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winterMA28183480-0002As I look out my window at the sunshine and melting snow, my thoughts turn to those in the East who have just experienced an intense snow storm.  While I would never wish that on anyone, it does give me pause to be grateful that I have been spare that experience this time.

As I mentioned last time, it has been my observation, over the years, that if Winter is going to flaunt it’s stuff, it will be after the Sun enters Aquarius.  Well…here we are!  Not only that, but the Moon went into Aquarius on Friday at 2:17 p.m. EST.  Take it for what you will, if anything out-of-the-ordinary – albeit weather or something else – was going to happen suddenly in your life, this would be the time for it!

So, I say a prayer for those digging out and those who may be without electricity right now, but I also send out well wishes to anyone who may have suddenly had their world shaken up by the sudden, erratic, eccentric energies of Aquarius.  As I was recently reminded, by a close friend, these are the times we must remember to stay in the moment and let the Universe do Its job.

New MoonThe New Moon in Aquarius is happening on Sunday, February 10th at 2:20 a.m. EST and, like any other New Moon, it offers us the opportunity to make a new beginning in any area of our life we so choose.

Aquarius is the sign that offers us freedom but requires us to shake off the bonds of restriction and limitation to get it.  Realizing that most limitation and restriction is of our own making, this New Moon, with the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, is an opportune time to break long-standing habits of self-imposed restriction, limitation, and all the heavy emotions that go with them.

So when you feel the restless energy of this New Moon, use your imagination in creative ways to extend your lifestyle in new and interesting ways.

For those with intellectual pursuits, the energies of this New Moon make the mind positive, self-reliant, original, fairly active, humane, well-disposed, and well-balanced.  Sounds like perfection for anything that needs doing in the area of intellect!

No matter where you are on your life path, this New Moon’s energies are offering an opportunity to look at things differently…you know…think outside the box.  Heck, Aquarius is eccentric…throw the darn box away!!!

Year of the Snake 2Once the New Moon has occurred, we welcome the next Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the Snake.  In particular, it’s the year of the Water Snake.

Not only are there twelve signs in Chinese astrology, there are also five elements to each of those signs.  So, if you were born a Snake, that’s good to know and will tell you some interesting things about yourself, but knowing which element of Snake you are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water – will tell you even more.

Most of us only experience the element of the year animal we were born under twice – once in the year of birth and then again at the age of sixty (unless you’re lucky enough to live to be 120!).  So, if you were born between Feb. 14, 1953 and Feb. 2, 1954, you are specifically a Water Snake and this is definitely your year!

To quote from The Little Giant Encyclopedia of the Zodiac:
“Reflective water combines with mysterious snake to produce one of the most enigmatic of all signs.  Both water and snake are intuitive, so this snake can be intuitive to the point of clairvoyance. The Yin of water balances the Yang of fire (snake is fire) but water snakes should not let this element douse their inner fires.  Snake’s natural element, fire, stops these water people from being too passive, although the water does express itself as a pacifist streak.  A case of still waters run deep, these snakes are clam, wise, and reflective.  They are more just and honest than other snakes but still practical and intelligent.”

Wow!  I’d say you’ve got it goin’ on!  What wonderful energies to have at your disposal this year!  (Even if you’re not a Snake in any way, shape or form, it’s still possible to use these energies, if you’re willing to tap into them.)  Happy New Year, everyone!

Valentine's DayOkay, we’ve got the New Moon asking us to reclaim our freedom, the Year of the Snake provides energies for using our intuition, and now On Thursday, February 14th, we have Valentine’s Day offering the vibrations of LOVE!  Awesome!

It’s really not necessary to know the origins or the history of this holiday to appreciate the opportunity it offers us to let people, we hold near and dear, that we love them and they are special to us.

There is no higher vibration than unconditional love.  Celebrating that emotion just seems like the very most right thing to do!

PiscesThe Sun continues its journey around the cosmos and enters Pisces on Monday, February 18th at 7:02 a.m. EST.

The energy of Pisces is spiritual, psychic, emotional and flowing.  Pisces is highly impressionable and the most sensitive of the water signs.  For this reason, people born under this sign or highly influenced by its energies will often seek escape.  This can be an actually physical departure or can come down to the use of drugs and alcohol.

The energies of Pisces can make people indecisive and can cause them to be vague or even downright secretive.  The flip-side is that they are also compassionate and sympathetic.

The key to working with Pisces energies seems to be to ground and center often if you feel yourself drifting too much.  Hug a tree, carry some hematite, talk to an Earth sign friend or whatever will help you to focus your energies again.

This is a wonderful time to delve into and experience the spiritual and psychic side of your life!!!

To all who celebrate birthdays now –

Saturn in ScorpioSaturn in Scorpio goes retrograde on Monday, February 18th at 12:03 p.m. EST.  giving us a chance to complete some kind of karma from a past life.

No matter what sign Saturn is in, it is our teacher  and through the use of thoroughness, persistence and determination, we can achieve the success we failed to achieve before.

Saturn is also about responsibility and, retrograde, asks us to be honest with ourselves about situations and/or people we have been avoiding.  This allows us to become more self-aware, thus forming a better relationship with our souls.

If you are a Seeker, who is journeying the path of self-discovery and transformation, this retrograde of Saturn is an energy that can be very helpful in that quest.

Mercury RetrogradeHello!  It’s that time again…Mercury, which is now in Pisces, will be turning retrograde on Saturday, February 23rd at 4:41 a.m. EST.

The planet of intellect, in the sign of illusion and the abstract, can now add some confusion to the conscious mind.  One of the problems is that it is now difficult to separate mental energies from those of intuition.  The sharpness of reality may can become blurred as we tend to lose ourselves in thought, imagination and fantasy.

In order to communicate and think clearly, it becomes necessary during this retrograde motion of Mercury in Pisces to emphasize ones focus through whatever means is most effective for each of us.

The positive side of this placement and its motion is that, once centered and grounded, there is a lot of intuitional information to be received by each of us for the good of all.  Hunches are strong, intuitions revealing. Truly an enlightening time!

Stars in the Palm of my Hand

May the stars guide you on your current journey and may you be safe and warm until we meet again…

Love & Blessed Be

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