The Journey Continues – Energy Psychology Part 3

Thoughts 4So, did you try the Basic Recipe since last we met?  Did you have any success with it?  I hope you did.  Just in case you hit a roadblock, there are some things to take into considerations.  I mentioned them at the end of the last article:


1. Unresolved aspects  of the problem
2. Psychological reversals
3. Scrambled energies
4. Energy toxins

When I used the Basic Recipe to get over my fear of the dentist three years ago, I was fortunate that it was a simple, straightforward fear.  Although most problems that people want to deal with are straightforward, there occasionally is a problem with multiple aspects.  These aspects can have physical and/or psychological aspects to them that need to be dealt with.

Examples of physical aspects can include the look, sound, smell, taste, or feel of a situation and can either be obvious or subtle in their nature.  Let’s say you have a fear of roller coasters and you’ve done the tapping with “Even though I have a fear of roller coasters, I deeply love and approve of myself.” and the Reminder Phrase “Fear of roller coasters.”  Even after repeated rounds, that fear doesn’t seem to be diminishing much.  Why?  As you think about it, what comes to you is that you’re fine with being on a roller coaster until it comes down a big hill.  The rest of the time, you’ve even found yourself enjoying it to some extent.  The discovery that your fear actually comes from riding the coaster down a hill is very important.  So you rephrase both your Set-up and Reminder phrases to include coming down the hill  and repeat the process.  Once you’ve addressed the physical aspects, the distressful response will be eliminated.

Then there the psychological aspects of a problem.  There are usually emotionally charged past experiences.  What if your fear of riding roller coasters down the hills came from the first time you rode one and it caused you to get ill, throw up on the ride and become totally embarrassed?  Then it’s not just the roller coaster or the ride down the hill, but the getting ill and being embarrassed that need to be addressed.  This can be seen as having multiple aspects in and of itself.  You may have to break it down and deal first with the embarrassment and then the getting ill or vice versa.  If you take each aspect as it appears and use the Basic Recipe, you are, in essence peeling away the layers like those of an onion and resolving the issues completely and lastingly.

The very good news is that it’s really not necessary to address each and every aspect that help create the problem.  Once you’ve addressed a few related aspects, the effects start to take care of the bigger issue.

The second most common reason for the Basic Recipe to not work effectively is that the standard Setup wording didn’t resolve a psychological reversal.  Thinking about the issue still creates a negative response and your body continues to resist the energy interventions that are designed to support the goal of overcoming the fear, phobia, etc.

Often this is unconscious and happens for several reasons:
1. “Secondary gains” such as receiving a disability check or even just the reception of sympathy and help from other people.
2. Punishing people or lowering people’s expectations of you.
3. Or, overcoming the problem, such as stress, may mean you won’t accomplish as much by relaxing and not pushing yourself so hard.

Using a simple affirmations such as, “Even though I want to be completely free of this (problem), I deeply love and accept myself.”, combined with tapping the karate-chop points can create positive results.

Scrambled Energies  are exactly what they sound like.  If you’ve read my previous articles about Energy Medicine and the 5-Minute Energy Routine, then you know there are times when a person’s energies can be so disorganized that tapping is too subtle to make a difference in the middle of all that chaos.  This is when you need to implement the 5-Minute Energy Routine to help create a balance in your energies before proceeding.  If your physical energies are scrambled, then there will be no hope of straightening out the psychological ones with tapping.

Okay…you’ve worked with possible psychological reversals, hidden aspects of the problem and done energy work to make sure your energies are balanced.  The Basic Recipe still isn’t working the way it should.  Now what?

Well, I’m here to tell you, in case you were unaware (I was), that your energy system can be disrupted by any substance that your immune system doesn’t recognize.  In this day and age, there are over 15,000 artificial chemicals in our food alone.  Add to that the fumes we breathe from numerous sources and the drugs we take for our various illnesses and this can take its toll on our bodies, especially our energies.

Energy Toxins  can come from any of the above so you will have to go on your own personal quest to find anything that might be blocking your progress.  It might be as simple as hair spray, perfume or cologne, the soap you wash with or the material your clothes are made from.  You will need another person to help you with this, but it is as easy as using the General Indicator test (see previous articles on Energy Medicine or YouTube) to test items by holding them while the other person performs the test.   Once you have discovered toxins and eliminated them from use, try the Basic Recipe again.  If it still doesn’t work successfully, test for more toxins.

As I said previously, most problems are pretty straightforward.  If I hadn’t used this method myself, I might be skeptical about trying it.  My ego, which wants to stay with the familiar even when that is unhealthy, would probably pooh-pooh it away.  I was highly motivated because it was more important for me to have my teeth extracted than remain in fear of dentists.  I encourage you to give it a try.  Start with something small if you don’t want to tackle something “big” to begin with, but do give it a try.  I don’t think you’ll regret it and may even be encouraged to use it on bigger issues.

One last passing thought…How does one define a problem?  There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this because it is very personal and very individualistic.  Basically, it’s anything that causes a dysfunctional conditioned response.  A conditioned response is a feeling or action that is programmed to immediately occur when a particular situation or set of circumstances arise.  It can even be just an internal image that has occurred in ones consciousness.  Using the Basic Recipe will most often interrupt the pattern of that conditioned response.  We all have them to a greater or lesser degree.  Now you have a method to at least decrease, if not totally eliminate, them from your being so that you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of having!

Next time…affirmations and why they sometimes don’t work.

200534948-001Love & Blessed Be

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