The Journey Continues – A Man (or Woman) for All Seasons Part 2

Energy WorkSo you may be asking yourself, after reading my last article, what these “Five Rhythms” mean for you and why should you care about them?  Your primary rhythm is the energy pushing your evolution.  Many of your strengths and your weaknesses are an integral part of your primary rhythm.  Also, through our ability or inability to take advantage of the energies and qualities of this rhythm, we are provided with information about how our body’s needs are fitting together with the lifestyle we are living.

We came here to learn and grow, but sometimes we seem to get lost or misdirected in our efforts to find our life purpose and why we’re here.  This isn’t about guilt or self-judgment.  This is about having these rhythms help you understand your own physical vulnerabilities.  Let’s face it, physical illnesses can stop you in your tracks, but this can also bring about changes that might not happen through any other means.  Illness calls attention to an imbalance.  Somehow, we’ve gotten off track or fallen off the path we chose to walk this lifetime and now our bodies are calling attention to that fact.

It’s important to realize that each of the Five Rhythms governs several organs: Winter governs kidney and bladder; Spring governs liver and gallbladder; Summer governs heart and pericardium; Fall governs large intestine; Indian Summer governs spleen, stomach, and pancreas.  As you’ve already read, each of the rhythms has its own characteristics which include illnesses, but also includes ways to overcome them or avoid them all together.  This is usually accomplished through lessons that can be of a physical, psychological or spiritual nature.  Even though a harsh way to go, illness brings clearly to our consciousness that which we may not have known we were seeking or didn’t know how to find.

So, how do you find out if your primary or any other rhythm is out of balance – either not providing the resources you need from it or dominating the others?  Well, there is an energy test for that!  You will need a partner for this one and you should really begin by doing the Five Minute Daily Energy Routine.

Then to test:
* Imagine that the Rhythms of the Seasons Wheel (see picture below) has been placed on your stomach – the middle of it over your navel – with Summer rhythm point at the top.

* Placing the middle finger of either hand at the navel, your partner pulls down about four inches toward your right hip bone, using some pressure.  Using the other hand, your partner does the General Indicator test with you.  (General Indicator test:  Hold either arm out at about a 45 degree angle to your side with your elbow straight, but not locked, hand open with the palm facing the floor.  Next have your partner place the fingers of an open hand on your arm, just behind the wrist, while resting their other hand on your opposite shoulder. They push down firmly for one or two seconds while you hold firm. If the arm hold firm or has a slight bounce, then the test is strong.  If the arms gives way easily, then the test is weak.)  If you test strong, then Winter’s rhythm is in balance, but if you test weak, them there is an imbalance that should be attended to.
* To test Spring’s rhythm: pull from the navel across the waistband to the right side of the body and do the test. Once again, if you test strong, all is well.  If weak, an imbalance has been found.
* Summer’s rhythm: pull from the navel straight up to the bottom of the sternum and do the test.  Strong equals flowing properly while weak shows imbalance.
* Indian Summer rhythm: pull from navel across waistband to the left and test.
* Autumn’s rhythm: pull from the navel down and across to the left hip bone and test.

You can see from this testing that your partner’s finger is actually moving through the energy fields of the associated organs.  If you are in balance, this action won’t interrupt that energy, but if you are out of balance, it will easily interrupt them.

So how do you get them back into balance? It’s important to understand that you interpret your surrounding world and its events through your primary rhythm.  Each rhythm has its own way of “seeing” things and when its out of balance you react and interact with the external world through the stress emotions of representative of your particular primary rhythm.  These emotions are meant to help you survive and your body sees them as a positive response to what is occurring even though it may be creating havoc for you.

I want to share some energy exercises, designed for each of these stress emotions.  These exercises help you to evoke and then release the particular stress emotion of a rhythm.  The truth is, even if you hardly ever feel a particular rhythm’s emotion, using the exercise can put you in touch with any hidden fear, anger, panic, codependence, or grief, but it will be particularly advantage for those times when you are feeling that emotion.

WINTER:  Blowing Out the Candle  (Fear)   (Takes 1-2 minutes)
*  While sitting on the floor raise your legs to your chest and circle your arms around your knees.  Hold.
  Or, in a chair you can bend over and hold your arms around your knees.
*  Breathe in deeply while you rock back and forth. Hold you head up and stare into  an imaginary candle flame.
* Pucker your lips as if you were trying to say “Who” and, as you exhale, blow out the candle, feeling the fear going out with the flame.
* Repeat the process until you do not feel as fearful.

