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ClonesEarlier this year, a new program entitled “Orphan Black” premiered on BBC America.  It’s an interesting concept about female clones who were born through in vitro fertilization to women around the world.  Born in 1984, some of them have started to figure out what’s going on and have come together in a search for answers and their “creator”.  The actress who plays all these parts, Tatiana Maslany, is incredible as she switches from one clone character to another.  That alone makes it worth watching.

I’ve been watching the reruns in anticipation of Season 2 of this very enjoyable show.  When I was watching it last Saturday night, the thought occurred to me how this show and these clones are the epitome in explaining how people born on the same day, who may even look alike, can be so very different.

Even though they were all born on the same day (unknown if the time was the same – with adjustment for time zones born in) but born in different countries and raised in different cultures, circumstances, and with different life choices.  Here they are, clothed in bodies that so resemble each other that even their fingerprints are the same and yet their personalities are as differing as yours and mine!

My point?  First, astrology is not a doctrine of fatalism.  Second, what one person does with a particular planet in a particular sign can be totally different from what another person might do thereby creating entirely different choices, life experiences and, from these, entirely different joys, sorrows and emotional wounds. And yet they all have the same energies surrounding them to utilize and learn from at birth.  Interesting and enlightening.  We really do have free will.

Astrology is only a tool, a guidebook to assist the traveler in this incarnation.  The important thing to remember is that it is VERY individualistic and personal.  Even if you were born a twin, triplet or on the same date/time/place as someone else, what you get from your natal astrology chart will more than likely be different from what your sibling or another person will get because it’s a matter of interpretation based on your psychology, cultural upbringing and life experiences.

To me, this is all about getting the most out of what this lifetime has to offer by understanding what your energetic intentions were on entrance to Planet Earth.  Don’t you think that makes it worth checking out?

You can contact me at or  message me on my Facebook page, Samantha Herron, if you think the time has come to find out what energies may be waiting in the wings to be utilized for the betterment of your life.

New Moon 6On Friday, October 4th, the New Moon occurs at 8:34 p.m. EDT and, as always, offers us the opportunity for new beginnings.

Moon in Libra is charming and has a beauty-loving nature so it’s only natural that any kind of crudeness becomes a turn off.  Music and the arts are important now, whether creating them or just enjoying them.

This is also a time for understanding the other person’s point of view.  This sometimes becomes crucial in order for your judgment to direct you to the right decision.

With the Sun and Moon both in Libra, there may be too much reliance on others and an inability to be spontaneous.  Partnerships of all types are important, but not at the sacrifice of one’s individuality.

New beginnings?  How about the acquisition of balance, harmony, peace and hope in your personal life.  That alone can give you quite a lot to be grateful for!

Venus in SagittariusWhen Venus moves into Sagittarius on Monday, October 7th at 1:54 p.m. EDT, love can be come like a shooting star…brilliant but impermanent.  There may be a lack of emotional warmth or the inability to sustain emotion.  The energies of love here demand freedom.

With Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius, ones taste in art and décor can become lavish with a desire for flamboyant color and design.

Emotional satisfaction may be found in Nature or in athletic endeavors.  Then there’s the exploration of higher learning and philosophy that can cause great pleasure.

Anyway you look at it, with Venus in Sagittarius, expanding your horizons in love, art, philosophy or higher learning will definitely put a smile on your face!

Mars 6Transiting into Virgo on Tuesday, October 15th at 7:05 a.m. EDT, Mars can now be best used  for acquiring knowledge and putting it to practical use.

You may find yourself feeling like you are at a crossroads, if you are affected by these energies, suddenly realizing that there’s more to life than you had thought before and needing to decide what that means for you personally.  This could cause you to want to retreat in fear.  On the other hand, if you are up for an adventure into the unknown…take that leap of faith now!

Feelings of inferiority may crop up during this transit of Mars, don’t allow them to hold you back.  Self-criticism needs to be watched.

From a health perspective, digestion may present a problem.  Inflammation or fever can also flare up.  Stress and worry could be factors.  Be pro-active to prevent any such occurrence by relaxing and paying attention to diet.

Although Mars is less enthusiastic in Virgo, we can still move forward by taking a practical approach during this transit.

Many Moons
So that’s the movement of the planets for the next two weeks.  I might add that this transit of Libra by the Sun seems to be producing many, many lessons involving balance and harmony for many people in varying areas of life.  It’s a real opportunity for each of us to reach for a little piece of heaven by learning to respond to life in a more balanced manner.  I’m up for that…how about you?

In the meantime, check out the first season of “Orphan Black” on BBCA, then contact me and let’s see what your astrology chart has to say!

Astrology Map 3

Love & Blessed Be

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