The Journey Continues: “I Bring the Dreamtides to the Souls of Men.”

Dreams 4I had another topic in mind for this entry, but I was reminded that, for many, right now the dreams are coming hot and heavy as we approach the different planetary alignments that culminate in our alignment with the center of our galaxy.

What really happens when you dream?  Ask one hundred people and you could get one hundred different answers.  On one hand, I do believe that dreams are our way of sorting out the day we have just lived and also working on the problems we face in daily life.  I also believe that it is part and parcel of our bodies healing and regenerating process.  I also believe that it is a means of communication between our Higher Selves and our waking selves.

There is more though.  What some people call dreams are actually astral projections to places that most of us can only visit when our physical bodies lie resting.  There is a distinct difference between a dream and a projection and ways by which, upon waking, you can discern which you have just had.  (For more on this, check out Day 24 on the Journey Log drop-down menu.)

My reason for bringing this all up is that my own personal experience right now has been filled with night after night of one dream after another since about the middle of October.  “Woo hoo!”, you say, “What an adventure!”  That would be true if I could remember what  I had been dreaming about!!!  Snippets of the dreams stick with me for a brief while upon waking and then disappear.  In a time that I believe is of such great importance, not being able to remember one’s dreams can be very  frustrating!

I appear to not be the only one experiencing this phenomenon.  Friends and family have related similar tales of being inundated with dreams and then only being able to remember some or just pieces of them, later quickly forgetting them.  The dreams and parts of dreams that are remembered often make very little sense and, when looked up in a dream dictionary, make even less sense.

Then there’s those times of waking up as tired as you went to bed.  Some would say it’s from all that dreaming and, in part, I could agree with this sometimes.  There are, however, other things going on besides dreaming.

I return you to my explanation of astral projection from Day 24 of “Journey Log”:  “One of the most obvious differences between a dream and a projection is that in most dreams there is no sequence of events, no time sense.  You just seem to be swept along, having no control, unable to make any decisions.  Also, in a dream, there can often be repetition of identical events.”  Once again, as I reiterated there, astral projection should not be confused with lucid dreaming where you have some control because you have become consciously aware that you are dreaming.  “Although there is a similarity between lucid dreaming and astral projection, even to the point of some believing the two are the same thing, they are different.”

The astral planes are places that can be equated with the “Summerland” of the Pagans and Wiccans, or the “Heaven” of Christianity (although I’m sure I can expect some argument on that point).  My point is, they are a place where we are able to contact our guides, angels, Watchers, teachers and even the dearly departed.  We are unable to stay because we are still attached to our physical bodies, but, while those same physical bodies are asleep and our waking consciousness with them, we are able to travel to these places to learn and to sometimes have our questions answered by those who we are unable to see in the waking world but walk with us on our journey.

For some of us, being out there on the astral doing work and/or learning can keep us from resting as we should and we awaken feeling just as tired as we were when we went to bed.  The trend here, right now, seems to be similar as with the dreams.  Few are remembering what it is that they’re doing and only bring back pieces.  Some of the things that are remembered is that they are not alone.  Others have gathered with them and, in many cases, rites of worship and purification are taking place.  I find it all very interesting, intriguing and mysterious.  Why can’t we consciously remember what we’re dreaming?  Why can’t the answers and lessons we’re attaining while projecting be brought back to waking consciousness?  Is the ego in denial of this actually happening or unable to face the truth of even the answers which lie in the dreams we are having?  Or is it that the Higher Self or even the subconscious believes we aren’t ready for this information in our waking state yet?

Here’s an excellent example I’d like to share with you:  I have a weight problem.  I’ve had it since after my daughter was born 45 years ago and, after menopause, it’s only become more difficult to resolve.  Knowing that we often have an emotional and/or psychological component to our physical issues I decide it was time to use sleep to seek an answer.  I read, years ago, that if you repeat a question over and over while falling asleep, you, more often than not, will awaken with the answer.  The reason for this is that the subconscious loves to solve problems.  It becomes like a heat-seeking missile searching for the answer. SO….I decide to ask why I can’t seem to lose this weight and what the solution is.  I went to sleep that night asking the question over and over again.  Did I get an answer?  I believe I did.  The problem is, I don’t remember it!   I remember a snippet of a table filled with plastic bottles of pink liquid.  The bottles reminded me of the 48 oz. size that juice comes in and the pink liquid reminded me of pink lemonade or pink grapefruit juice.  That’s it!  That’s all I remember and there was so much more!  Frustrating!

For those of you who might suggest the technique of saying to myself, “I will remember, I will remember.”  Thank you for your suggestion, but it’s been tried to no avail.  If this were just me, I’d say I’m just plain hiding from the truth.  It’s not though.  So I have to ask…why are we dreaming and traveling so much and yet not being allowed or allowing ourselves to remember?

(And a distant voice says in my head, as I write this…”All will be revealed soon.”)

These truly are important times we live in right now, from a vibrational and spiritual perspective.  If you are experiencing any of this, know that you are not alone.  Know that you are not the only one feeling the frustration of not remembering.  Whatever work we are doing, I have to believe it means a chance to evolve spiritual and vibrationally for the good of ourselves, each other and this planet.

Sweet Dreams 2Love & Blessed Be

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