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Solar Flare 2Solar flares are a much talked about subject right now.  I just read an article discussing how they not only have an effect on our planet but affect us as well.  If you believe that we are electro-magnetic beings, then there can’t be much doubt that solar flares that can wipe out power grids could have physical, emotional, & mental effects on us as well.

Here we are in the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun.  Solar flares are happening and they are increasing in intensity and frequency.  Leo itself is a fire sign (makes sense with the Sun and all) and fire is equated with temper, passion, and fever.  Whether you are a Leo or another fire sign, there more than likely are planets, asteroids, or other points situated in fire signs in your natal chart.  Paying attention to these solar flares and how they might be affecting you could prove very useful and enlightening.

If unexpected anger occurs, check to see if any flares are occurring.  If you get a mysterious fever, check for flares.  Have a “flare up” of arthritic pain or some other inflammatory disease?  Check those solar flares.  When you couple the flares with being in Leo, there’s every chance you may be affected by them.  The antidote primarily is awareness.  Follow that with meditation or whatever might help you overcome the symptoms.

Even after we get out of Leo in a little more than two weeks, you may still be able to feel the solar activity.  Being aware is very empowering.  May you grant yourself this gift.

New Moon in LeoSpeaking of Leo, we have a New Moon occurring on Tuesday, August 6th at 5:51 p.m. EDT.  That means both the Sun and the Moon will be in Leo – very double-edged sword energy.

On one hand, these energies are kind-hearted and generous while also intuitive, resourceful and filled with vitality.  On the other hand, these energies can cause people to be self-centered, overly proud and apt to go to extremes.

This New Moon would be good for anything that requires leadership, taking center stage, organizing, or anything that has to do with children.

With the Moon going void at the exact moment that the New occurs, it says to me that approaching any new beginning this New Moon is done while grounded in the spiritual rather than the material side of life.

Mercury 7Mercury transits into Leo on Thursday, August 8th at 8:13 a.m. EDT.  This combination is really unbeatable with Mercury ruling the mind and Leo ruling the heart. For a while, the heart and mind work together.

That doesn’t mean it won’t cause moments of boastfulness or pride, but it does give ones thinking that touch of sympathy/empathy which causes decisions to be based on the effect they might have on others.

Mercury in Leo gives mental self-confidence which is a great positive aid in tackling and solving problems.  It also gives continuity of planning and purpose. In other words, it gives and executive or “take charge” ability.

If you can keep your ego in check and not get to ostentatious, this is a great energy for accomplishing things.

Perseid Meteor shower 2This month Mother Nature puts on her awesome “fireworks” using the Perseid meteor shower.  They will be at their peak the nights of August 12th and 13th – that’s a Monday and Tuesday and favor viewing on the North American west coast and Hawaii.

With the New Moon having just happened, viewing should be excellent!  The Perseids produce about 60-100 meteors per hour so it should be an amazing show.

Named after the constellation of Perseus, they have been known as far back as 36 AD when noted by Chinese astronomers.  So check it out!  You’ll find this wonderful event happening in the northeastern sky and viewing can begin as early as August 9th.  Enjoy!

Venus in Libra 2Venus then goes into Libra on Friday, August 16th at 11:37 a.m. EDT.  This is one of the two signs that Venus rules, Taurus being the other one.

With Venus in Libra, all love is sacred and is done with mind and spirit. Love, however, must be free and not chained to materialism.  People and things that are coarse or crude are distasteful here.  Disharmony and chaos in ones surroundings can actually cause illness.

In harmonious surroundings, this is an excellent time for art and music – the enjoyment and creation of both.    It also creates the energy for giving public performances.

This is a wonderful energy that, if tapped into, can be of great assistance in finding peace, harmony and love.

Planets & Stars

So there it is…all the major planetary vibrations for the next two weeks.  My advice?  Tap into the “good“, if it will aid your journey.  Be aware of the “bad” so you don’t get sucked into it.  No matter what…have a wonderful week!!!

Sun with hearts

Love & Blessed Be

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