Astrological Musings & More

Planets & StarsIn all the time I’ve been writing “Musings”, both on this site and before that, that the planets have remained so quiet.  Other than the Full Moon this week, all the planets are staying in the signs they currently occupy, moving in the direction they currently maintain. I find that both interesting and, perhaps, enlightening.  The feeling is almost as if they are waiting for us to catch up with their energies. Hmmmm….

For that reason, I’ve decided to do a “review” of where they are all and what the energy of each planetary placement can mean for those affected by it.

Sun with CloudsThe Sun is currently in Aries and, as I said in the last issue, like Spring itself, it’s about new beginnings; planting new seeds to grow new and wondrous things in our lives.

It’s also about energy and action; being assertive in moving things forward.  It brings forth a pioneering spirit that easily removes the obstacles from ones path, but, take care, it can also cause foolhardiness along with rashness and possibly a healthy dose of ego thrown in just to stir things up!

Sun in Aries can make for a very productive time in ones life if you tap into its energies and use them for the good of all

Mercury in PiscesThen there’s Mercury in Pisces which has recently turned direct allowing us to push forward in areas where concentration, memory, imagination and even psychic/intuitional abilities are concerned.

These energies will help us to remember how much our environments can affect us – and that includes the people in those environments.  It provides us with the opportunity to become aware of how much our external lives, along with the people in them, pull us this way and that and thus prevent us from being and doing what we want.

Venus by InertiaKVenus has just gone in to Aries this last week and that provides energies that can be both brilliant and exciting.  It carries a double-edge sword where love is concerned though – one minute passionate and aggressive and the next cold and disinterested. This is a better energy for achievement rather than romantic relationships – unless you’re into romance without commitment!

Mars 6Mars is now in Aries, its home sign and does provide a LOT of energy but stick-to-itiveness is missing.  You may find yourself with far too many irons in the fire.

Did I say fire? Yes, being a fire sign, tempers could flare.  That also means there may be some ego thrown into the mix which can create competitiveness and, thereby, possibly aggression.

As I said originally: The trick to using all this Martian energy is to control the flow.  Recognize that being assertive can empower you and that YOU are the only person you need to compete with.  Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, when used in moderation to get rid of frustration and clear the air, bringing understanding to a situation.  And all that energy, learn to use it to complete projects rather than to continually start new ones that will remain unfinished.

Jupiter in GeminiJupiter is still in Gemini – where it has been since June, 2012 – and that is a restless energy looking to expand particularly in the area of the intellect.

There can be an acquisition of too much information that can be overwhelming.  Knowledge does no good if it is seldom or never put to actual use.  So use this time of Jupiter’s transition through Gemini to acquire whatever knowledge needed to prepare to advance yourself spiritually and emotionally and then remember to put it into use!

Jupiter in Gemini hints at us that there may be problems values, morals, ethics, belief, faith and even lack of commitment that need to be addressed.

The long duration of this transition, it will continue through most of June, gives each of us plenty of time to learn, communicate, teach and grow in was that will bring enlightenment to ourselves and others.

Saturn in ScorpioSaturn, planet of lessons, has been in Scorpio since last October, 2012 and has been retrograde since late February, this year.  This offers us to address any lessons or karma concerning our responsibility with finances in any way, shape or form.

Thoroughness, persistence and determination are the keywords to success here. The major lesson seems to be about resentment, whether about circumstances or people. Resentment stands in the way of success, no matter who you are or what your circumstances.
If the retrograde energies of Saturn are affecting you, it may be that this you have experienced similar lessons in another lifetime.  You are being given a second chance to let go of this heavy burden by grasping a better understanding of what it teaches and the benefits from it.

Saturn continues to be retrograde in Scorpio until early in July.

Uranus in AriesUranus in Aries and adds that much more to that Aries energy of action and pioneering spirit for blazing new trails where science and social issues are concerned.

It creates a demand for change and makes people blunt and outspoken.  Pitfalls can include impulsiveness and explosive temper.

Restless creates a spirit of adventure that may require constant new adventures to remain happy.

Neptune 4Neptune has been in its home sign of Pisces since the beginning of February, 2012 and will continue to be there through the remainder of this year.  During this time, it has been both direction and retrograde in its motion, giving us the opportunity to deal with its energies as both lessons that need to be learned and tools to succeed in life.

The main lesson is about confronting our illusions concerning spirituality.  There may be others that include how we view God, our values, Nature, and all things mysterious.

The time has come for us to face our human tendency to evade or deny rather than deal with problems. It is also time to look at any tendencies to take the easy way out of problems.

Pluto in CapricornFinally, there is Pluto in Capricorn, a very long transit that began in January, 2008 and will continue for another 10 years!  That gives us plenty of time to learn the lesson of establishing our identity and authority within our culture and society.  It’s about learning to integrate our own philosophy and identity within the culture and society we find ourselves.  This brings lessons in self-discipline and self-determination.  Just as our self-image is conditioned by our parents so much of our sense of social identity is conditioned by the nation in which we grow up.

In our striving for success, these energies can cause us to become over-identified with our jobs or careers and even cause us to manipulate and use others for our own ends.  We must take responsibility for our actions and Pluto in Capricorn gives us the chance to do just that.

Okay, so that’s the update of where everything stands right now…

Full Moon In MarchThere’s a Full Moon in Libra occurring on Wednesday, March 27th at 5:27 a.m. EDT. giving us the opportunity to strive for emotional balance through understanding, not only ourselves, but through understanding other people’s points of view.  This allows us to have better judgment.

Moon in Libra is a great time for the musician or artist.  Even for those not talented in these areas, it gives a love of beauty and nature.

The Sun in Aries, while the Full Moon occurs in Libra, can make one keenly sensitive.  This is a Full Moon whose energies are sociable, companionable and not wanting us to be alone.  It calls us to gather together in our favorite form of ritual.  So, gather the “tribe” and dance under the light of this Full Moon!


Until we meet again, remember – We are the stardust made manifest on Earth to experience joy!

Stars in the Palm of my Hand
Love & Blessed Be


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