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Astrology-NumerologyI have found natal astrology to be a very valuable tool in the quest to understanding myself and helping others to understand themselves in this lifetime.  The information revealed by the placement of the planets in the signs at one’s birth can be quite revealing.

There is, however, another tool available to us all – numerology.  This, like one’s natal astrology chart, is quite personal and unique to each of us.  Whether you are looking at the numerology of your date of birth, birth name or current name, some interesting information can be revealed.  Often this information will substantiate information found in the natal astrology chart.

This year, 2014, is a “7” year, for example.  This is a year for learning or gaining knowledge and wisdom.  It’s really more than that though.  It’s about faith in yourself and faith in others. It’s also about gaining understanding.  Without these attributes we can experience poverty, loneliness, and unhappiness.

If this is a year of learning, why would you not seek out every tool available to your quest and begin with an understanding of yourself?

The Universal year may be a “7”, but for each of us, our personal year begins at our birthdays.  Right now, I’m still working with a “5”.  When I reach my birthday in May, it will be a “6” personal year.  In this seven year, my learning experience will then be about learning to adjust to all situations and about accepting responsibility.  What will your personal year present to you for learning this year?

Full Moon in Aquarius 2Under the light of the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, January 15th at 11:52 p.m. EST, we can learn about our emotional highs and lows.

An emotional, sentimental, domestic/family oriented energy, we can be quite content as long as things are going well.  When favors and kindnesses extended to friends and family don’t produce similar returns to the giver, we can become hurt and sulk.  We even can become quite good at causing the very people we say we love to feel guilty. This then forces them to try to appease us.

Knowing there is a link between one’s emotional sensitivity and one’s intuition and psychic ability,  this Full Moon can really increase both abilities for those who tap into these energies.

Be aware that the combination of the Sun in Capricorn and the Full Moon in Cancer can bring out the selfish side in us.  However, it can also create tenacity and, depending on whether you use it as stubbornness or determination, can be of assistance in accomplishing goals and finishing projects.

Aquarius 6The Sun moves into Aquarius on Sunday, January 19th at 11:51 p.m. EST.  This offers us the opportunity to sweep away any stagnant energy and open ourselves to revolutionary thought and action.  After all, unlike the other planets, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) spins on its side.  Therefore, we have an opportunity to use its energies to look  at things from a different perspective.

If life is not the way you want it, use the energies of Aquarius to find a new direction, method, or solution.  These energies are inventive, original, independent and unconventional.  How refreshing!

This is a humanitarian energy as well.  It’s good to remember that “charity begins at home” and we should always give equally to ourselves as we do to others.

Astrological Banner 2

That’s all for now.  Remember that the second New Moon approaches, as does the Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse.  I’ll tell you more about that next time.  Until then…

Alpha CentauriMay the stars be your guide.

Love & Blessed Be

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