by the Moon in Aquarius. Maybe it has to do with their love and need for freedom and independence or perhaps the fact that they do look at things differently than other people.

When you combine that Aquarius Moon with the Sun in Leo, the energies are good-natured and sociable. Intuition is heightened and there may be marked occult tendencies.

Leo adds determination and will-power into the mix and this combination can do much to help others and yourself at this time.

Venus by InertiaKVenus will join the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Leo on Tuesday, August 12th at 3:24 a.m. EDT and brings with it warm feelings and kindliness. Those affected by these energies will be quite congenial and big-hearted.

Venus in Leo energies are quite loyal to friends and family. It tends to make one demonstrative, warm and generous.

It may cause some to be a little theatrical, while others could act like prima donnas. The dramatic energy of Leo can be quite a help if you are involved in theater, as long as you don’t allow it to take you overboard.

This energy is very humanitarian. With all the other planets in Leo, it seems to be a good time to be of help to each other. Definitely an energy for success, if used wisely.

Mercury 4Mercury moves from Leo into Virgo on Friday, August 15th at 12:44 p.m. EDT. With Mercury in one of the signs it rules, it makes it a strong, intellectual position. So strong, in fact, that it might cause a person to forget to take others’ feelings into consideration.

Besides being intellectual, it is also practical, as Virgo is an Earth sign. This makes for good organizing skills that can aid a person both personally and professionally. It also aids in anything that requires attention to detail.

This is a good energy for medical or scientific work as well as for writers, language students or critics. It can help keep you focused for whatever project you may be working on.

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Well, that’s it for now. Remind yourself about all that Leo energy out there regularly. Tapping into it and letting it assist you could really give you a push in the direction of your goals.

Until next time…

Astrologer 2Love & Blessed Be

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