The Journey Continues – Here We Go ‘Round in Circles

Spiral Around 2As with most of my inward journey, it usually takes me around in a circle, bringing me back to reexamine what I thought I had already dealt with. What else would I expect? I am a Witch and Witches do their best work in Circles.

The truth of it is that this is true for all of us living through this human experience. Additionally, it’s not really a circle but more of a spiral. For those of us who have taken up the challenge – and adventure – of the journey within, each time that same lesson comes back around for us to experience it again, it’s usually a little higher in vibration than before because we actually did learn something the first time and are now ready to experience it again in a higher form.

This is different from the times when we think we have avoided a lesson by running from it – changing jobs, moving, ending a relationship or friendship – only to have the very same circumstance (lesson) reappear in another location, just with a different cast of characters to play the roles necessary for us to, hopefully, get the lesson being presented. That particular scenario can replay over and over and over again until we finally go, “OMG, I get it!”

I’m still very much working on “getting out of my own way” so that the Universe can show me how to manifest my hopes, dreams and goals. It’s always amazing to me how easy it is to blame others for not achieving what we want most out of life and how difficult it is to realize that it really is we who are standing in our own way.

I can see some of you furrowing your brow, rereading what I said, and going, “What?” How could you possibly be standing in your own way? No, that can’t be right. Well, my friend, it’s quite right. The key is limitation and, believe it or not, we are constantly limiting ourselves in any number of ways.

The dictionary defines “limitation” as, “1. That which limits, restriction; especially something that restricts short of a normal or desired range; a shortcoming. 2. The act of limiting or the state of being limited.

Limited thinking is the biggest culprit, at least in my case. When you’re a child, there are no limits. You can be anything, do anything, go anywhere, etc. Imagination is a close personal friend that allows us to experience the limitlessness of the world. It’s only after our thorough “indoctrination” into the adult world of “reality” that we abandon our friendship with imagination and begin our immersion into the land of restriction. You know. The land where “I can’t.”, “It’s not possible.”, and, “I don’t see how.” – to name a few – begin to populate our existence.

Sad, but true. When we abandon imagination with its limitless possibilities, we leave behind the magic of manifesting our dreams, Instead, “reality” stares us coldly in the face and tells us the fun’s over and there’s only hard work ahead that still might not get you your dreams.

I learned early in life, through watching and listening to my parents, how to make things happen with hard work and practical ingenuity. I got pretty good at it. The problem is that, in many cases, that will only take you so far. Eventually, there are no more options for making something happen. You’ve used them all.

For a little over a decade, I’ve been working to change that limited thinking. I’m doing better, but the lesson has circled back around again. This time it’s over a new car that I want. Since there is no “realistic” way to manifest it, my faith and beliefs are being challenged. Do I really believe that the “how” is not up to me but the Universe? Do I have faith that if I really see myself driving that car, and pay attention, that the way to have the car manifest will be shown to me?

Notice that I said “pay attention”? That’s important. Awareness to what’s being presented to you each day via people you talk to, your computer screen, the TV, radio, etc. can show you the “how” to manifesting your dreams and goals. Awareness also means paying attention to your own thoughts and emotions so that you don’t put any energetic blocks in the way.

And so the lesson spiraled back around. My current car is 13 years old. I’ve had it for 12 of those 13 years and it’s been a good and faithful running car. Last week when I got home from shopping, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on and I became deflated and fearful. By this week, when I had to go shopping again, part of me was sure the car would break down on me! My Goddess, what was I invoking on myself! When I stopped to think about it, I recognized several components that had triggered this fear and doubt. One was astrological and I won’t bore you with that explanation, but another was I have become so used to making things happen (the old “pound the square peg into the round hole” routine) that not having control of how I could have a new car sent me into panic land. “What will I do if whatever is wrong with the car can’t be fixed?“ “What will I do if I end up with no car at all?“ Old habits really are hard to break! Sheesh!

So with the help of some dear friends, I went about grounding the negative energies of my thinking and doing what I could with what I have. I went down to the car and, even before I turned it on, I placed white light all around it and even strengthened the car by imbuing it with white light. I called out to the Universe in the names of all the gods of transportation I could think of and ask for safe passage to and from the nearby town. Guess what? I had a couple really good things happen. First, I got gas at a really good price right before they were going to raise the price another 22 cents a gallon. Second, when I started the car for the last time, as I was heading home, the “Service Engine Soon” light went out! Yup. I may not have manifested that new car yet but I believe I was being shown that it’s all about how you’re thinking and feeling that matters.

We should all return to the limitless imagination of childhood and couple that with the hope we had then as well. Who knows what amazing things we could accomplish for ourselves, others and the planet!!!

LimitationsLove & Blessed Be

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