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Spiritual seekerEach of us is so very unique.  You’ve heard it said in different ways, probably many times.  It is a piece of truth that exists on many levels of who we are in this lifetime.

Although they tell us that each of us has a double somewhere in the world, even if we weren’t born a twin, – and this may be true – we are still unique when you take into account our individual genetics, fingerprints, etc.

It really goes far beyond this though.  Even the energies that surrounded us on the date and time and in the place we were born make up a specific piece of that uniqueness.  The energies of ALL the planets are unique to each one of us and the journey we have come into this lifetime to make.

While Mercury will both challenge us and aid us in our methods of communication, Venus will do the same in the area of love and the arts while Mars will both help and hinder us in our assertive abilities and even in our expression of anger. This is true of each planet and the area that it governs of our life.

The importance of knowing, studying and understanding the planetary placements and energies that are unique to your particular birth into this incarnation is more revealing and helpful than most people realize. It’s all part and parcel of knowing yourself and helping yourself to enjoy and accomplish what you came into do this time around.

We’ve moved beyond the party chatter of the 70s that asked, “What’s your sign?” into a real energy work tool that can assist us in understanding ourselves, the work we came to do on our own spiritual evolution (including karma), and what service we meant to render to others and the world.

We are in a time that has left many people sad, angry, confused and wanting something different for themselves and their lives.  Many are in therapy.  Many more just feel hopeless.

As a natal astrologer of some 40 years, I can tell you there is a tool available to you, if you really are willing to take the time to study and understand it: your natal astrology chart.  There is a revelation available to each one of us by just having our birth chart cast, with a good interpretation, and then taking the time to understand what is being told to us about the energies we have chosen to work with this time around.  Even more than what it reveals is what it can do for us – help us to heal the conditions of body and mind as we learn what our spirits want of us.

Yes, we are each truly unique.  And now you know there is a way to know and understand just how unique you are.  From that understanding it is possible to make changes that will change how we respond to life, thus creating the much wanted changes we so desire in our lives.

Full Moon 10There’s a Full Moon in Virgo happening on Monday, February 25th at 3:26 p.m. EST.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and right now Mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backward) in Pisces which is Virgo’s opposite sign.

All this brings to the foreground issues of illusion and confusion.  Some will feel lost but be unable to determine why.  The conscious mind now must learn to differentiate between mental energies and intuition.  Thinking may take on a note of desperation through all this.

Because keeping the mind healthy through intellectual pursuits is so important under the influence of Moon in Virgo, it can cause an obsession with details, perfection and even criticism of others.

This Full Moon, in combination with the energies of the retrograde Mercury, can cause thoughts and feelings that make people withdraw from reality and escape into imagination and fantasy in order to cope.

To avoid the heavy influence of these energies, it is important to deeply breathe, ground and center on a daily basis and maybe even multiple times during the day.

Venus - Goddess 2Venus goes into Pisces on Monday, February 25th at 9:03 p.m. EST.

The energies of this placement make love pure, and people more romantic, charming and delicate in love’s expression.

Pisces, being a sign of the spiritual, is highly sensitive to the suffering of others and intuitively knows how to please people.  This can be a double-edged sword depending on the person feeling the influence of these energies.  On one hand, they can be very comforting and healing for others, but should the person have ulterior motives, they can use these tools to take advantage of others.

For others, disappointment in love can lead to feelings of martyrdom, neurosis or mental illness.  This can all come from a fear of rejection.

As I look at the possibilities that these energies can present for people, I find it can be an opportunity to learn about oneself in both how we give and receive love and reveal what our motives are behind these actions.

DSTWell, Spring is just around that proverbial corner so we’ve arrived at that time once more…Daylight Savings Time!  That will be happening on Sunday, March 10th at 2:00 a.m. EST (which becomes 3:00 a.m. EDT).

The days are getting longer and warmer. For this we should be grateful!!!
Blue Other World

That wraps it up for this issue.  If any of you find yourself interested in having that natal chart done, click on “Market Place” and then “Services” to check out my services in this area.  You can also contact me at my email address, , with any questions you may have.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful week!
Until we meet again…


Love & Blessed Be

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