The Journey Continues: We are all Spellcasters & Magicians

It’s always been interesting to me what causes people to seek out Wicca as a spiritual path.  In my own case, I was seeking a spiritual path that was compatible with by beliefs and philosophies about life.  Back in the day (when I was putting my foot on this Path) and, even more, since then I’ve come to recognize that many were drawn to Wicca because of its more mundane name “witchcraft” .   The name speaks to spellcasting, magick and ritual.  What exactly does that mean and what exactly does that mean to people who seek to become part of it?

Beginning with the definitions, as I usually do:

  • Spellcasting  refers to the use of incantations – a written or spoken formula of words that is supposed to be capable of magickal effects.  Hmmm…that leaves us wondering “what are these magickal effects”?

  • Magick  is comprised of the knowledge of certain powers resident within the deep mind of Man.  Through the use of these powers, natural law can be affected without using the generally recognized channels of communications.  The general assumption from this definition would be then that we are talking about psychic and paranormal abilities

  • Ritual  is the prescribed and precise movements as part of a ceremony.  Especially with magick, and to a lesser degree with religion, great importance is attached in performing the necessary steps perfectly.  The word is frequently used synonymously with ceremony, but ritual is a series of steps which comprise a ceremony.

In Wicca, and many other Pagan and magickal traditions, everyone is a participant.  No one is sitting listening to a sermon.  There is movement, dancing, singing, chanting, and everyone is adding their energies to the ritual steps of the ceremony.  That alone would cause many to be attracted because they are now actively contributing to their own spirituality, but there’s another attraction and it’s based on the spellcasting and the magick rather than the spirituality.

In a country and world where many feel helpless; feel that everything and everyone seems to be working against them, the possibility of being able to work magick to take control of one’s life is very inviting.  Many came with the hopes and desires to use magick to change their lives through the use of these unseen forces by use of spells/incantations.  The temptation for many then, as now, has been to use it for revenge against those who they feel have wronged them.  Feeling that if they could just hurt “them” like they had been hurt would make things so much better in their life.  So they came then, and continue to come,  to Wicca and wanted to only know about the spellcasting and only paid lip service to all the rest that makes up the path of Wicca.  They usually leave, very disappointed, wanting still to use magick to get even or manipulate someone into loving and caring for them.  It’s an assumption on my part, but I feel confident in saying that many of those who were interested only in the magick probably continued to use it after leaving Wicca.

What’s really interesting about this interest in magick and spells is that even those who we refer to as “mundane” (nothing derogatory, just a word to define someone who isn’t Pagan or Wiccan) often have asked me, when they find out I am a Witch, if I would cast a spell for them to get so-and-so to love them or to get even with thus-and-such a person for hurting them.  (To which I tell them that’s NOT what I do.)

Ya know what the REAL  icing on the cake is?  No matter what your spiritual beliefs, no matter what path you follow or even if you don’t follow any path or have any beliefs….We are all spellcasters and magicians!!!   It’s true!  Honest to God/Goddess!

In “Journey Log – Day 7”, I talk about this very thing.  Here, I mention it again because I feel it’s so important, not only for the times we are in but, because so many have sought and are seeking out Wicca for all the wrong reasons.  This spiritual path I’ve walked for almost 40 years is about knowing yourself, first and foremost, and then being of service to the Earth and those on it.  It’s not about the working of spells to seek revenge or to have power over other people.

So, when I read Lynn Grabhorn’s book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting and came to “We create by feeling not by thought!”  , realizing this was the foundation that determined whether a Witch’s magick would work or not, it also made me realize why it was so important to passionately do the work to know yourself.  Without the knowledge and understanding of why you feel a certain way about a person, memory or situation, you have no way of creating the life you want to live, with or without actual spells and rituals.

The Law of Attraction, so highly promoted through the book and movie “The Secret”,  is a Universal Law.  There’s just no avoiding it – you reap what you sow; like attracts like.  It’s a vibrational Universe and everything, including our thoughts and feelings, are energy attracting things of similar vibration and repelling those things that are not of the same vibration.  The Universe can only give us what matches our vibration.  THAT’S  real magick!!!   It’s also a message, to all of us, of just how powerful we really are!  Often people feel like they have no control when the reality of our very existence is that with every thought we think, that is fueled by feeling,  we  are creating the lives we live each and every day!

The realization of our own personal power can seem unbelievable at first and then the responsibility that goes along with that power sinks in.  If you accept that you have the ability to create and recreate your life with thought and feeling, then you can no longer point fingers of blame at others for what is happening in your life.  For this reason, many reject that they have this innate ability.  After all, it is so much easier to blame this person or that circumstance than to accept the responsibility that somewhere in your thoughts and feelings you have matched the vibration to what has occurred in your life.  For many, that’s asking too much for them to accept that kind of responsibility.

Circling back around to where I started, this is the reason that people often seek out Wicca for all the wrong reasons.  Wicca is about the recognition that we are each powerful beings.  Using the training offered, we come to know ourselves – realizing that we have wounds to heal and new ways to perceive things in order to empower ourselves so that we may be of help to others and the Earth.  The path of Wicca, and the training along that Path,  takes time and dedication.  You have to be passionate about your desire to become more in tune with your Higher Self – that part of you that is spiritual – and passionate about the desire to have a more joyful, abundant life.

Obviously, then, Wicca is not for everyone.  The real reality is that you don’t have to become part of Wicca to create a better connection to your Higher Self or have a more joyful, abundant life.  All it takes is the realization that you’ve always had the power to create these things.  It’s part of your birthright.  So, decide today that you want life to change and then change your thoughts and feelings to a more positive vibration and watch what happens!

For those who are sincerely seeking a spiritual path and think that Wicca might be what you’ve been looking for, well, you know where I am.  I’m willing to answer any questions you may have.

Either way, may you recognize the power within and use it to create peace, joy, love and abundance in your life!

Love & Blessed Be

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