The Journey Continues: Spinning Wheels – The Chakras

200534943-001The next energy system I learned about were the seven major chakras.  Back in those days, (you know – only landline phones, no computers and no microwave ovens) there were very few books and other sources to learn about the chakras.

The book of the day was The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater.  In order to understand where my learning began, you need to know that this book was first published in 1927 and that when it was reprinted by Quest Books in 1974 – its 10th reprint – it was still the best there was in print.

I did learn a great deal, after all I knew nothing when I began.  For example, as most people now know, chakra  is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”.  I also learned that the chakras were divided into three groups:
1) the lower chakras, consisting of the root, spleen (sometimes now referred to as the womb chakra), and the naval chakras;
2) the heart chakra – considered to be our emotional center;
3) the upper chakras, consisting of the throat, brow and crown chakras.

Besides this I learned what gland each was associated with and what spiritual function could be developed through each one.   I learned colors associated with each one, when viewing them and what they might look like.  In recent years, because of all the new information gathered through the work being done with energy medicine and, thanks to all those who have written about it, I have learned that the chakras can be as individualistic in appearance as are each of us.

For instance, even though I knew that each chakra connected to our spines, I thought they were more like flat spinning wheels on a string connecting to our spines rather than the more recent interpretation of them as being more like vortexes – more like the shape of a whirlwind, dust devil or tornado.

I have also since learned that there are layers to the chakras, like the aura.  Some say there are seven layers to each and the deeper you are able to go into any chakra you will be able to make a connection with incidents from earlier in the person’s life.  This happens at about the fourth layer.  Also, each of these layers can spin in opposite directions from the preceding layer. Fascinating, huh?

Well, that’s not all.  Early on,  I knew little about how one corrects imbalances in the chakras.  The best I could do was to feed the chakra the color I believed was associated with it in hopes of revitalizing it.  I have since learned that there are methods of balancing the chakras and that this is important because each chakra pulls energy in from the outside world – including other people – and distributes it throughout the body.   Besides that, the chakras also send energy to the outside world.  You can begin to see how having your chakras balanced is very important!

It’s relatively simple to balance the chakras.  Using your hands alone, you can clear, balance and strengthen your own chakras or those of friends and family.  This simple process makes people feel more grounded, centered and boosts your energy!  It takes about three to nine minutes for each chakra.

***Beginning with the root chakra, place either hand – open – with the palm down about four inches over the chakra and being to circle counterclockwise slowly.  (Just imagine each chakra as having a clock face on it so you can remember which way is counterclockwise.) These circles should be about the width of the body.
***After completing the counterclockwise circles, shake your hand to shake off that energy and then begin to circle over that same chakra in a clockwise direction for about half as much time as you did the counterclockwise circles.
***After completing the clockwise circles, once again shake your hand to shake off the energy and proceed to the next chakra. (I have found that I naturally want to use one hand to clear -go counterclockwise- the chakra with and the other hand to balance – go clockwise -the chakra.)
***You do these same steps for each chakra, proceeding up the body until you have done them all, ending with the crown chakra.
***There is one exception to this:  If you are a man or working on a man, the crown chakra is done in reverse order.  Clockwise circles are used to clear the crown chakras of males while counterclockwise circles balance them.  A woman’s crown chakra spins in the same direction as all the other chakras.

Your hands are electromagnetic and, this motion of circling counterclockwise (or clockwise in the case of male crown chakras) will pull stale, toxic energies up and out.  How long this takes is instinctual and will differ from person to person. With practice, you will feel the chakra become clear.  To begin with do your clearing circles for at least three minutes.

It’s possible that you may feel a headache while doing this and it’s only because you releasing toxic, stale energies and they are starting to move up your spine.

What’s really cool about my latest learning concerning chakras is that I’ve found you can energy test each chakra separately to see which ones may be in real need of attention.  You can clear, balance and strengthen your chakras without doing any energy testing, but if you have a particular ailment, you might want to check the corresponding chakra to see how its functioning.

I’ll do my best to describe this test to you, since I have no illustrations to share with you.  If you want to test your own chakras, you will need a partner to assist you.  If you’re working on someone else, then you will be doing the testing of their chakras, obviously.

***While lying on flat on your back, put the backs of your wrists together with elbows straight and arms extending toward the ceiling.
***The person doing the testing then lightly taps the chakra to be tested with the middle finger of either hand.  If it would be too intimate to do so, tap the energy field of the chakra about an inch above the body.
***After tapping the chakra, the person doing the testing places their open hands, palms facing outward, between your raised arms just beneath the wrists.
***As the person doing the testing tries to separate your hands, you resist.
***If your arms are easily separated, then the chakra can be cleared, balanced and strengthened.

I think that’s so great that there’s a tool for testing the chakras!

There are many good books now available for learning more about the chakras.  To mention just a few:

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System  by Anodea Judith

The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Through the Chakras  by Anodea Judith

The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy: A Workbook  by Deedre Diemer

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field  by Barbara Ann Brennan

Advanced Chakra Healing  by Cyndi Dale

And, of course, I have to mention –

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality  by Donna Eden

So now you know how to keep your spinning wheels spinning.  May health, joy and vitality be yours!

Next…the meridians.

See ya soon!

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