Astrological Musings & More

Astrology 3Why would anyone decide to study astrology and become an astrologer?  That’s actually a very good question, especially in this day and age.  We’ve become a very left-brained culture and “fanciful notions” such as astrology hardly seem to fit into the realms of technology and the fast-paced, reality that we face every day.

Truth be told, the faster we go, the more stress we put ourselves under, the more we search for answers outside of ourselves, the more astrology could be aiding us in finding the answers we seek.

My famous – and sometimes annoying – mantra, “Everything is energy.” applies here just as it has every other time I’ve expressed it to you.  We are energy, the stars and planets are energy and we are definitely influenced by each other and the planetary energies as well.

Studying astrology opens a whole new field of information pertaining to the energy that influences us on a daily basis and it all begins with understanding the energies that you chose to birth yourself into for this incarnation on Planet Earth.

It’s difficult to explain clearly to someone who has little or no interest in the subject how fascinating it is and how much is revealed by understanding and becoming aware of what an influence the energies of the planetary positions can have on each of us.

Being able to take this knowledge and use it to re-empower people, through a better understanding of themselves and their interaction with others and their world, gives one a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment – at least it does for me.  When I counsel someone who has had their natal chart done and see a light go on in their eyes because some piece of information in their chart has just answered something they have wondered about for a long time, for me, it’s like I have not only given a gift but received one in return.

Studying astrology can be a life-long journey.  There are many forms of astrology and, even within one form of astrology, there is much to learn.  What is so rewarding is the new perspectives you acquire from this learning.  When you finally get to use what you’ve learned to help someone, the rewards become tenfold.

So, to answer the original question, “Why would anyone decide to study astrology and become an astrologer?”, my answer would be first to get to know yourself and then help others (who are open to it) to learn about themselves.  This is a time when energy healing of any type is paramount to bring us back into balance and astrology offers one more method to do this.

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Full Moon & XenaFull Moon in Taurus occurs on Sunday, November 17th at 10:16 a.m. EST.

With the Sun in Scorpio and the Full Moon in Taurus, we may be challenged to remain flexible and of good nature.  There is definitely tendencies toward stubbornness with these two fixed signs and, when pushed too far, it can produce a state of “seeing red” from the energy of the Taurus Full Moon.

There is a positive side to all this though, there can be success with business and money matters, an increase in intuition – especially where health matters are concerned, and generally good fortune with social matters.

The most important message is to just be aware that if you find yourself being more uncompromising than is your usual or if people and situations seem to irritate you more than they normally would, you’re feeling the effects of the Full Moon in Taurus.  Take a deep breath, give all the negativity to Mother Earth and find a way to enjoy the gifts and opportunities the day is presenting to you.

SagittariusTime for the Sun to enter Sagittarius on Thursday, November 21st at 10:48 p.m. EST.

The Sun, a fire planet, enters Sagittarius, a fire planet, producing ambition and aspiration.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is about expansion – going beyond the limits.  Couple it with the Sun and you have high energy and excitement as energies for getting just about anything done.

Keywords for this combination could be described as enthusiastic, excitable, optimistic, versatile, outgoing and open-minded.  Of course there is a flip-side and that can include arrogance, irresponsibility and being tactless.

If you find yourself affected by these energies you may feel a desire to travel, to be outdoors, or just have an adventure. You might also find yourself drawn to philosophy or religious/spiritual events.

If you’ve been looking for a change in your life, now’s the time to aim high and take that leap-of-faith. The energies are definitely favorable for broadening your horizons!

To all those who celebrate a birthday now…
Happy Birthday 15
Well, believe it or not, that’s it for this time.  It seems the planets have decided to take a holiday from their usual transits to other signs.
Happy Thanksgiving 2
I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving (Nov. 28th).  I hope you find may reasons to be grateful!

GratitudeLove & Blessed Be

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