The Journey Continues – Ghostly Realities

GhostsHave you ever seen a ghost?  No…really?  Have you ever seen one?  Perhaps you’ve felt a “presence” when there was no one there.  How about a disembodied voice?  Or things moving or falling; doors opening or closing with no visible help?  If you have, you know the fear and/or fascination we, the living, feel at the prospect of encountering something or someone that exists beyond our reality.

Although this phenomena can be experienced at any time of the year, this is the time of the year most known for tales of ghosts, ghouls, and other things that “go bump in the night.”  Perhaps that’s because, in most cultures, there is a heritage passed down that recognizes this as being the time of the year when the Veil between the worlds of the living and the “dead” is the thinnest.  It titillates our curiosity, even though it may frighten us as well, to experience this piece of the unknown.

We hear of haunted houses and other buildings, haunted graveyards, and even roads where you can see ghosts walking or riding and we want  to go take a look!  We seem to want to chance being scared to death to be able to actually “see” those who have passed beyond the Veil.  Is it because there’s a part of us that still remembers what it was like to be there?  Or is it merely the adrenaline rush we experience at the mere thought of actually seeing the haunting?  I can’t say.  Maybe it’s different for each person.

Having experienced ghosts and spirits at an early age, my curiosity was always greater than any fear I may have.   When someone would talk about this place or that place being haunted or strange things happening at a graveyard, my response would be, “Do you know how to get there?  Let’s go check it out!”  Was I afraid?  Well, heck, yes!  Like most people I have a healthy fear of the unknown.  That didn’t stop my curiosity from wanting to see for myself if it really was haunted; if there really were ghosts.

That’s probably what caused me to begin using a Ouija board in my early teens.  Don’t laugh.  I was very good at it.  I was even able to work it by myself by the time I reached my twenties.  I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that though.  Ouija boards may be made by Parker Brothers, but they are definitely NOT a game.  They are portals for the dead – and others – to make contact with the living.  Just like the living, there are many beyond the Veil who are what they appear to be while others are frauds and will hustle you for their own amusement or even to gain access to this world through you.  You see, there is good and evil on that side of the Veil, just like there is here.  So, if you become curious about Ouija boards or any form of spirit board, please use with caution.

Eventually, my use of the Ouija led to faster forms of communication with the Spirit World.  First, came automatic writing.  If you are unfamiliar with automatic writing, let me explain.  Taking pencil, pen or any writing implement in hand along with some type of pad of paper, a person sits quietly putting themselves into a meditative or trance state to open themselves up to any messages that might be waiting.  With pen on paper, the operator slowly starts making circles to open the channel of writing to those who want to communicate.  With practice, eventually, your hand and arm will begin to write words that definitely did not come from your mind.  I’ve come to call it “partial possession” because you are allowing the spirits to take control of your arm and hand in order to relay their messages.

When I began doing this, I was like many who seek adventure, I didn’t stop to think about any pitfalls or dangers that might be connected with it.  I just wanted to experience it.  In years that followed, I skipped the pen and paper and went to the keyboard because it was faster.  I did have fair success with it, but the novelty wore off, amongst other things, and I stopped doing it.

That led to actual mediumship which eventually led to what I used to term “house exorcisms” or what was later referred to as “ghost busting.”  It was here that I really learned about how hauntings  can occur.  With several other people, we would “clear” houses of the energies that are referred to as “spirits”.  Some were trapped spirits who couldn’t find their way to the other side.  Some refused to leave this plane that they had become so accustomed to living in.  Some were the remnant energy of happenings that had left an intense energy pattern that would just keep repeating and repeating until interrupted and dispersed.  It was a very interesting, exciting and fearful time that taught me a great deal.

One of the things that became evident was that most ghosts/hauntings are benign.  There are stories of people buying houses that are haunted and, finding the ghost to be likeable, chose to just live with it that way.  I, myself, live in a haunted house.  We have an upstairs ghost and a downstairs ghost.  They are related and part of a family that owned this house for over 84 years.  The downstairs ghost is the father, who died in 1936, and spent most of his time in the downstairs when he was alive.  The upstairs ghost is his daughter who was born here in 1906 and died in 1990.  She lived upstairs where the living quarters are.  She lets me know she’s around by opening and closing the dining room door.  Even my cat has heard it.  I have no fear of either one and realize that they just wanted to stay where they lived for so long.

So, as the Veil continues to grow thin, if you should happen to feel your not alone or actually see or hear something ghostly, ask who has come to visit.  It might be a pleasant surprise to discover that someone, gone from this life, has come back because they’ve missed you.   Not everything that “goes bump in the night” is something to fear.  Sometimes, it’s just dearly departed (but clumsy) Aunt Clara who keeps forgetting where the furniture is placed!

I hope you have a hauntingly wonderful Halloween!

Happy Halloween 5

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