Astrological Musings & More

The planets are slow in their progressions right now.  Perhaps they, too, are suffering from the heat of Summer.  In any case, things are very quiet, as far as transits are concerned so I thought I would take some time and talk about the importance of astrological counseling and astrological counselors.

Astrology is still considered, by many, as if it were some kind of fantasy or game.  I don’t think I will ever be able to emphasize enough what an important tool of understanding and insight your personal natal astrology chart is for getting a handle on what your purpose and reason for being here is right now.

It’s not enough to get your chart done.  You have to be willing – and passionate – to take the time to read and understand it.  I’m making the assumption here that when you spend the money to get your natal chart done that you receive something more than just the computer-generated printout of the map and that an explanation of each planet, asteroid, aspect, etc. is included so that you can have the opportunity to gain that understanding and enlightenment.

Even more important to this whole process is being able to ask questions and discuss what all the material means to you.  That requires an astrologer who also does counseling on the work that he or she produces for people.  Anyone can use an astrological computer program to print out a chart, but it takes an astrologer who is experienced, seasoned, and savvy to take you into the realms of the energy you blanketed yourself with upon entrance into this incarnation and help you give meaning and understanding to it.

Like any other profession, those who come to an astrological counselor need to feel that they are being treated with honesty and respect.  A good astrological counselor does that and more.  They have ethics.  Just like a doctor, lawyer or clergy, they consider confidentiality to be of the utmost important.  Without your permission, they would never discuss your chart or your sessions with anyone. They would always make sure that the way the information is presented to you is clear and would take the time to clarify anything that remains unclear.  They would also never take advantage of their relationship with you in any way, shape or form.  Think of an astrological counselor as a guide to self-understanding and self-actualization.

This life we’re all living on Planet Earth is so much more than what our physical eyes can see.  That’s why is doubly important to find and use all the tools you can to take you beyond your five physical senses and see who you really are, why you’re here, what you came to do this time around, and then decide how you can make that happen for yourself, rippling out to benefit the planet and all living things upon it because you ARE that important!

So I urge you, again, if you haven’t already got your natal astrology chart done, have that chart cast for you by a reputable astrologer who counsels clients about their charts. If you’ve had a chart done, but never taken the time to read it and/or get the astrological counseling to understand it…please, do yourself a favor, and do so now. You’ll be glad you did!

What better time for new beginnings that a New Moon and we have one occurring in Cancer on Thursday, July 19th at 0:24 a.m. EDT.

The Moon is in her own sign here and it is one of emotions – both the highs of joy/gratitude and the lows of depression/hopelessness. All emotions and moods don’t last long though.

Moon in Cancer is also about home, family and memories. This is a time of nurturing and sentimentality.

With the Sun and Moon both in this sign, one might use the New Moon as a new beginning for ones own emotional well-being – seeking to raise ones vibrations through the conscious practice of gratitude and joy.  Creating a new habit of laughter, smiling, and thankfulness can certainly create positive changes in ones life so it’s well worth the effort!

This is also a great time to pay more attention to your intuition as Cancer is a water sign and deals with the subconscious and the invisible realms.  Perhaps the time has arrived for you to listen for the quiet voice of guidance.

The Sun makes its yearly sojourn into Leo on Sunday (the day ruled by the Sun), July 22nd at 6:01 a.m. EDT.

So here we have the Sun, which rules Leo, going into Leo on Sunday, ruled by the Sun, at about sunrise!  Does anyone else see the synchronicity of this besides me?  There truly is something important in this happening this way.

Leo is sometimes associated with the ego because sometimes it seems as if those who are born under this sign are all about “I”. (After all the Sun is the center of our solar system.) Before, some get offended and others have distasteful words for Leonians, let me say that a little ego can be a good thing.  No one should be so selfless that who they are gets swept under the rug and forgotten.  It’s good to remember “I” upon occasion.

The energies of Leo are enthusiastic, creative, generous, loving (after all Leo does rule the heart) and offers good organizing and leadership ability.  We could all use some of that right?

Knowing that all signs have both positive and negative traits, we also need to be aware of the possibilities of being intolerant, snobbish, conceited and even the possibility of running a fever.

Either way, the energies of the Sun being in Leo offer us all opportunities to learn and grow!

To all of you out there who were born under this sign….

Short, but hopefully informative, I bring this issue of “Musings” to a close.  I send sincere wishes for everyone to have a wonderful week. Stay safe and be positive!

Love and Blessed Be

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