Pondering & Dreaming

DoubtI’ve been working on redecorating our dining room – a whopping 14×22 room – and it’s given me plenty of time to think.  I find that when I keep my physical body and conscious mind busy I can do what some might term a “moving meditation”.  Some of the best answers come to me when I do this.

I originally had planned this article to be on Energy Psychology, but, although this kind of skims the surface of that in some aspects, I really felt I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m personally going through right now.  After all, that was my original premise for starting this web site so that all of you would know who the person behind these writings really is.

I’ve been working with the Law of Attraction for about a decade now with some small successes.  I know there are others out there who believe in the Law of Attraction but find that it just isn’t working at full capacity in their lives and wonder why.  On a conscious level, they express their gratitude for all they have in their lives, work with affirmations, and look for the positive even in the worst of situations.  Still, that healthy flow of abundance seems to remain just beyond their grasps, for the most part.  Why?

To be honest, I’ve been asking myself the same question.  The proponents of the Law of Attraction say, “Do what you love and the money will come.”  For me, that spells two things: doing natal astrology charts and helping people to re-empower themselves through spiritual counseling and self-discovery.  I seldom get to do either.  I point no finger of blame at anyone or anything.  As a matter of fact, after all these years, I’ve come to understand that there’s more programming than anyone would ever believe inside each of us that provides abundant hurdles and roadblocks to the flow of abundance.

During the course of my writings, I’ve mentioned the “Dynamic Duo” (or Siamese twins) – fear and doubt more than once.  What I want to mention about these two this time is the quiet, sly voices of these two that manage to be a constant background noise in our heads that most of us are totally unaware of at any given moment.  Consciously, we may be smiling, saying our affirmations, looking for the good, being grateful, etc., but just under our consciousness there’s one or more voices that tell us all the reasons why this or that will never happen; why we’re being foolish; why we should be afraid of any change, even for the better, in our lives, and more.

Now, I totally agree that one positive thought can wipe out the energy of 10,000 negative ones, however, the dialog going on while we are unaware is comparable to being brainwashed.  Over and over and over again, these same messages play and replay in our heads.  These messages are sometimes the result of programming from childhood but can also be the result of things we have experienced in our travels on the road called “Life”.  If our experience has included a lot of hurt – mental, emotional or physical, or has caused us to fear being in certain situations, then this is the fuel that causes these voices to continue their mantra in our heads – ever so quietly, but repetitively.

I recently was feeling guilty because it had been my intention to have my healing room open for business by now.  For whatever reason, that hasn’t manifested…yet.  As I was thinking about it, in my “moving meditation” mode, I was given a vision that showed my hair from the back.  In the vision, my hair was braided into one long braid that hung to my waist.  Well, my hair is long, but braided, it only comes to the bottom of my shoulder blades.  Seems there’s a passage of time to happen yet before I reach the place where the healing room will be finished and a functioning business will exist.  Perhaps that has to do with the hurdles I still need to “jump” and/or the roadblocks that I still need to clear away.

That seems even more evident based on a dream I had after asking, as I was falling asleep recently, for a dream that would make me smile and then come to pass.  I won’t go into all the details.  The part that really stuck out and seems to be a message as to how to get to the smiling and manifesting part, was where someone had given me what I thought was money for some help I gave them in moving.  When I looked down, it was mostly coupons for things I have no use for…although there was a 1000 pound note (obviously not money from the USA).  When I was telling someone about it, in the dream, I never mentioned the 1000 pound note.  Instead, I just kept complaining about all the useless coupons.

For me, this dream was telling me that I still focus way too much on what’s wrong instead of what’s right.  FOCUS,  my friends, is a big part of allowing the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life.  If there are parts of me that, either consciously or unconsciously, are still focused on what is lacking, then the Universe will keep sending me what I’m focused on!  Additionally, this just gives more material for those voices to whisper to me when I’m not paying attention.

What to do, what to do….

This subliminal sound track that plays in my head is an addiction just like cigarettes, alcohol, overeating or any other addictive behavior that any of us might acquire.  Breaking this addiction, like the others, first takes an awareness that the addiction exists and then conscious, repetitive new behavior reinforced with positive words, thoughts and actions when you catch yourself sliding backwards to the old habit.

I find kicking this habit somewhat more difficult than my 32 year smoking habit or some other habits that I’ve broken over the years.  I think that’s because, unlike the other habits that have an obvious physical manifestation ( a cigarette, a glass of liquor, a cupcake), none of us was ever taught to be so aware that we would catch ourselves thinking these detrimental mental messages throughout our day.  This is much subtler.  Much.

So, in my observation, it means becoming much more aware of my internal thoughts and dialog.  It really isn’t necessary to know what programming or life event caused the repetitive thoughts in my head, just that I start recognizing when they’re happening, stop them in their tracks, and replace them with something more positive.  If, by some chance, I do recognize where some thought dialog came from, then I must convince that younger “me” that she is safe now, that time has passed and this is a new day with new opportunities and blessings.

Sometimes a fear from a past happening lingers and causes fear in the present.  Fear can stop us from progressing to where we really want to be or who we really want to be.  At the very least, it can cause doubt and doubt will talk us out of anything that take us out of the comfort zone we’ve created for ourselves.  Better to stay where it’s familiar, even if we’re miserable, then venture into the unknown.  That’s where Energy Psychology can be of great assistance in dispelling those blocks that keep us from reaching our goals.  I believe I wrote about my fear of the dentist from childhood and how I used Energy Psychology to overcome that fear when I was faced with returning to the dentist to have all my teeth extracted and replaced with dentures.  That was my first real experience with it and I can honestly say, “It works!”

Having said that, I will leave you for now.  When I return, I will discuss what I’ve learned about Energy Psychology and how you may find it of help to your work with the Law of Attraction and reaching the life you really want.

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