The Journey Continues: It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Healing 2I recently shared this picture on my Facebook account page with the following quoted words:
“It has been said that the greatest souls awaken through suffering. Darkness shows us aspects of ourselves that need work, which may not have been exposed to us if the Universe had not sent this suffering in the first place. The greatest prayer you could make would to not ask the Source or Universe to take the suffering away from you, but to instead have faith that everything that happens in your life is only happening to stimulate your spiritual evolution. Thank the Universe for sending you that suffering to help you grow and evolve. All experience is a blessing and happens for a reason, so don’t be afraid to feel.”  by Spirit Science and Metaphysics
I re-posted it and share with you here because of what the last few months, and the last week in particular, have presented me and my husband with in terms of darkness.

As you know from my articles, I very much believe in alternative methods of healing and health.  It’s also pretty clear that I believe in the tremendous power we each have, even if we don’t recognize it.  Lessons are bestowed upon us to awaken us to that power and aid in our spiritual evolution.  The past week has offered the opportunity for tremendous growth and awareness on both my part and that of my husband, Gary.

You see, Gary has A-fib (atrial fibrillation) and congestive heart failure.  Although we are working very diligently to address this through energy work and more natural forms of healing, we were presented with a situation which required his hospitalization.  It required stopping and restarting his heart to get it back in rhythm and then placing him on four different medications to hopefully prevent another incident.

There were several aspects of both of us that needed addressing that came to light, thanks to what seems like a disaster.  I choose not to speak of those which he now sees and needs to address.  Those are for him to tell, if he chooses, not me.  I can only speak for myself and what has been uncovered for me.

I’m a Taurus and money matters have always caused me some form of stress throughout my life.  So, this incident brought up my limited thinking where money and money matters are concerned.  My “usual” response to emergencies that are expensive is to freak out, wring my hands (even if only metaphorically) and worry myself into a headache, eating frenzy or both.  I allowed myself to freak out the first day and I made sure I did an excellent job of it.  Then, I took a deep breath,  realized I don’t have the answer and decided I must  let go of it if anything good was to happen to take care of it.  Whenever my ego would try to start doing its little song and dance entitled “Oh, woe is me!”, I would calmly say, “Take a breath.  Chill out. Sit down and shut up!” and then find that place of peace inside of me and continue with what I was/am doing.  It seems to be working.  I’ve turned the volume WAY down on that voice and seem pretty calm about whatever may happen financially.  (Score one for me!)

The second part is what may seem like a challenge to my alternative/energy healing beliefs.  Some might say that this proves that they don’t work; that traditional medicine is the only answer.  I would say to them that this only means more exploration and education is needed; it will take more time to find what is needed in this particular instance.  We’ve already discovered that there are acupuncture treatments that can prevent a person from going into A-fib. Thanks to a friend, we already know of someone who is an acupuncturist.  Once Gary is totally stabilized, she and Gary will see what she can do to help.

As far as my feelings about traditional medicine (the AMA), I’m not a big fan but only because, from my observations of it over the last 30 years, they seem to have forgotten their Hippocratic oath and, I feel, there are very few real healers left in the profession.  (I mean no offense to those who believe in them or are part of that profession.  These are merely my observations and my experiences.)  What I will say is that I would never suggest someone stop taking their meds or seeing their AMA doctor, especially if they truly believe in them.  I even see the validity of seeing the doctor and taking the meds until you can balance yourself out and find a more natural, healing way to deal with the malady.

Here’s the thing…for thousands of years before allopathic medicine existed, the Chinese, East Indian (not sure if that’s politically correct) and others have been using herbology and other forms of alternative healing such as acupuncture to treat diseases and to maintain their health.  In many cases, it’s a more gentle, natural way to bring the body back into equilibrium.  There’s no way I’m going to start losing faith in these forms of healing and health even with what has just taken place.  Like I said, more exploration and education needs to be done.  That’s all.

So, I will now continue my journey more aware thanks to this incident with Gary’s health.  It was allowed me to see areas within myself that need healing/changing so that I can respond in a higher vibrational manner to the challenges that are presented to me.  It has also challenged me to take a look at my beliefs in energy work and alternative healing methods and decide if it is a path I wish to continue learning and believing in. (The answer to both is a resounding, “Yes!”)  Although, for now, I see a place also for traditional (AMA) medicine, I believe there is a better way to keep our bodies in harmony that is less invasive and more in tune with the spiritual beings we really are.

I’ll be back next time to talk more about those remaining energy systems.  Until then, stay strong!


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