Astrological Musings & More

Astrology 2“Centuries ago a king wouldn’t think of going to war without first consulting the planets.  A physician, upon hearing that a patient had fallen ill, would immediately check the placement of the planets to diagnose the disease and decide how best to treat it.
“Nowadays, people tend to identify with their zodiac sign rather than with their Planet.  Each of us is born under a specific Ruling Planet.  Your Ruling Planet is your celestial guide, helping you to navigate your way through life and relationships. Unlike zodiac signs, which are static, planets are in constant motion, changing as you change…..It’s this active partnership between person and Planet that is missing from today’s astrology books.”  (From the front book flap of Ruling Planets by Christopher Renstrom)

I bought this book a few years ago because I’m always interested in new information and new approaches to looking at each natal astrology chart.  The book is interesting and does contain some good information but I’m not sure I totally agree with what is being said there.

The books premise is that whatever sign you were born under, the ruling planet of that sign is where you should be placing your attention.  For example, I am a Taurus, whose ruling planet is Venus.  In the terms of the book, that makes me a “Child of Venus”.  While there is some very interesting reading under this classification, it hardly fits me because of all the Mercury influence in my chart, including being born on a Wednesday (ruled by Mercury).

My many years of studying natal charts has brought me to the conclusion that it truly is necessary to look at the whole chart – what signs and houses all the planets occupy.  Are any of those planets in their home sign (because that gives them more influence)?  Then to search out if there is a predominance of planets in a particular sign.  Finally to look for the influence the planets have on each other through the aspects that they form.  All of these pieces form the picture of the energy that created your physical birth and the energies that continue to have an influence on you as you make your way through this physical incarnation.

Your Sun sign may be your “anchor” or your core energy, but it’s all the other planets and pieces I mentioned that complete the picture of who you are.  Like me, it’s the reason you may not completely fit the meaning and nature of either your Sun sign or its ruling planet.  (But do read the book, if you have an interest in astrology.)

Let’s take a look at that motion of the planets now….

New Moon 4The New Moon occurs in Virgo on Thursday, September 5th at 7:36 a.m. EDT and may create an energy for you to be more aware of your current health situation.  Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house which rules ones health in general.  A New Moon occurring here can indicate it’s time to stop putting off doing whatever it takes to improve and/or maintain good health for yourself.

With Mercury the ruling planet, it means taking a look at your thoughts as well. It’s a well known fact that thoughts are things and that whatever we believe is true will be true for us.  So what thoughts do you “feed” yourself on a regular basis?  Are those thoughts poisoning your body and causing poor health to exist within you?  Take the time to really become aware of the daily diet of thoughts that you listen to and decide whether this is healthy or not.  A New Moon is a chance for a new beginning, so why not create new thoughts that create better health?  Just a thought!

Grandparent's Day 2Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th and while we seem to never forget Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, how often do we remember the wisdom and experience of our grandparents through acknowledging it and honoring them?  Remember your ancestors on this day…without them, we would not be.

Mercury 8Speaking of Mercury, it will be entering the sign Libra on Monday, September 9th at 3:07 a.m. EDT thus creating energies that may help you in your quest to understand your own psychology and thought patterns.

This is a time when good communication and happiness in relationships of all kinds becomes important and we seek, not only harmony, but justice as well.  It will cause some to look at all sides of an issue before making a decision.  While this can be advantageous, it can cause one to be indecisive thus causing the loss of opportunity to act.  So be sure to temper this desire for clarity with a timely decision so action can and will be taken.

In an effort to understand your own thoughts, good, honest communication with someone you trust will prove to be a valuable tool to self-discovery.

Venus in ScorpioVenus goes into Scorpio on Wednesday, September 11th at 2:16 a.m. EDT.  This is not the best of placements for Venus.  While there is a great deal of passionate energy to this combination, it can be so intense it frightens potential lovers away.  Scorpio is terribly straightforward and this can intimidate others.

This is a sensual energy that magnetically attracts others, but the intensity of emotion that can be created can cause jealousy and possessiveness.  It becomes necessary to guard against excessive feelings that can lead to revenge when the object of ones desires doesn’t reciprocate.

Learning to control and direct the passion created by this energy will allow the accomplishment of great things.

As Fall quickly approaches, I wish abundance, health and happiness as your harvest…until we meet again….

Peace and SerenityLove & Blessed

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