The Journey Continues: The Magick Within

Words have power.  You’ve seen me quote this numerous times throughout my writings.  It’s so true and so important.  Even more important than the words we speak to others are the words we speak to ourselves – over and over again, like a mantra, often unconsciously because it’s become habit.

Have you ever had something suddenly happen in your life that was distasteful, disruptive, even down right disastrous?  Have you in those moments spoke such words as, “Why me, God?” or “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!”?  How about metaphorically (or actually) shaking your fist at the Heavens and saying something like, “What did I ever do to deserve this?’ or “The least you could do is throw down a shovel with all this s**t!”?  Be honest.  I know I have.

It’s very human to look outside ourselves for someone or something to blame for the bad that happens in our lives.  Or, we beat ourselves up, accusing ourselves of not being good enough or not having done enough.  After all, both reactions are ones that were taught to most of us since childhood.  Over the years, we’ve repeated our same responses to these same types of events over and over again.  We could respond without even thinking about it.  We’ve been trained that well.  That’s the problem.

On the other hand, have you tried consciously changing your life and, let’s say, through the use of affirmations received little, if any results?  Once again, did you accuse yourself of not being good enough?  Having bad karma blocking your path to success? Maybe even, suspecting someone was sending you negative energy?

There is some powerful magick in such words as: expectation, anticipation, and even hope.  That magick is a double-edged sword that we wield each and every day,  either for or against ourselves, via the dialogue that loops continuously through our heads every waking hour of every day.  That dialogue loop is the creation of our past experiences and our trained responses to them.

The dictionary tells us that the meaning of anticipate   is:
1. To experience or realize beforehand; foresee.
2. To look forward to; expect.
3. To act or arrive sooner than, especially so as to forestall.
4. To foresee and fulfill beforehand, as desires.
5. To make use of beforehand, as income not yet available.
6. To  cause to happen earlier; accelerate.

From this, looking at the positive side of that magick sword, if we were using that natural awe and wonder we had as children, to anticipate something would be elating.  It would be like waiting for Santa Claus to bring our long-awaited gifts!  For most adults though, we have lived with certain circumstances in our lives for so long, we have, usually unconsciously, literally resigned ourselves to the disbelief that anything will ever change….even when we consciously want very much for our lives to change for the better.

If we have encountered a life filled with struggle and setbacks, and it has happened over and over again over the course of our lives, somewhere within us, we believe that’s just the way it is and nothing’s going to change it – even when we consciously are taking all kinds of steps to change things for the better in our lives!

Let’s take a look at the word – expect:
1. To look forward to as certain or probable; anticipate.
2. To look for as right, proper, or necessary; require.
3. (Informal) To presume; suppose.
4. To wait for.

What do you expect?  Really.  When you’re alone, at the end of your day, and you think about your life – yesterday, today, tomorrow –  what do you expect?  Are you filled with gratitude for all that you have: friends, family, a roof over your head, your health, etc.  Do you look forward to the coming day or do you dread the thought?

And what about hope ?
1. To desire with expectation of fulfillment.
2. To wish; want.

We all have hopes and dreams.  We’ve had them since childhood.  When we were children, we believed anything was possible.  We BELIEVED.  How many of those hopes and dreams have you abandoned because some part of you now believes that it/they are just not possible?  So many of us have lost our ability to hope and dream.  We’ve decided, instead, to be practical, logical, realistic.  Where, in the heck, is the fun in that?

If you aren’t living the life you want to be living, then at some point, you’ve turned your magick sword against yourself.  You now expect  more of the same – day after day; anticipate  that, no matter what you do or say, life just isn’t going to change so you might as well just resign yourself to it; and, you’ve allowed yourself to lose hope, feeling you are powerless against the powers-that-be.  Know what? YOU ARE THAT POWER!

Inside, that child, who hopes, dreams and looks at the world in awe and wonder, still exists and still holds that magick sword. He or she waits, anticipating dreams that are truly believed to come true; expecting life to be wonderful and filled with joy and fun; and he or she hopes that you will recognize you have the power to wield the sword and create this wondrous life of love and laughter.  All you have to do is let go.  Go deep inside and find all that no longer serves you;  all that you still carry from the past that you’ve been using to create a present and future of misery and disappointment; all the thoughts and feelings that cause you to presume that you can only expect more of the same…let it go.  Scared?  Yeah, you could be…I know I am.  It’s a leap of faith into what has become the unknown, but only because we have forgotten those wonderful, hopeful, awesome feelings that were once ours, not so long ago.

Here’s my hand…we can go together… ready?  Deep breath…okay…LET’S GO!!!

2 responses to “The Journey Continues: The Magick Within

  1. Very inspirational commentary! I experienced this first-hand when I struggled with depression in my youth. Medications did nothing for it, until I realized how I was creating my world with my negative self-image and fears. The use of the term “mantra” is very appropriate.

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