The Journey Continues – Mental Meanderings

Crazy TownI love anything to do with Star Trek.  I guess I was a “trekkie” before being one was cool.  I love the opening line, “Space, the final frontier.”  The idea of being able to travel in space, from planet to planet, aboard the Enterprise – or even the Tardis (yes, I‘m also a Dr. Who fan)- would be one heck of an adventure!  But, you know what?  There’s another “space” that’s an adventure all on it’s own…..innerspace.  That journey is also one heck of an adventure!!!

In my personal quest of self-discovery and self-understanding, I’ve sometimes asked myself some really off-the-wall questions to see what my personal thoughts were on the subject, as opposed to what I’d been taught or what the mainstream purported to be the “truth”.  My first discovery was that truth is very personal and is based on belief.  That also brought into play perception and how individualistic that is as well.  Putting it all together, I arrived at the conclusion that my “truth” may be very different than your “truth” but that doesn’t make either of us wrong nor does it negate the other person’s truth.

If each of our truths is based on our perception and our belief concerning a certain subject, then there definitely can be no absolutes to anything in this reality we live in.  I will grant you, there are some “truths” that we have all agreed to (for the most part), such as gravity holds us to the planet and we need to breathe oxygen for our physical existence to continue.  Hold on though!  In my crazy mind, I’ve proposed the question, “What if someone really believed they could defy gravity or really didn’t need oxygen to breathe and they believed that without any doubt whatsoever?”

I take you back to an episode of the original Star Trek, whose name I have forgotten after more than 45 years…OMG!, where some of the crew had been transported to what appeared to be the Old West, specifically the OK Corral.  They were inevitably going to be killed when the Captain suggests to Spock that he use the Vulcan mind-meld to remove all doubt from their minds that the bullets would kill them.  Of course, it worked and no one was killed.

Many of us question very little and often live our lives by default.  We assume that, “That’s just the way it is.”  What if we believed something different than is widely accepted and did so without a doubt of any kind?  Just stop for a moment and think about that… Talk about your magicians and superheroes!

There are stories of people defying the laws of nature all the time.  Some are explainable, some are not.  Take for instance the 82-year-old Hindu man who was hospitalized recently and told the hospital staff that he hadn’t consumed food or water for over 70 years.  When studied for more than two weeks by the hospital, the most this man did was to gargle water and take baths.  He never consumed food or drink.  The doctors are baffled!  He should be ill and yet is healthy.

Or how about the members of the Church of the Lord Jesus who handle snakes and drink strychnine, seldom with any fatal results?  The strength of their beliefs, without the harboring of doubt, allows them to defy the laws of Nature.

Okay, you must be asking yourself, where I’m going with all this.  The fact is that my mind has been taking into consideration all the pollution that we are creating on this planet.  Our air, our water, our food, etc., etc., etc. is so very far from pure anymore and so many live in fear of what will happen to their health and that of their families.  The latest threat that has been thrust in our faces is that of GMOs in our food.  Many would say the answer is to eat more organic foods, but if the air, the water and even the earth itself is filled with contaminates, how does that make organic food a better choice?  (Just asking, thinking out loud.  Please don’t jump down my throat for speaking my thoughts.)

My thoughts have led me to wonder if the key to all this is belief.  If I believe that what I eat will be harmful to me, then that is my “truth” and it will be so.  If I believe that what I eat will have no ill effects on me – and I do so without any doubt whatsoever – then that is my “truth” and that also will be true for me.  What’s interesting about this is that we could be talking about eating an organic carrot.  Whether I believe it will harm me or I believe it will not harm me, if I do either with no doubt in my mind, then that  becomes my personal “truth”.  The same would hold true for anything  I ate or drank.  What you eat without anything happening to your health could be a deadly toxin to me, based on my beliefs and the absence of doubt in those beliefs.

The conclusion to this thought process of mine?  We are way more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe.  We let that power become diluted, to the point of total absence in some cases, through buying into the beliefs of others that are usually based on fear and doubt.  We limit our ability to think and feel by the social, cultural and global “norms” that are presented by those who presumably know more than we do.  As the lack of belief in our own power increases, we look to the outside world for solutions to our problems, believing that we could not possibly have the answer.

Science now recognizes that the outcome of experiments can be influenced by the expectation of the observer.  They’ve even done experiments to prove this to be true.  This does add more weight to the statement, “Like attracts like.”  Focus on a certain outcome and, more than likely, it will happen – for good or ill – if you truly believe that’s what will happen.  If you think about it, that makes us pretty damn powerful and definitely masters of our own destinies!!!

So, am I saying everyone should say, “The hell with it!” and throw their meds in the trash, eat and drink anything they want, and totally disregard any advice from any form of healthcare provider or alternative healer?  Absolutely not!  Most of us are not yet in a place where we can let go of our doubts and fears.  I only ask you to consider that you have it within you to do, be and live anyway you want to if you are willing to give up your fears and quit doubting yourself.  To me, just the possibility of being able to achieve this kind of self-mastery is an awesome concept – even if I can achieve only part of it.  That’s not my ego talking.  It’s me recognizing that we are all are so much more than we have been led to believe; that we are only victims if we choose to be; that “fate” is an illusion because we all have the power within us to create our own fate at any moment.  We do that now, but usually it’s unconsciously done and usually to our own detriment.  Imagine what your life could be like if you did it consciously in a positive way and without any self-doubt.  Wow!

I began this particular leg of my journey by asking those “off-the-wall” questions.  I invite you to do the same.  (Those tickets to Crazy Town are still available.)  You might be surprised at the answers you get.  Even more enlightening might be the reasons behind why  you have chosen to believe certain things.  The end result may be the beginning to re-empowering yourself.  That certainly is never a bad thing!

May your journey be one heck of a happy adventure!

Age-of-AquariusLove & Blessed Be

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