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Solar Eclipse 2The first solar eclipse of the year will be occurring on April 29th and I wanted to bring it to your attention since the Full Moon brought us a lunar eclipse just two weeks ago.

For some, a lunar or solar eclipse is no big deal…just another day. Eclipses, however, provide us with unique opportunities. In a generalized manner, the Moon represents the emotions and the Sun represents power. When there is a lunar eclipse, as we had on April 15th, the opportunity is one in which we can use that eclipse to diminish, even discard, issues relating to the emotional and psychological side of our lives that no longer serve us. As I stated in the last issue of Musings, this can be done through rituals of grounding and clearing your aura and/or actual rituals of symbolically burning the issues you wish to rid yourself of.

The Sun, however, offers another opportunity. This time, you can use that eclipse to rid yourself of any person, situation or thing that you have allowed to hold power over you. This can be done by actually discarding the item, walking away from the situation, or saying “goodbye” to the person. It can also be done symbolically through meditation, visualization, or a symbolic act such as using a piece of string to represent the “tie that binds you” to whatever it may be and simply cutting it with a pair of scissors, believing that as you do so the hold that was placed on you is now gone for good.

It is never important whether you actually can see the eclipse. Although, it just adds to it, if you can. The interruption in the energies of the Sun or Moon (depending on which is being eclipsed) can be felt and that’s the important part.

So take some time and think about who or what’s power in your life may need to be eclipsed so that you can move on to better things. When that solar eclipse happens on Tuesday, use it. It’s Spring, time to do some cleaning! Get the garbage that’s stopping you from attaining what you really want out of your life, once and for all.

As the Sun is restored to power and the Moon begins to wax, open yourself up to the power that resides within you. You’ll be glad you did!

Solar EclipseSpeaking of that solar eclipse, it will be taking place on Tuesday, April 29th when the New Moon in Taurus happens at 2:14 a.m. EDT.

The eclipse itself will only be seen in such places as Australia and by penguins and others in Antarctica, but it will be noticed by us all. Who wouldn’t with the Sun and Moon both in Taurus?

These energies are solid and practical, but also determined, friendly and cheerful. If you are in need of persistence, hope, or courage…here’s your sign!

This is a great time for anything artistic or musical. It’s also a good time for anything requiring financial success.

The drawbacks? Well, there can be stubbornness, a tendency to be too reserved and a possible temper tantrum, but none of these will last long.

Venus by InertiaKVenus moves into Aries on Friday, May 2nd at 9:21 p.m. EDT., making it far from typical.

Venus is usually soothing, domestic and calm, but in Aries it becomes exciting, stimulating and brilliant. This energy is emotionally impulsive and love may be the same under its transit. It can also make one passionate and aggressive one minute, cold and distant the next.

On the other hand, if you are an artist, whether painter, musician, writer or other, Venus in Aries can provide the energy to initiate a new work or finish an old one. Aries is much better for the person who is dedicated to achievement than for the person searching for that perfect love.

Mercury in GeminiMercury will transit into its home sign of Gemini on Wednesday, May 7th at 10:58 a.m. EDT making these energies versatile, unbiased and impersonal.

This is a great time for any type of learning whether formal schooling or on ones own. Perhaps that’s because communication happens easily, rapidly and with accuracy whether spoken or written.

They say that those who have Mercury in Gemini have a highly sensitive nervous system which makes it difficult for them to shut out external stimuli. It’s also true that the dual nature of Gemini (the Twins) can allow them to do two or more things at once. Whichever one may be true for you, what is also true is that all speech and activity in your environment is registered with intensity and clarity in your awareness. This makes for a very agile mind.

Being exposed to busy environments, including crowds of people, for too long a time, can cause fatigue, confusion and sometimes irritability. The remedy is solitude in order to refocus the mind through meditation or, at the very least, quiet.

These energies can cause intense curiosity about anything and everything. While this can provide for a great adventure in learning, it can also cause one to spread oneself too thing. The key is balance.

If you are affected by Mercury in Gemini you may find yourself wanting to write or travel or even contact someone you haven’t spoken to in years. My advice? Go with it!

Mother's DayLast, but certainly never least, is Sunday, May 11th…Mother’s Day. Whether you’re talking your biological mother, an adoptive mother, foster mother or Mother Earth, this is a day to honor the woman who nurture us, providing love, understanding, sustenance and so much more.

Mother's Day 2

Until we meet again, may your week be filled with love and laughter!

Magickal Forest 2Love & Blessed Be


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