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FreedomNo matter where you live, most would agree that these are troubled times we live in.  Whether you’re talking about rising costs, political unrest, natural disasters or health concerns, it seems that no one goes unaffected.  It often makes many of us feel that we are powerless against all that seems to be beyond our control.

It is then that I’m reminded that even in the worst of times, people have made the best of things.  Recognizing that they can allow themselves to become victims of these events or they can choose to use them to learn, grow and become stronger, many have chosen the latter.  Good for them!

I’ve been an astrologer for around 40 years and I’ve been writing this column for about eight of that forty.  Although it sounds like a huge cliché, I can tell you that everything does happen for a reason.  Sometimes that reason is to let us know that we are stronger than our circumstance.

Astrology is a tool that allows us to see where the prevailing “winds” are blowing and how it might affect us.  It no longer is the joke of the 1970s (“What’s your sign?”) but a real tool that when used can aid each of us, in our daily lives, in keeping our vibrations high – thus alleviating many of the “disasters” that we could fall prey to by running on default.

It’s not fatalistic, nothing is preordained.  It’s more of a “weather” forecast that allows each of us to decide if we should “wear a coat”, “take an umbrella”, or “wear sunglasses” as we go out the door into the world for the day.  It’s a tool…and a valuable one at that, that people still stereotype into the category of the horoscopes that appear in the daily newspaper.

Choice is still very much up to us, but at least with the astrological knowledge of what’s happening on a particular day, we can choose wisely how we want to approach our day so that we get the greatest benefit from it.

And where does ones natal astrology chart fit into all this?  Well, think of it as a vibrational guidebook on this journey through your current life.  Just as when we take a vacation, we make plans of where we want to go, what we want to do, and how we plan on getting there, ones natal astrology chart reveals what energies we have given ourselves as talents and abilities, stumbling blocks and challenges, and even any karma from past lives that we came to resolve.  We still have the choice of how we plan on using them – or not using them at all.  This astrological information can open our eyes to things we never thought about or even considered concerning ourselves.  It can make a whole lot more sense out of life for us.

When you combine this astrological knowledge about yourself with what’s happening astrologically for the day, the choices you make may change from what you make now because you see how working with the energies is so much easier than just being swept along by them.

Yes, these are troubling times we live in, my friends, but we have choices and we have tools that can help us in making those choices.  How will you choose?

Full Moon AquariusThe Full Moon will be occurring in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 20th at 9:45 p.m. EDT.  This has the possibility of being a very imaginative and creative time with the combination of Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius.

Emotionally, the sign Aquarius is friendly but detached and this is sometimes misinterpreted as being “cold”.  This can possibly be explained because of the importance of freedom and independence this energy brings with it.

This is definitely the sign and vibration you want if you have a need to look at something differently.  Aquarius is broad-minded, unconventional and very original in its thinking. Add to that some great intuition and a vivid imagination and a new way to view something should be a breeze!

There are a couple of drawbacks though.  One is that conversation can turn to gossip and rumor and the other is that good intentions are not always tempered with wisdom and good judgment.

This solar/lunar combination can, however, add determination and will-power to any situation.

Virgo 4On Thursday, August 22nd, at 7:02 p.m. EDT the Sun will make its annual transit through the sign of Virgo.  This is a practical, introverted earth sign that enjoys being adaptable.

Ruled by Mercury, communications during this transit will have a tendency to be more practical.  There is a methodical, analytical, orderly nature about Virgo.  This can be of great assistance in any business venture.

The down-side to Virgo is the worry.  Perhaps this comes from the analytical nature of the sign, but care should be taken not to fall into this trap as it will affect ones digestive system (especially the intestines and powers of assimilation).  The other problem associated with Virgo is criticism.  It can cause people to become overly critical of others.  What we don’t usually get is that these same people are just as critical of themselves.

This is an excellent sign to put things in order, whether it’s cleaning up ones house or organizing ones business.  It’s also great for anything that requires attention to detail – Virgo is great with details.

Make the most of the good attributes, down-play the others and this transit of Virgo should be a wonderful experience!

To all those who celebrate a birthday in Virgo –

Happy Birthday 16

Mercury 6Mercury will enter Virgo, the sign it rules, on Friday, August 23rd at 6:37 p.m. EDT making it a very intellectual time.

This is an excellent time for writers, learning a language, or anything that requires analysis.  Solving abstract problems is more easily done under this transit.

Because it is so intellectual, interaction with others can become very detached and impersonal.  My suggestion?  Recognize that this is a time of pure reason and use it to solve problems, organize your thoughts and your life.  Take a look at life from a detached point of view and see what is disclosed to you.  Then you’ll be ready for when the energies get much more emotional.

Mars 3Mars in Leo happens on Tuesday, August 27th at 10:05 p.m. EDT.  For me, this is somewhat like pouring gasoline on a fire.  (But then I have Mars in Leo in my birth chart and do have a temper that I’ve had to learn to curb over the years.) You have Mars, a fire planet that rules temperament and assertion/aggression coupled with Leo a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun itself.

Now, you can go “OMG!” and run for the hills in fear of possible anger and fighting or you can choose to use the other side of fire – passion and ambition.

The energies of Mars in Leo provide inspiration and a considerable amount of self-confidence.  Good to know, good to use.  This is also high-energy and aids in productivity.

This is an excellent placement for leadership.  The pitfalls are arrogance and a tendency to be domineering.  If these are watched, a person with this placement or who taps into these energies can be inspiring and motivating.

There is a temper connected to Mars in Leo but, although quick in nature, it’s easily appeased and no grudges are held.

Overall, if you’re looking for an energy to “fire you up”, get you going and help you find motivation and passion…here’s your sign!

So there you have it…the energy changes for the next two weeks.  I hope you find them useful, if not at least interesting.

Until next time….

NamastePeace, Love, & Blessed Be

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