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Snow Owls & GoddessUnlike last year, when I look out the window next to my desk, I see Winter.  I’m grateful that we aren’t receiving what many parts of the country are getting, but…still…Winter…really?  I’m such a warm weather person!

I’ve noticed, over the years, that if Winter is going to flaunt Its stuff, it will be after the Sun enters Aquarius.  Not that we don’t see any signs of Winter before that.  It’s just that the worst of it seems to always arrive after that transition into Aquarius.

The good thing about all this?  We are less than 60 days away from the Vernal Equinox and Spring.  I appreciate the change of the seasons and that’s probably why I have stayed in Ohio all these years.  I do, however, love when Spring begins to appear and the cycle of growth begins again!

Full Moon in LeoFor now, we have a Full Moon in Leo happening on Saturday, January 26th at 11:38 p.m. EST. making the energies, and those affected by them, loving and lovable.

Those seeking relationships will find that they are seeking the potential for growth through understanding, appreciation, and affection.

Moon in Leo can cause self-dramatization, mostly because of a sincere desire for self-improvement.  There can be inclinations to stubbornness, self-centeredness and even, at times, childishness.

When you combine this Full Moon with the Sun being in Aquarius, it creates a lively imagination, an active intellect and a sense of dignity and pride.

Issues of leadership may come forward now as well as those things relating to children and entertainment in all forms.

The Sun, which rules Leo, is the center of our solar system.  This Full Moon calls to us, emotionally, to find our center, what fires up our passion, and then consider stepping forward to speak about what we have discovered.

Jupiter in GeminiJupiter, which is in Gemini, goes direct after being retrograde since October 5th, 2012 on Wednesday, January 30th at 6:37 a.m. EST.

These energies are favorable for gathering information and also for assigning value to that information.  Philosophies, values and personal codes of behavior are now to be considered.  In this time of introspection, these energies can help a person understand and establish their own system of ethics.

This is also an excellent time for learning, considering the speed of thought given by Jupiter in Gemini.  If you’ve been wanting to learn another language, the time is now right.

This is a restless combination and you may find an intense need for travel or at least communication with others.  Go with it…after all, Jupiter is about expansion and communicating with others may broaden everyone’s horizons!

Mars 5Mars enter Pisces on Friday, February 1st at 8:54 p.m. EST , which is a difficult placement for Mars.

On one hand, it helps to offset selfishness and makes those affected by these energies kind, forgiving and good listeners.  On the other hand, it can cause people to wander through life with no goals and can create people who are too easily influenced by others.

The energies of this placement make it an excellent time for contemplation.  Motivation may come through psychology, things that are creative or anything occult.  Anything repetitive will cause waning interest now.

This is also an excellent time for the investigation, use or practice of alternative forms of healing.  It is also a time to be a caring, comforting person – which is a form of healing in and of itself.

Venus 3Venus will be transiting into the sign of Aquarius on Friday, February 1st at 9:47 p.m. EST creating energies that are more about the love of the masses rather than any one individual.  It brings forward the energies of humanitarianism and draws our attention to our fellow Man.

Those who aren’t influenced by these energies may find themselves becoming jealous or possessive if they are in a relationship with someone affected by these energies who feels the call of humanitarianism and/or love of the masses.  This can create a problem because Aquarius represents freedom and the person affected by Venus in Aquarius energies must be free to love as they see fit.

Art and music will take on a unique flavor whether you are the creator of them or a patron of the art.  That’s because we now look at things with a different perspective thanks to Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus.  Perhaps it’s time for us all to look at love differently with our passage into the Age of Aquarius.

In any case, this can be a very interesting, invigorating time!

Groundhog 2Groundhog Day happens on Saturday, February 2nd with the rising of the Sun and the groundhog viewing his shadow…or not.

Some of us celebrate Candlemas/Imbolg on this day and Groundhog Day fits very well into it.  Called by some, “Feast of the Waxing Light”, we see this as the last leg of our journey from the darkness of Winter to the Vernal Equinox which is six weeks away.

The groundhog, who lives in the belly of the Earth all Winter, comes to tell us that Spring isn’t that far away.  At the worse, Winter will last for those remaining six weeks or we could be blessed with an early warming of the Earth, i.e., Spring.  How wonderful that Mother Nature (or the Goddess) sends one of Her creatures to share that with us!

Mercury 8On Tuesday, February 5th, Mercury will enter the sign of Pisces giving those affected by its energies an unsurpassed ability to concentrate and an excellent memory.

This is an amazingly psychic time with an opportunity to access a mystical amount of information.  This is one of those times when you open your mouth, speak, know you are absolutely right without a doubt, but can’t explain how you know.

For some, they find daydreams and night dreams both may be extremely strange.  I’d advise keeping a pad and pen/pencil next to your been.  You’re gonna want to write it down!

This can also be a time when you are sensitive to your environment.  It can even include being easily influenced through subliminal suggestion.  This may happen because you are unconsciously tuning into the thoughts and moods of those around you.  If you are unsure about any thought or urge, ask yourself if this is truly yours.

Heart & Roses Border

Well, that’s it for this issue.  Wherever you may be, I hope you are safe, warm and surrounded by those you love.

See you next time!

Love & Blessed Be


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