Astrological Musings & More

Meditation 3As I sat down to right this, I suddenly realized that there is almost a “pause” taking place in the movement of the planets.  Although aspects will still be forming, except for the Sun and Moon, the planets seem to have taken a rest in their travels to other signs.

The one thing that seems to stick out the most is that Neptune in Pisces (its own sign) just went retrograde again Friday morning at 4:26 a.m. EDT.  To me, this seems important considering the other planets are remaining in the same motion and same sign that they have been in.

What is it about this retrograde motion of Neptune in Pisces that we should be so aware of?

As I look at some of the predominant vibrations and emotions in our world right now – anger, hatred, greed, fear, etc. – I can see how having spiritual energies wash back on us, causing us to take a look at what’s going on inside of each of us, can be so important at this moment on Planet Earth.  These vibrations are having their effect on the planet itself with intensifying storms, earthquakes, drought, etc. and still most of us have no recognition that we have it within our power to change ourselves and change our planet…for the better.

Neptune is about illusion and many of us suffer from illusions along with large doses of denial and evading what we find too painful to face.  Neptune in Pisces, especially retrograde, offers us the opportunity to break the illusions, wipe away the negative fantasies, and truly deal with the problems facing us – both as individuals and as residents of Planet Earth.

So, perhaps the planets are pausing so that we can see what is really important right now.  Each of us needs to create a stronger, better connection to the spiritual that allows us to come from a place of unconditional love, instead of fear, so that we may heal ourselves and this wonderful planet we live on.

New Moon 6The New Moon this month occurs in Gemini on Saturday, June 8th at 11:56 a.m. EDT.

With the Sun and Moon both in Gemini, it brings the duality of life forward to our attentions.  It’s always about choice.

This is a very active time for the mind and can be very creative for those who choose to work with these energies.  Communication takes many forms and this is a time of communicating on many levels.

Because of the swiftness of Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, there can be a feeling of restlessness present for some.  At the very least, you may find that your actions and responses to life are swift, more so than may be usual for you.  Solutions to problems may come faster, as does their implementation.

If that restless feeling gets to be too much, take a trip – even if it’s just a small one.  Places that create feelings of peace should be sought out.  Meditation, however, may be difficult for some with all that mental activity going on.  Just relax, kick back and enjoy some peaceful scenery.

Cancer 4The Sun then transits into Cancer on Friday, June 21st at 1:04 a.m. EDT.   A cardinal water sign, Cancer can make one restless on an emotional level.  What’s going on below the surface may now want to surface and make itself known.  The time may have arrived to stop side-stepping issues or evading possible confrontations.

This is a time of fertile imagination and high intuition – both of which can be fueled by emotion.  Cancers can be sympathetic and sensitive but also cautious and protective.  If you find yourself or someone else in a touchy emotional mood, then you may see the crabby side of the sign of Cancer.

The best use of Cancer energy is learning to go with the flow in all areas of ones life.  This also allows for learning to speak from the heart and hold nothing in.  Wonderful lessons in being emotional and expressing it well!

To all those who celebrate a birthday at this time….

Happy Birthday 18

Well, believe it or not, that’s it for this time.  May you find reasons and make time to create that better, stronger connection to the Spirit that resides within!

TogetherLove & Blessed Be

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