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Job 2A friend of mine recently mentioned how much she wanted to find a job that was both lucrative and something that she’d love to do. I asked her what she wanted to do, but she never answered me. Perhaps she hasn’t figured that out yet.

It got me to thinking about how many of us are in the same boat. We know we need to pay our bills but are uncertain how to combine something we love to do with being able to make enough money to pay our daily living expenses.

As a natal astrologer, I can tell you that there are clues to that within your natal chart. Most everyone knows that the second house of an astrology chart is the “money” house, but what does that mean? To me, there are three houses that can provide answers when you are searching for work:

Second House: Yes, this is the money house and the sign on its cusp, along with any planets in it, can provide clues to how money will come to you or even how easily money will come to you. Specifically, though, if you’re just looking for a j-o-b to make money, this is the house that will show you the areas where money can best be made.

Sixth House: This is the house of “service”. That really encompasses a big area. There’s lots of employment that can fall under this category – restaurant work, nurses and nurses aides, hotel/motel work, etc. It can also cover both volunteer work and “for pay” work. If you really feel the call to be of service, this may be the house you want to investigate for clues to what may work best for you. Here again, look to the sign on its cusp and the planets, if any, inside for answers.

Tenth House: This is the “career” house and the sign on its cusp, along with any planets in it, will point you in the direction of the most fulfilling career. It might even reveal an area you had never considered.

The big answer lies within you though. Are you looking for a career or would you just be satisfied with some way to make money? Although there are other placements of planets, aspects, etc. that can give you information to help you, just looking at these three houses and the signs that occupy their cusps and any planets inside each one can be very revealing and very helpful to your search for employment that is satisfying and well-paying.

New Moon in GeminiA New Moon brings new beginnings. This month’s New Moon will be in Gemini and occurs on Wednesday, May 28th at 2:40 p.m. EDT.

This can be a time of highly creative work due with the Moon in Gemini stimulating the imagination. There is a restlessness, created by this placement, of both mind and body. This can produce incessant talking or the need to take short trips, often.
The one down side to this is, that for some, the creativity may come out as telling lies (elaborating on the truth, if you will) and having a difficult time with the truth.

For the most part, though, keeping the mind active through education, exploration and analysis can make this a very productive time.

Venus in TaurusVenus moves into Taurus on Wednesday, May 28th at 9:46 p.m. EDT giving stability to affections. Emotional security becomes important as does loyalty. There is a need to watch possessiveness and jealousy.

This is an excellent time for making ones home comfortable through redecorating. Making ones surroundings pleasant in appearance may include plants as Venus in Taurus is a nature-loving energy.

For artists, in any media, this is a good time for creative expression. That would include writers and musicians, especially singers as Venus in Taurus aids the beauty of the voice.

Gardening is another form of artistic expression and creation that is greatly aided by the energies of this placement.

All in all, this is a wonderful energy for creating beauty, comfort and love in ones life. Enjoy!

Mercury in CancerMercury makes two moves in the next nine days. First, it moves into Cancer on Thursday, May 29th at 5:12 a.m. EDT which can give those affected by it a kind of sixth sense with an intuition that is unbeatable. You may find yourself knowing things without knowing how you know.

Mentally, it can make some very passive. The appeal is to the senses and not logic. Because of these heightened senses, it may be difficult to be in uncongenial surroundings or with people who are less than congenial.
The mind is overly impressionable and highly influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns. This can cause you to look at some facts and ignore others, thus interfering with objective thinking. Realizing that you might be experiencing this kind of bias or prejudice can help you to be aware that some decisions may need to wait until clearer thinking can be accessed.

Mercury RetrogradeMercury in Cancer then goes retrograde on Saturday, June 7th at 7:57 a.m. EDT and it will bring to some of us lessons concerning emotional sensitivity, security and dependency.

This is a time when all thought creates emotion and all emotion creates thought. Emotions and thoughts concerning childhood upbringing may now surface in order to be recognized, healed and released. In order to grow, the time has now come to let go of emotions from earlier phases of life that are holding us back.

This retrograde has come to aid us in healing out inner wounded child so that we may grow and flourish as adults.

Neptune RetrogradeNeptune, which is in Pisces, turns retrograde on Monday, June 9th at 3:51 p.m. EDT bringing us lessons concerning any illusions we may have about our spirituality, values and all things mysterious.

For some, it may seem terrifying to think that some idea, person or group of people that seems so real to us, could possibly be an illusion that has hidden a real truth that could aid in our growth and enlightenment. We tend to look outside of ourselves for hope and the promise of a better future. To realize that no one holds that answer but us can cause disbelief, for that means we have to claim responsibility and stop evading or denying that there is work we must do.

Neptune will be retrograde until the middle of November. That gives us all plenty of time to realize our part in the greater scheme of things, especially our own personal growth and enlightenment.

Astrological Banner 3
Well, lots of energy changes and possibilities being offered to us this time around. I, for one, look forward to the opportunities and lessons being made available to me. I hope you do too.  Until next time…


Astrology 3Love & Blessed Be

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