The Journey Continues – Are We ‘Sheeple’?

SheepleHave you seen or heard the recent use of the term “sheeple”? I’ve seen posts on my Facebook feed using the term with angry comments underneath declaring the person’s indignation at being referred to or referring to others in this manner. (Picture Credit: “sheeple” illustration by Chris O’Neal, )

The term “sheeple” is a combination of the words ‘sheep’ and ‘people’ and is used to refer to people who are easily persuaded and tend to follow the crowd. It basically is referring to herd mentality. Herd mentality or herd behavior – sometimes even referred to as mob mentality – refers to the human trait of forming tribes and, thus, migrating in groups, which includes working together in functions that provide for the group. We, like the other animals, have a tendency to follow the rest of the herd.

I just read an article about a recent research study that took place at the University of Leeds. In it scientists discovered that it only takes a minority of 5% to influence a crowd’s direction. The other 95% of the crowd? Well, they will follow without realizing they are doing it. (Kind of scary to me.) Professor Jens Krause saw a benefit from this in the case of a disaster where verbal communication may be difficult. I can see that, but too often in the history of humanity, this ‘herd mentality’ has been used to gain control of crowds and groups of people for less pleasant purposes.

Sheeple… Is it derogatory? I’m not sure. Does it signify a state of consciousness that has existed for a long time? Yes.

When I think about this, I think about the vibrational changes we are going through as both individuals and as a planet. There is a vibrational evolution taking place that has everything to do with our movement from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The focus is shifting to the individual, but that doesn’t mean we are supposed to abandon the ‘tribe’. On the contrary, as we become more aware of our individuality, we have a uniqueness to offer to the tribe of humanity that will enhance us all.

Waking up is a slow process. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, we’ve been taught, since we were old enough to understand, to conform; to act, speak and even think in a way that is acceptable to the outside world. Now we come to this time of transformation. A time when we, and the world, need us to discover our individuality by asking ourselves some hard questions and being totally honest in the answers we give. Peeling layer after layer of misinformation and programming away from our Being takes time. Not everyone is ready to realize that this work even exists or to come face-to-face with what they will find when the work is begun. Thus, there are many who are still ‘asleep’, still very much influenced by that 5 percent, whether they realize it or not.

Within the vibration of Aquarius lies uniqueness, originality, independence, inventiveness, and unconventionality, to name a few. Some would see this as a form of rebellion, and it can be under certain circumstances. Aquarius energies challenge the standing authority in a quest for personal empowerment and the right to choose for oneself. A keyword for Aquarius is individuality.

We are entering an Age that asks us to not be led by the decisions of others but to decide for ourselves if it serves our best interests to follow a particular crowd. It asks us not to design ourselves for the approval of others, but decide what it is that makes up the real person we are inside. Being an individual and living with your uniqueness doesn’t mean to abandon the rest of the world. It simply means to consciously choose which tribe, clan, crowd, ‘herd’ you become part of and, even then, to not lose your individuality as part of that group.

Awareness would seem to be the key to all this. To a greater or lesser degree, we all go through our day oblivious to what’s happening. “Going through the motions”, in many instances. We aren’t even aware, most of the time, what is going through our own minds on a moment by moment basis. This is an awful lot like a robot, automaton, or even a sheep.

The energies of the Age of Aquarius are those of air. Time to take a deep breath and clear our minds. Aquarius is very much intellectual. It’s time to become very aware of the energies, in the form of thoughts, that reside within and attract like energies in the outside world. Time to think about who we are, how unique we really are, embrace it and show it to the outside world.

Can you imagine the change that would take place for both us and the world if we all took off our masks and were just us? OMG! Life might look a whole lot different through the eyes of the person we keep hidden. Something to think about.

Sheeple. Would I ever use it to refer to an individual? No. I would use it to describe a social state of consciousness that is feeling its death throes as a new consciousness, that of the individual, is slowly dawning in the hearts and minds of humans around the world. To those who are offended by the word and its use, perhaps your outrage is due to your recognition, on some level, that you are now on the verge of a change in consciousness and it conjures the fears that naturally accompany any major changes in ones life. Take a deep breath, clear your mind. Don’t be offended, but rather grateful for this ‘wake-up’ call from the Universe. Come join the many others who are finding joy in the discovery of who they really are, as opposed to who they’ve been told they are all these years. Add your unique individuality to the vibration of the planet and help create a life filled with joy!

SacrednessLove & Blessed Be

2 responses to “The Journey Continues – Are We ‘Sheeple’?

  1. Dear Samantha Herron,

    I am Chris O’Neal, the copyright owner of “a. kurtz sheeple”. You are using my artwork without my permission. The following URL illustrates your infringing use of my work.

    My intellectual property is an extremely important, valuable asset, and I am prepared to take the necessary steps to protect my interests and seek appropriate damages.

    Pursuant to my exclusive rights as the copyright owner of this work, I require that you provide proper credit next to the image or remove the image immediately.

    “sheeple” illustration by Chris O’Neal,

    Here is my original, copyright protected post

    If I have not received your affirmative response by 7/21/17 then I will pursue legal action to ensure my rights are protected.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

    Chris O’Neal

    • Chris, when the origin of an illustration or photo is known, I try to leave the owner/creator’s identity on the picture. With the internet sources for artwork/photos, sometimes this isn’t always possible. I do apologize. It was not my intent to do harm by the use of this wonderful picture that so rightly illustrates the article it is shown with.

      For everyone information – Credit:
      “sheeple” illustration by Chris O’Neal,

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