Astrological Musings & More – Correction

OMG!Oops!  It seldom happens, but it did.  My mind must have been in another reality when I wrote the last “Musings” because I reported to you Mars in Taurus on March 12th at 2:26 a.m. EDT.  My sincerest apologies.  The correct information is actually:

Mars in AriesMars went into Aries at 2:26 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 12th.  This means that Mars, which rules Aries, entered its home sign on Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars!  Wow!!!

What all this Martian coloring does is provide a LOT of energy but stick-to-itiveness is missing.  You may find yourself with far too many irons in the fire.  As a result, tempers may flare!

There can also be a great deal of competitiveness with a good portion of ego thrown in.  That could turn things aggressive.

The trick to using all this Martian energy is to control the flow.  Recognize that being assertive can empower you and that YOU are the only person you need to compete with.  Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, when used in moderation to get rid of frustration and clear the air, bringing understanding to a situation.  And all that energy, learn to use it to complete projects rather than to continually start new ones that will remain unfinished.

This transit of Mars can provide the energy needed to plant seeds this Spring that will grow new and exciting things in your life!

I hope this correction will provide you with some much needed insight!
Heart - rainbow

Love & Blessed Be

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