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I recently picked up a book I have on astrological counseling to re-read and refresh myself on some points about being a good counselor.  As I was reading it, I happened upon a chapter that specifically spoke about psychology and astrology.  I “knew” the things I was reading, but it was refreshing and informative to see them so well said in black and white.  I’d like to share a few of these enlightening points with you:

1. Like psychology, astrology is a way of understanding ones behavior and experience, but it is not an excuse for it.

2. When understood from a psychological perspective, the astrology chart shows us the choices we have and thus can be very empowering.

3. The chart shows us the challenges in life, but never does so without also showing how these can be approached and resolved.

4. It will show in which areas we need to focus our learning in this lifetime.

5. The pattern of the ten planets (yes, I’m including Pluto here) are a backdrop of how a person functions; while the distribution of those planets in the elements (air, earth, fire and water) shows how a person will approach new people, problems and situations; and the distribution of the planets in the modalities (cardinal, fixed and mutable), indicate how a person takes action in the world.

6. The houses of the chart are the areas of life in which a person will experience people, events or actions that provide growth and learning in this lifetime.

There’s more, but I think the point I’m getting at here is that each of our charts affords us an opportunity to better understand ourselves and our purpose in this lifetime.  So many people go through much, if not all, of their lives wondering what their purpose is, why they are here.  Their own natal astrology chart can be the key that unlocks that door and answers the question that’s been plaguing them.  It’s an invaluable tool.

I think that’s what I was trying to get at when I did the radio interview last month.  Astrology charts have been stereotyped and, in reality, there is so much more to them.  Life is a journey.  Your natal astrology chart can provide direction, just like a road map.  Why would you not want to have that tool available to you as you travel the Road of Life?

If you missed the radio interview, and would like to hear it, you can click this link and it will take you right to it:

There’s a New Moon coming on Friday, August 17th, at 11:54 a.m. EDT.

The Moon will be in Leo, as will be the Sun.  Although the planet Venus is known for the emotion of love, Leo rules the heart and its energies are those of being both loving and lovable.  Relationships are made enjoyable through understanding, appreciation, and affection.  Friends and lovers should be chosen with discrimination.

Leo is also a natural leader, so don’t be surprised if this energy causes a new beginning for you in which you have to take the lead – even if it’s just in your own life.

If you have health problems or are just generally working on taking a healthier approach to life, a new beginning under the influence of the Sun and the Moon (which reflects the light of the Sun) in Leo is the best choice one could make!  The Sun and Leo represent success and encourage self-improvement.
The lesson that comes with these energies is that of letting go of drama.  We all, at some time, want others to pay attention to us. Over-dramatizing situations produces the opposite effect.  So be proud of your accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back!  If others notice…great!  If not, then you have your own self-love and self-respect to carry you through!

Ah, the Sun now moves into Virgo on Wednesday, August 22nd, at 1:07 p.m. EDT.  A time of taking care of details, paying attention to your health, and organizing your house or life in general.  Watch becoming a workaholic though.

Being a practical energy, Virgo energy can easily cause one to worry.  Perhaps it’s due to its nature to be very critical. Both worry and being critical can make life a real drag emotionally.  Here, while the Sun is in Virgo, is the opportunity to learn to let go, have faith, and do what you can with what you have.

Mercury does bring wit to the sign of Virgo and it also brings the inability to sit still for very long – after all, Mercury does move quickly around the Sun.

This is an excellent time for anything to do with business due to Virgo’s natural organizing ability and attention to detail.  The practical, Earth energy of Virgo makes one take a very sensible look at one’s business/career and be able to plan the next move.

To all who celebrate a birthday at this time –

Then Mars moves into Scorpio on Thursday, August 23rd, at 11:24 a.m. EDT. and, being the co-ruler of Scorpio, its energies give the ability to do either great good or harm.  This is a time when the phrase, “Thoughts are things.” carries great weight.  This placement is so intense that what you think may be felt by those who are the subject of your thoughts!

Intuition is strong now, as are psychic abilities, and if you’ve been wanting work on and develop your ability for creative visualization, now is the time.

Sex and Scorpio are almost synonymous.  The same can be said for action and Mars.  This can be a very sexually active time for some.  The energies may make that desire insatiable. That insatiability may really be a desire to be understood.  Take a breath and take a look at what is driving you now that Mars is in Scorpio.

Writers and artists may find their work turning a little bloodthirsty under the influence of Mars in Scorpio, while for the rest of us, we may have a desire for a horror movie or scary TV show.

Unfinished business and projects is another theme of Mars in Scorpio so you may want to pay extra attention to any desire you have to walk away or postpone things you know should be completed.

Mars In Scorpio can be a very interesting adventure into the realms of action and intensity!

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated every August 26th to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution on August 26, 1920, giving women the right to vote.

The day itself was established in 1971, when it was proposed in Congress by Rep. Bella Abzug  (D-NY) and passed.  Every President since then has recognized this holiday.

We’ve come a long way, ladies…there’s still a way to go!

The journey for this time has reached an end.  The skies offer us a spectacular view, in more ways than one.  May you find what you see awesome!  Until next time…

Love & Blessed Be

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