Astological Musings & More

Sun with sunglassesSummer is definitely here in this, as well as other parts of the country.  The heat has brought some of us to a stand still as we wait for the temperature and humidity to become more reasonable.

It would appear, on first glance, that the planets have taken their cue from us.  The next two weeks see little movement happening out among our starry neighbors.  When it does happen, it comes all at once.  At least when speaking of the planets transiting from one sign to another.

For those who work Monday through Friday jobs, Monday seems to be a day to be dreaded by many.  It’s even become humorous to talk about “OMG, Monday’s here again!”  Well, my friends, this Monday will possibly be one to remember – for good or ill – for some of us!  It’s the only day in the next two weeks when anything “major” will be happening and what’s happening is power-packed.

VenusIt all begins with Venus moving into Virgo on Monday, July 22nd at 8:41 a.m. EDT.

Virgo is a highly analytical sign.  The energy of Virgo loves to deal with details.  While this can be wonderful when dealing with business matters or anything else that requires attention to detail, having Venus in Virgo tends to make us over-analyze our emotions and be more critical than is necessary with those we love.  This creates a block in the natural, spontaneous flow of affection because we make other feels self-conscious and inhibited.

Venus has an intuitive response to beauty in nature and that which is created by humankind.  Unfortunately, Virgo impedes that by dissecting a rose, for example, in order to understand it rather than just being able to appreciate its beauty.  Virgo understands feelings intellectually but can have a difficult time feeling them.

Virgo does make one fastidious about ones appearance and manners.  It also allows for sympathy and nurturing of the sick.  Venus in Virgo make good nurses and doctors.

This is an excellent energy for lawyers, public speakers, writers and actors.

Leo 3The next Monday, July 22nd event is the Sun moving into Leo at 11:56 a.m. EDT.  Whether you were born under this sign or are just feeling its influence, Sun in Leo makes you want to get out into the sunshine or the spotlight.  Darkness is not part of the Leo energy.

Yes, Leo can be dramatic but also dynamic and often make good leaders.  Leo energy is warm-hearted and generous. Leos make good teachers, actors, and politicians.

Leo does have its pitfalls though.  If the ego gets too engaged there can be conceitedness along with intolerance, and being patronizing.  Oh, and where health is concerned, watch for fevers and take care of your heart.

If you find your enthusiasm waning, tap into this Sun in Leo energy and watch it soar!  This is definitely a time to make use of this “solar” energy!

Hey!  All you Leos out there….
Happy Birthday Leo

Full Moon AquariusFinally, there’s the Full Moon in Aquarius happening at 2:15 p.m. EDT on….you guess it! Monday, July 22nd.

With the Sun in the very creative, dynamic, dramatic sign of Leo, Moon in Aquarius adds imagination to the mix, opening the door to great achievements in art, music, or anything literary.  It is a time of great originality and uniqueness.

Emotionally, this is a time for discovering ones what it means to be free and how we each personally define ourselves as individuals.

If you feel the pull of this Full Moon, you may find yourself more about causes and groups rather than about individuals when it comes to where you place your attention and affections.  The energy is very humanitarian.

There is also an intuitive energy as well as a pull toward things considered occult or metaphysical.  Follow your intuition…it could lead you to some place very unique and interesting!

SiriusAs we enter the “Dog Days” of Summer, my wish is that you stay cool and have a wonderful time…wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing!

See you next time…

Love &

Blessed Be



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