The Journey Continues – Crossing the Finish Line

Finish Line 2The New Year has caused me some reflection, as it must for others as well.  In my case, I began to think about the energies this New Year/New Moon have presented for new beginnings for any who choose to use them.  My mind began to do some free association and I arrived at an interesting place.

We all talk about the new things we want to do beginning with the New Year, but how many of us take inventory of the things we’ve never finished?  We are all wisely advised to leave the past in the past, however, what if the future depends on changing habit patterns of the past?  I believe looking at one’s “track record” can be helpful.

How many projects have you started and never finished?  It doesn’t matter whether it was a diet, a desire to quit smoking, home repairs/redecorating, or something artistic like a painting,  learning to play an instrument or writing a book.  Take a quick look back…what do you see?  Can you list at least three things you began and never finished?  I can.

What were you’re reasons for not finishing them?  There can be a number of reasons why people don’t finish things.  Let’s say, for instance, you started a home remodeling project that you thought you had enough money to do and then found that it required more money than you allotted, so now it stands unfinished.  Or when you started it, did you have more free time and, before you got it finished, something happened that took that time away from you, so you had to set it aside for a time when things weren’t so busy?  Then there’s the one where you think something sounds like it will really be fun and, once you really get into to it, you discover that it requires more work than you’re willing to put into it.  You abandon the project because the “fun” became “drudgery” in your mind.  Lastly, and I feel this one is really important, did you stop working on the project because you lost confidence in your ability to finish it?  You thought it would be easy and then you hit some snags.  You weren’t sure how to overcome them and, in your mind, didn’t have the knowledge and/or talent to finish so you stopped.  Better to quit than fail.  Um…aren’t those the same thing?

I’m speaking from my own personal experience.  Twenty-five years ago, when I had been an astrologer for about fifteen years, I began writing a book about how to become an astrologer.   I really felt that the book was needed.  This was in a time when the internet didn’t exist, not really.  There were few ways for those interested in astrology to learn how to become astrologers.  I was one of those people.  I had been fortunate enough to find someone to teach me the basics, everything else I had learned by reading and practicing.   Well, as I said, it’s been twenty-five years.  That manuscript is still unfinished.  What’s really embarrassing about it is that I only have maybe one chapter to finish.  Why don’t I just finish it?  With so many ways that don’t cost to publish anymore, it seems like a no-brainer, but it still sits gathering dust.

The same can be said of the novel I started in 1999.  Although I realize I have always been much better at writing about fact than fiction, I wanted to try this.  The story is about the house I live in and a doorway that really is concreted shut.  In my story, the door was a portal, both in time and between worlds.  It’s taken me 164 pages just to lay the groundwork for the story – introducing characters, the history of the town and the building of the house.  I believe it’s a good story and people will enjoy reading it.  It remains unfinished even though a few friends have read the beginning chapters and told me they can’t wait to read more.

Then there’s my self-training in energy healing using the Eden Energy Medicine method.  I should be much further along than I am.  I got to a certain point and I just slowed to a stop.  I really, truly want to help people heal themselves.  Then, why am I reluctant to continue?

I could look back at the things I have done and learned and say perhaps it is harder to teach an “old dog” new tricks, but that’s an excuse – plain and simple.  So what the heck is it?  Do I fear success?  Do I fear rejection by others?  Do I doubt my abilities to do these things?

I believe an “OMG!” is in order here.  Those two again …”fear” and “doubt”.  You would think that, at age 65, I would have kicked these two to the curb long ago.  Evidently not.  At least not in these instances.  It doesn’t matter what the fear is or where the doubt lies, if I’m still allowing these two to interrupt the flow of my life and cause me to abandon real opportunities being presented to me, then dealing with this, before I begin anything new is imperative.  See, I told you looking back can be helpful.

So here’s the thing:  even if you think money or time is the real reason you didn’t finish…take another look.  Is there anything hidden behind those reasons?  If any reason you gave yourself has been contrived to hide the fact you have doubts or fears then perhaps this New Year/New Moon is presenting to you (as it seems to be presenting to me) the opportunity to rise above all those doubts and fears so you can finish what you started and discover a joy you haven’t known before.  Then you – and I – will know that anything is possible!

I place this challenge before (as I place it before myself):  pick one of those things you never finished, that you really want to see finished, and put one foot in front of the other – one step at a time – until it’s done.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go – only that you go.  Let’s see if we can’t reach “the finish line” this year, just once.  I’ll meet you there for a drink and we can toast our mutual success!!!

Finish LineLove & Blessed Be

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