SPRING:  Expelling the Venom  (Anger)  (I-2 minutes)
*Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, place your hands on your thighs with the fingers spread.  Breathe in deeply.
* As you exhale, as if you were telling someone to be quiet, make a “Shhhhhhh” sound.
* On the next deep breath,  make a circle with your arms by first swinging them out to your sides and them high over your head, turning the palms so are facing you and make a fist with each hand.  Now think about the source of your anger.
* As you exhale with a loud “Shhhhhhh”, bring your fists down quickly and forcefully, opening them as they reach the area near your thighs.   Really let go as you do this.  Let your muscles relax as you bring your arms and open your hands.
* Repeat this until you feel the anger dissipate.

SUMMER: Taking Down the Flame  (Panic)  (1-2 minutes)
* Stand with your feet should-width apart and your hands on your thighs with the fingers spread.  Feel the energy moving down your legs and become more connected to the Earth.
* Take a deep, slow breath in and, with each exhale make a “Haaaaaaa” signing sound as you imagine the chaos in your mind dissolving.
* On the next deep, slow inhalation, circle your arms over your head causing the fingertips and thumbs of each hand to meet.
* As you exhale (Haaaaaaa), bring your thumbs down to your crown chakra – fingers still touching.  While still in this position, inhale again.
*  Exhale with “Haaaaaaa” and bring your thumbs down to your third eye chakra.  Hold as you inhale again.
* Exhale once more (Haaaaaaa) and bring your thumbs down to in between your breasts keeping the thumbs and fingertips still touching.  Hold as you inhale once more.
*As you exhale this time,  you bring your thumbs down to your navel, turning your hand so that your finger form a point/pyramid beneath you navel pointing toward your root chakra.  Hold this position and take another deep breath.
*With this exhalation (don’t forget the “Haaaaaaa”), you flatten your hands and stretch them down to rest them, once again, on your thighs.  Hold and inhale.
* Exhale and as you slowly bend over, move your open hands down your legs and finally just let them hang down as you inhale once more.
* Still bent over, with your hands hanging down, exhale. As you inhale for a final time, return to an upright position while bringing your hands up the inside of your legs and coming to rest on your thighs once more.  Do your final “Haaaaaaa” as you exhale.

INDIAN SUMMER: Cradling the Baby  (Codependent Sympathy)
(1-2 minutes)
* Standing with your hands over your solar plexus chakra, lovingly cradle your midsection as if holding a baby while you imagine the kindness and compassion you show to others being brought back to you.
* Taking a deep breath in. Exhale from the back of your throat with a raspy sound.  Continue this breathing until you feel yourself become centered.
* Inhale again.  Circle your arms above your head and stretch high.
* As you exhale, bend over while your reach your arms forward and down bringing them to rest with the fingers of each hand under the inside arches of your feet.  Pull your arches upward until you feel the muscles stretching across your back.  Repeat this for one or two additional breaths.
* Inhaling, slowly return to a standing position as you bring your hands up the inside of your legs, up the center of your body and then high over your head again.
* Continue the slow, raspy breathing as you stretch, first one arm and then the other, as high as you can.
* On a final exhale, you return your hands to your solar plexus chakra where you once again tenderly cradle your midsection.
* This should be repeated until you feel a shift in your energy.

AUTUMN: Human Touching Divine  (Grief)  (1-2 minutes)
*  Stand with your arms in front of you as if you are holding a very large ball. Both your palms are facing you with the fingers of each hand close to the other but not touching.  Here you imagine you are holding your world and all the grief and loneliness it contains.
* Inhale deeply and then exhale, making a “Sssssss” like air being released from a balloon.
* Inhale again, opening your arms so wide that they are now behind you.  As you do this let go, release all the problems, all the grief, all the loneliness.
* As you exhale, with the “ssssssss” sound, bring your arms back into the starting position in front of you – once again holding your world.
* Once again inhale, opening your arms wide and releasing, surrendering, letting go.
* As you exhale this time, with the “ssssssss” sound, and you bring your arms back to the starting position, your fingers are able to touch, overlapping.
* When you inhale this time, you bring your world in close to your chest with your hands, one on top of the other.  Hold it tightly to your chest and cherish what you are holding onto.
* With a final exhaling, with the “ssssssss” sound, you open your arms wide and just let go of all the old as you make room for the new.
* Repeat this until you feel your energies shift.

I know some of you will look at the directions for balancing and releasing the stress emotions of these rhythms and say, “How can you possibly do this in 1 to 2 minutes?”  Well, from experience, I can tell you that once you learn the process, it really only does take a minute or two.  In the beginning, it may take five minutes or more, but even at that, isn’t it worth it if it helps dispel energies that are weighing you down?  I think it is. To transform our world, we must transform ourselves and energy medicine, in all its aspects, gives us the tools to work some real magick!  Any change we make in ourselves does truly ripple out and cause change.  So why would you not take the time?

Next time, I will be talking about the Basic Grid which is the foundation of your bodies energy.  Until then, do some practicing with these techniques.  I’d love to hear what you experience using them!

Love & Blessed Be

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