The Journey Continues: Death, Dying & Living Life to the Fullest

This is the time of the year when the Veil between the worlds becomes thinner and those who have passed from the physical world are able to more easily communicate with us, letting us know that they do still exist.

I recently experienced the loss of a dear friend and former student who passed at, what I feel, was before his time.  At the age of 47, he crossed the Bridge of Light into a different existence than those he left behind.  It is at times like this that the subject of death, dying and even living becomes prominent in ones mind.

For many, the death of a loved one is devastating and the time to recover from that loss is often long and painful.  When I lost my father almost 40 years ago, I didn’t have the opportunity to really grieve until almost six months later because my mother needed me for moral support – which meant showing a brave face and appearing strong.  It did give me the opportunity to look at what really is the cause of our sadness.  Although it appears we grieve because they are no longer “alive”, the reality is we grieve because we miss them – they’re not there anymore for us to talk to, laugh with or embrace.  We also don’t understand why this is happening – to them and to us.  We weren’t ready for them to go and, yet, we were powerless to stop it and that saddens us as well.  That’s the truth of grief.

The reality of death is that it is merely a transition, a change of consciousness, a shift in form of being.  Death takes us through a door to another form of existence where those who remain in the physical realm cannot go, yet.  Or can we, at least temporarily?

Every night when you go to sleep, you experience the disengagement of your astral body from your physical body.  This happens so that the physical body can rest and recuperate.  For most, the astral body hovers just above the physical body during sleep, but, for some, the experience of traveling in the astral body occurs.  In those travels, many have experienced meeting and talking with the “deceased”.  There have been times when those who were traveling in their astral bodies wanted to stay with those on the other side, but were told they had to come back – that it wasn’t time yet.

So we do experience “mini” deaths every time we sleep with the difference being that each time we awaken, once more, in our physical bodies.  Then why do so many fear death and dread the thought of aging which brings us that much closer to death?

It is my opinion that Death is highly misunderstood.  Rather than being taught as a transition back to the realms from whence we came; rather than being taught that this life experience is a place of learning and growth, we are taught that if we don’t live in a certain manner, according to a certain set of standards, when we die we may find the experience most unpleasant.  In other words, we are taught to fear not living well enough and thus fear living in an eternal state of despair in the afterlife.  Doubt that we have lived well enough, as we age, causes us to dread that aging because, if we have failed at living, death and the afterlife will be unpleasant.  With all this fear and doubt and dread, why would anyone look forward to the transition called Death?

There is another factor that plays into this though.  That’s the fact that we don’t remember being in spirit before arriving here.  This is the only “reality” we know and it seems so solid that, even if life is far from the way we want it to be, we just don’t want to give it up.  In other words, we’ll take this reality – even if miserable – over the Unknown.  Another fear.

Add to all this, the fact that most of us don’t remember our dreams, let alone traveling in our astral bodies and you have a firm foundation built for wanting to stay here and fearing, or just dreading, Death.  But shouldn’t that fear be enough to propel us into living life to it’s fullest?

Like so many fears we humans have, instead of propelling us into action, they usually cause us to freeze in our tracks.  We take no action or the action we take involves avoidance.  You know…Don’t look at it. Don’t talk about it.  Pretend it doesn’t exist and maybe  it will go away.  That may work with some things but Death isn’t one of them.  It is true, “Death is inevitable.”

That just brought to mind the fact that so many people are afraid of ghosts, even if that ghost is someone they knew and loved in life.  How strange is that?  Why would you fear the spirit of someone you loved?  Does the ghost become a reminder of the inevitability of Death?  (Go away!  I don’t want to be reminded that Death will take me some day.)  I’ve never understood that one.

They say that those who have experienced a “near-death” experience return with a whole new enthusiasm and appreciation for life in the physical world.  Is that because they now consciously recognize that it’s merely a transition? That there really is nothing to fear?  That life here is to be relished, cherished and lived to its fullest?  I don’t know.  I just question if there isn’t another way for us to make those realizations without having to go through that experience to achieve them.

Passion is very life-giving.  If you fear Death, wouldn’t it make sense to live life with a passion?  To turn all your “lemons” into lemonade or lemon meringue pie and enjoy the lessons being learned, the wisdom being gained?  To always find something, even in the worst of situations, to be grateful for?  Thus, living with a passion, feeling joy, love, gratitude, appreciation and all those other marvelous high-vibrating emotions causes you to feel alive and energized, telling your body that health and life are very desired by you.  Makes sense to me.

So while I will miss my friend, as I miss my father and others who have now crossed to the other side, I celebrate Life – his, theirs and mine.  No matter how much time I have been granted or agreed to here, I rejoice in the gifts given through my life experiences – the lessons, both easy and difficult, and the opportunities that have presented themselves for me to grow.  I also know none of them are really gone – not as long as I hold them in my heart and have my memories of them.  Oh, yeah, and who knows, I may see them on the astral some night!

Life is good, no matter on which side of the Veil you reside.


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