The Journey Continues: I Sing the Body Electric

200534943-001A reader recently commented that she’d like to see more on the chakras and that got me thinking. (Dangerous, yes, I know!)

As a follower of the Wiccan faith, we learn about the auric field (aura) and the chakras fairly early in our training.  For decades this was the extent of my knowledge concerning the energy  systems of the human body.  When I began studying the methods of energy medicine practiced by Donna Eden, I learned that there are NINE  major energy systems.  That blew me away!

To just touch on the chakras would be a vast omission of information, in my opinion.  On the other hand, to write about them all in one article would be a little lengthy and, perhaps, tedious for many of you to read all in one sitting.  What to do?  What to do?

Well, while I’m trying to decide how best to present this to you, let me start with a quote by Carolyn Myss, another well-known healer and teacher that is presented in Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine:

“By studying energy anatomy…you will be able to read your own body like a scripture [and] take the edge off the sensation that you are looking blindly into empty air for information.”  (from Anatomy of the Spirit)

There is so much more to us that just the physical form we inhabit during our sojourn on this planet.  Yet, we only look to the physical (and sometimes the emotional/psychological) when seeking healing of dis-ease.

So what are these nine systems?

***The Meridians are your energy transportation system and consist of 14 pathways that carry energy in, out and through the body.
***The Chakras are considered by some as energy stations or, to me, energy portals that not only distribute energy to the various organs but take in and release energy.  They function on physiological, psychological and spiritual levels.  There are seven (7) major chakras with many minor ones throughout the body.
***The Auric Field or Aura which is an egg-shaped sphere of energy surrounding you that both protects you and interacts with the atmosphere of planet Earth.
***The Electrics are the most dense of the subtle energies and serve as a bridge to connect all the energy systems of the body at a basic level. They are not an independent system but related to each of the other systems.
***The Celtic Weave is just one name of this connector of energy systems.  This is a system that laces/weaves through all the other energy system, creating a unifying reverberation among them. It helps these systems to stay in a close web of communication with each other creating harmony and cooperation.
***The Basic Grid is the foundation of your body’s energies.  It looks like a graph of energy lines and is totally contained within the physical body.  When this is impaired, the other systems become compromised.
***The Five Rhythms are the drummers that we march to and consist of 1) The Rhythm of Winter; 2) The Rhythm of Spring; 3) The Rhythm of Summer; 4) The Rhythm of Solstice/Equinox or Indian Summer; and, 5)The Rhythm of Autumn. Not only do these apply to the shifting seasons of our age but also to the “season of the soul” relating to a belief in reincarnation.
***Triple Warmer is one of the energetic arms to our immune systems.  It works in conjunction with the hypothalamus gland and broadcasts information to all the meridians and the organs they serve.
***The Radiant Circuits have probably been around longer than the meridians.  They can be equated to your “inner mom” seeking to ensure that all the systems work for the common good.  When the need arises to bring the body back into balance, the radiant circuits jump into action to coordinate energies among all the systems.

The balance of these nine major energy systems constitutes the good health of the body.  While working with any one of these systems will aid in creating better health, a wholistic (meaning realizing that it takes all the pieces to make one whole) approach should include a knowledge of each of these along with some methods for detecting imbalances and rebalancing each.

Do you need any special tools for this work? No.  Although, if you have a mind to, you can add tuning forks, aromatherapy, crystal/gem therapy, bio-magnetics or anything else that your intuition might lead you to use.  For the most part, just the use of your hands can move the energies of these systems on either yourself or others.

With a good working knowledge of these systems that includes methods for flushing and re-balancing them, along with methods of testing for possible blocks or imbalances, and a strong belief in and the intention of healing being possible, you can help others to heal themselves (for that is truly what all healing is…self-healing) and/or bring healing to yourself.

I’d like to emphasize the belief part.  This is no different from your belief in the ability of your AMA doctor, your dentist, or other medicine person to assist in bringing about a cure for whatever ails you.  You know that if you have no faith, it makes it that much more difficult for healing to take place.  A disease will linger, even worsening, if you don’t believe you can be cured.  We must  first move ourselves out of the place of believing we have no power over the illness, the belief that we are victims, to a place of being open to not only the cure, but the belief we are more powerful than any illness or dis-ease.  Then it becomes a matter of deciding what system of healing seems right and works for you.  This is a matter of instinct, past experience, and preference.  If you have no faith in alternative methods of healing, there’s a chance they won’t work for you, but if you’ve tried many other avenues of conventional healing and are open to something new and different, energy medicine may be something you want to check out.  The really great thing about energy medicine is that, even if it doesn’t help (for whatever reason), it will do no harm.

So give it some thought…I”ll be back with more information on these nine energy systems next time!

Until then…

Healing Hands

Love & Blessed Be

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