The Journey Continues – The Road Still Traveled

Route 66 2This week I reached and celebrated my 66th birthday. It’s almost unreal to me. I don’t feel 66 and, much to the inflation of my ego, many have told me I really don’t look “that old.” Truth be told, I really don’t feel any different than I did twenty years ago (or more). I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I have always refused to fit into stereotypes. Then again, it might be because I refuse to cop to “I’m too old to do that anymore.” Age is just a number. It marks how many years I’ve been traveling down the road of this incarnation.

Allow me to create, within your mind, doubt as to my sanity for a moment or two. You see, for several decades, it’s been made clear to me that I shall be around for quite a while…130 years, to be exact. So, that being the case, I’ve just topped the hill of “middle age”. It’s quite a view from here – a panorama with so much interesting scenery yet to explore and lots of road to continue to walk down.

I remember when I was a child, my folks would take “Sunday drives.” What was interesting was that there was no planned route. They’d take off and when they’d reach a stop sign, traffic light, fork in the road or “T” intersection (where you had no choice but turn left or right), they would let intuition/fate guide them. It made that Sunday drive an adventure! I never knew what I would see or experience. That’s how I feel about this journey I’m on right now.

Yes, there are times when I question whether I should be doing something or need to be doing something. Sometimes the answer is “yes” and sometimes I pay heed to it. There are other times when I feel like I have time…lots of time…and need to just take things as they come. Doubt sometimes walks with me for a while causing me to wonder if I’m wasting time, but then I remember the time that lies ahead of me and realize that it takes time for things to unfold and reveal what comes next for me to act on.

You might be asking yourself, right now, why anyone would possibly want to live that long or, calling to mind the stereotypical picture of someone that elderly, what a person might be able to accomplish at that age. I believe that if I’m to live that long, there definitely is a purpose. What that purpose might be has not been revealed to me, at this time. I do know, from my own determination, that I shall do it under my own steam. To be here and not be able to take care of myself is not acceptable to me. (And, yes, I am just that stubborn!)

There’s also the fact that I like it here. I realize it’s all an illusion, a dream. There’s been times it’s been more like a nightmare, but, all in all, it’s an interesting place filled with delights for the senses. I’m in no hurry to “exit, stage left.” The adventures of this reality still offer a lot of learning and experience that peak my curiosity.

To know and believe that you shall be around for that long really challenges your faith. Many worry about finances for their older years, while others are concerned as to whether they will end up in the care of a nursing home or their children. We’ve been taught to dread getting older because of the lack of options waiting for us. My question? Who made that an unbreakable law of the Universe?

I guess I’ve been a rebel for so long that this “getting-older” thing is just one more cause for defiance in my mind. I’ve always lived by the credo, “Don’t tell me what to do!” This is no different and, if we are to believe the Law of Attraction, we can have it any way we want – provided that’s what we focus on. Ah, yes, 130 and still looking and acting way younger!!! I can live with that! How about you?

In the meantime, every day is an adventure filled with infinite possibilities. Sometimes fear, doubt, anger or other less-than positive emotions are my companions, but there are many, many times when hope, clarity, and/or joy join me as I continue my journey. All of them are my teachers as are all the people I have met and will meet. (I smile at that thought.)

Who knows where this road of mine will lead? Just like those Sunday drives, intuition/fate will allow me to choose at every stop sign, fork or “T” in the road, which way to go. With the wonder of a child, I will make that choice and look at new scenery, experience new adventures, and meet new people.

With excited anticipation, I begin the second half of my walk. Maybe I’ll see you along the way. We can stop and talk, sit for awhile and share memories and experiences. I’d like that.



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