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I’m always looking for interesting information about upcoming astronomical and astrological events.  I happen to subscribe to a blog called “thriveonnews” ( and they recently posted some very interesting information about the upcoming total solar eclipse.  I offer it here, in its entirety for your consideration:

“As the Moon obliterates the Sun and aligns with the fixed star Unuk (aka “Snake Heart”) the total solar eclipse from 13th-14th November 2012 will exert an extremely compelling and hypnotic energy here on Earth. Situated approximately 73 light years away and rhythmically pulsating with a pale yellow light, this cunning star from the constellation Serpens seeks release in the seductive, unconscious and instinctive sexual/aggressive forces deep within us. But as the eclipse cuts a swathe of darkness across the face of the Earth, the rhythm of this beating heart will stop for a few moments… and so with it the repressed coiled energies of the collective. So seductive… and addictive, this uncontrolled and corrupt energy is potentially violent and criminal. However, if acknowledged, accepted and celebrated, the animal urges inherent in the human species can be channeled into a new realm of possibilities… where the undulating vibrations of instinctive awareness are harnessed into higher awareness, offering supreme enlightenment and a gateway to bliss. This is the beginning of the shift of consciousness.”

I find this extremely interesting and thought-provoking as we head towards 12/21/2012.  Even though the total eclipse will only last just over four minutes and, even though the total phase will only be seen over northern Australia and the South Pacific Ocean (with a partial eclipse visible over much of Australia, all of New Zealand and the South Pacific Ocean), I tend to feel that we will all feel its effects, especially if we are tuned into it.

The opportunities to align ourselves with a new, higher vibration have been presenting themselves astrologically and astronomically all year long.  This is just one more of those opportunities to shift away from the heavy, mundane energies that most have been so deeply immersed in, to a higher, more spiritual vibration.  Awesome!!!

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on Tuesday, November 13 at 5:08 p.m. EST.  When the Moon is in Scorpio, the desires are strong. There can be impatience, moodiness and even aggression.  In other words, things get intense.

With a New Moon we have both the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Scorpio and that can make things really intense!  Suspicions increase along with being secretive and this can create relationships issues on a large scale.

When there is a conscious usage of these energies, ones judgment can be both shrewd and acute.  It can also cause a tremendous increase in ones will and determination, if used constructively.  It can also give one the opportunity to merge with another person on a deep emotional level.

So while the energies are intense, if consciously tapped into and used constructively they can create some real benefits in ones life.

On Friday, November 16th, Mars will move into Sagittarius at 9:36 p.m. EST.   This placement provides the energies for a strong sense of justice and an inner strength based on s positive philosophy of life.

These energies may create a tendency to try to live two lives at once or make up for lost time in some way.  This will create a great deal of activity in ones life and may create a tendency to act without thinking.

It is also during this time that unless an activity has tremendous potential to improve your life, your interest in it and your motivation toward it may fade quickly.

If you’ve been looking for the courage to do or say something, Mars in Sagittarius may be what you’ve been waiting for.  It’s also a great time for debate, popularizing and persuading.

The Leonids meteor shower occurs the weekend of November 16th through the 18th with the best viewing being early morning, before dawn, on the 17th.

The crescent Moon will have set by the time the shower begins so you should see 10 to 15 meteors per hour as you look to the southwestern sky.  A wonderful heavenly display!

The Sun will be transiting into Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 21st at 4:50 p.m. EST.  This is a time of aspiration and adaptability.  It’s time to aim high and be willing to try something different or in a new way.

Sagittarius is friendly, outgoing, jovial and optimistic – as are those born under its sign.  There’s also tendencies to be tactless, arrogant and dogmatic.  The “trick” is to stay open-minded and versatile.

Areas of interest right now may include philosophy, spirituality, higher education, legal matters, and long journeys.  No matter what your interests may be, this sojourn through Sagittarius can be very uplifting!

To all those born under this sign, I wish you…

Venus moves into Scorpio on Wednesday, November 21st at 8:20 p.m. EST.  Combining the planet of love with the sexual sign of Scorpio can make love manifest in an intensely physical way.  It can even go to extremes and become a willful situation by one or both parties.

Although this can make the approach to love/sex very straightforward, it can also cause jealousy, possessiveness and other excesses of feeling, even to the point of revenge.

It’s not all about love and sex though.  There is an attraction to occult sciences and inner mysteries with a psychic sensitivity to the feelings of others.

The bottom line, I believe, is that if you can control and direct the effect of these energies on your emotions, you can accomplish wonders!

In the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of every November.  The history of this holiday is pretty prevalent, if you feel the need to investigate it.  I would mention the “spirit” of the celebration here.  It is one of gratitude and appreciation – for our family, friends, and all Life has given us (both the blessings and the lessons).  Whether we gather with the ones we love or celebrate alone, it’s a time fondly remember where we have traveled and all those who have accompanied us, even if only for a little while.

No matter where you live, or what holidays you celebrate, I am thankful for you!  May Life smile on you often.

And now for what many have been waiting for… Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on Monday, November 26th at 5:48 p.m. EST.

I chuckle when I see how people react to a retrograde Mercury – no matter what sign it’s in – because I have chosen to engage my “glass half-full” attitude and see Mercury retrograde as a chance to learn and grow instead of running for the hills and hiding (as I used to do).

Mercury is about thinking and communicating as well as learning and traveling.  In Scorpio, the mind becomes shrewd, sharp and powerful with remarkably clear foresight and vision.  It does, however, make the mind intense and this can lead to ruthlessness, making those under its influence dangerous opponents.

While Mercury was retrograde in this sign, the opportunity presented itself to work on the higher qualities of this combination and thus enable the mind to be brilliant, penetrating and determined. The end result being one who can investigate the mysteries of life, engage in life-changing research and fight for noble causes.  Now that it has gone direct, we still have the opportunity to use the energies of this combination to do good things for ourselves and mankind.

The energies are getting intense as we approach the end of the year and the heavens are giving us clues as to how to align ourselves with them for the benefit of us all.  May your journey on planet Earth be enlightening in the next two weeks.  I’ll see you then!

Love & Blessed Be

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