The Journey Continues: In the Darkness, I Saw a Light

Who would have ever guessed that when I mentioned turning off our phones, tablets, computers and getting up from our desks to go outside and take a deep breathe and take a look at the awesomeness of the outside world, in my last entry, that a few days later many of us would have them turned off for us?  Could the Universe be sending a message?  A lesson?

In the five days and four nights our household went without power, I had plenty of time to think and contemplate.  Sitting in the dark in the evening, trying to achieve some coolness in the incessant heat, I had a myriad of thoughts pass across my mind.  Some were practical, some were spiritual….heck, some were even political!  All seem to lead me back to my personal vibrations and how they affect my personal world, rippling out to possibly affect the world-at-large and others who live there.

Western culture, in particular, has us constantly looking outside ourselves.  Whether it’s for approval, validation, or someone to blame, we look to those around us: friends, family, employers, even politicians. The Truth is, no matter what our current situation, our own vibrations have drawn it to us.  The best conditions in the world could exist, but if we are personally vibrating at the level of anxiety, worry, misery, etc. than those things that match those vibrations are what we will attract.  On the other hand, with the worst possible conditions in the world, if we are personally vibrating at the level of unconditional love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, etc. than those things that match those vibrations will be drawn to us.  Unfortunately, we’ve been led to believe that our fate and good fortune is dependent on others.  It’s really not true.

As I sat in the dark with only a battery-operated fan to move the hot air around, my own personal power was brought, once again, to my conscious awareness.  It occurred to me, as it has so often in the past, that we are taught to believe we are powerless against the “Winds of Fate” or against those who sit in positions of power over us.  The reality?  This is just not true!  What would happen if a large portion of us began to wake up to this and consciously began to take back our power?  Why, we might start creating a beautiful, bountiful, joyful life for ourselves! (That’s me, sitting in the dark, smiling like the Cheshire cat at that thought!)

That led me to think about all the illness people are experiencing.  I’ve known for decades that thoughts are things and, being energy, they linger in our auras – especially if they are recurring thoughts that cause recurring emotions or vice versa.  When you feed a thought energy long enough, it will manifest in the material world eventually.  For most of us, the first place it manifests is the physical body as an illness or accident that causes injury.  Why is illness becoming so rampant – more than it ever has since I can remember?  When hope disappears from one’s being, there is little reason to find joy in one’s life.  Without joy, or any of the other high vibration emotions, we become vulnerable to illness – a product of long-sustained low-vibration emotions.  Here again, to my thinking, we rely too much on those people, places and things outside of ourselves to create that joy.  When the external world fails us, we sink deeper into despair and sadness.

We have the power within each of us, at every moment we breathe, to find something good, even in the worst of situations, and focus on that while being grateful for it.  We have the ability to smile at a sunny day, a beautiful sunset, a good cup of coffee, a hummingbird, a butterfly….you get the idea.  That smile, by itself, raises your vibrations.  Why would you not want to do that for yourself?

“Learn to let go.  That is the key to happiness.” is a quote from the Buddha.  It’s so very true and it’s something that we can all do that costs you nothing but the release of all your old programming, perspectives, and habit patterns that keep you chained to a life that doesn’t bring you happiness.  Is it easy? No, but it is so very worthwhile and with the pot of gold at the end of this particular rainbow being a life of peace, prosperity, health and happiness, who wouldn’t be willing to say “Yes!” to it?

This has nothing to do with belonging to a particular spiritual path, having a particular political viewpoint, being rich or poor, nor does it matter whether you are straight, gay,  bisexual, married, living with someone or single.  This is about each of us and our relationship with ourselves.  In the USA, it’s an election year, but the real vote we need to cast is for our personal well-being and the recognition that we have the power to change anything or everything in our lives, if we choose.  Our “fate” is in our  hands, not those of friends, family or anyone else…just us.  All it takes is deciding that what we’ve been doing, how we’ve been living, hasn’t been working so it’s time for a radical change.

As I continued to sit in that darkness, the light of realization dawned.  If each of us would decide, and then fully commit, to being the change we want to see in the world, it would be amazing what we would then witness.  The changes would be astounding.  We would all bring ourselves out of our self-imposed darkness into the light of hope, joy, love and so much more.

So how does this come about?  It’s a very personal choice, but once made and then experienced, you want to see others make that choice for themselves.  No one can be pushed to this decision, nor should they be.  For those of us who make this choice, this commitment, to change our personal worlds for the better, we then become a light in the darkness to shine a light upon the path that is available to everyone, everywhere.  If you choose to do this, or have already made that choice, shine your light for all to see so that others, too, may come out of the darkness into the Light.  The power is in your hands.

(By the way, when the power came on and, standing in my kitchen, I heard the refrigerator once again running, I literally did a “Snoopy dance” of joy and gratitude! Every day, since then, I have consciously found things to be grateful for and express that gratitude. Life is awesome!)

Blessed Be.

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