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Lately, I’ve been trying to consciously focus more on being grateful.  Even in the worst of circumstances, I’ve always believed there’s an “up” side to things.  One thing I never realized, until fairly recently, was just how much passion so many of us put into complaining about what’s wrong with our lives.  If we took the time to be that passionate about what’s “right” with our lives, we’d really create a heaven on Earth for ourselves!

I wondered for awhile why we do that.  Is it just natural for us to do that?  I don’t believe it is.  When we entered this incarnation as infants, we were innocent – our slate was clean.  It was only through that indoctrination by our parents, teachers and other adults on how to behave properly that we also learned how to whine and complain with such fervor.

Well, here we all are!  What are we willing to do to change that?  With the realization that thoughts are things, words have power and everything in this reality is made of energy, we should be willing and passionate about focusing on the good in our lives so we attract more good, rather than more misery.

Here’s the thing…if you focus on illness, you get more illness, BUT if you focus on good health or at least the upside of your health, you get more of that too!  If you focus on the lack of money…here comes more lack!  Focus on gratitude for what you do have and more will arrive.  It’s really that simple and all that’s required of us is to change what we’re focusing on.  It takes awareness and practice, but it can be done!

Why would I write about this, here, in an astrological newsletter?  Because the stars and planets are energy as well.  They are there to help us, if we’ll let them.  No, I’m not talking about reading your daily horoscope…although that could provide some joy to your day.  What I’m talking about is being aware of when the energies are working with you and when it would be better to hold off on that decision or project.  I’m also talking about learning about yourself through the use of your natal chart so that you begin to understand why the challenges you’re facing in your life are there. I’m talking about getting a handle on why you’re here this lifetime and what you had hoped to accomplish and work through.  It’s a powerful tool and we could all use powerful tools to help us change our focus and learn to live from a more positive perspective.

I’m grateful that astrology has interested me and helped me through many situations.  I’m grateful for my ability to help others when they ask for that help.  I’m especially grateful for all of you who take the time to read this newsletter each time.  May you find many reasons to be grateful this, and every, day!!!

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on Saturday, May 5th at 11:35 p.m. EDT.  This Full Moon will look very big in the sky because of its closeness to Earth.  That also means it will have a bigger impact on us humans and our emotional natures.

Moon in Scorpio combines the emotions of the Moon with the phenomenal memory of Scorpio. This can include unpleasant memories from the past which can dredge up feeling of resentment and hurt.  It will be hard to hide how you are feeling, but the good news is that, by being aware of the possible effects this Full Moon can have on you, focusing on all the positive things in your life will help diffuse these effects.

Scorpio is a water sign and, as with any water sign, improves your intuition and psychic abilities now.  When you combine it with the Sun in Taurus, you can use these abilities for very practical purposes such as decision-making based on what “feels” right.  It’s also an excellent time to get a reading done or, if you are a reader, give one.

The combination of this Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus also amps up ones determination and will power.  A tremendous tool for moving forward, if used constructively.

Mercury will begin its transit into Taurus on Wednesday, May 9th @ 1:15 a.m. EDT.

Mentally, these energies are patient and practical, but can add stubbornness to ones thinking.

This is a time when learning by hands-on experience is more valuable than through reading or scholastics.

While Mercury is in Taurus, the old adage, “Slow and steady wins the race.” is very much applicable. Also, if you are normally distracted by people and situations, that will not be a problem now.  Focus on your objective will be strong.

This is also a good time for doing any “mental” work that involves money and finances.  Being practical and conservative will help.

Very good energies for building foundations in any area of ones life!

Whether you’re honoring Mother Earth or your own mother or someone who has been like a mother to you, this day is one to show you love, respect and appreciation for all that has been done for you by the women in your life.

It has been said that perhaps Taurus should have the ruling planet of Earth rather than Venus.  Perhaps that’s true.  The planet is our Mother and Mother’s Day seems appropriately celebrated during this time.

To all women out there who are or have been mothers or have offered the nurturance, love, understanding, and advice only a mother can…Happy Mother’s Day!

Venus, which has been in Gemini since the beginning of April, will take its energies retrograde on Tuesday, May 15th at 10:33 a.m. EDT.

As with all retrograde planets, Venus is offering us the chance to learn from the energies that are now coming back towards us.  These energies can be offering lessons that are karmic or ones that we need to resolve from this lifetime.  Whichever way it is, the lesson is about love and feelings.

Venus is about emotions, especially love, while Gemini is about thinking.  Perhaps you are being offered the opportunity to actually feel love, whether it’s love of self or others.  Unless you have move the concept of love from your head to your heart, this retrograde may challenge you to do just that.  Face it, there is no really love until you feel it.

Venus is feminine, while Gemini is masculine. The combination of these two polarities during this retrograde could be bringing the issue of any uncertainty in sexual/romantic situations that you might feel forward for you to resolve. Or it may be that there are issues of mistrust based on past experiences with people who had ulterior motives.

In any case, this is definitely a time for those affected by this retrograde to take a close look at how they view love, how they give and receive love, and what their expectation are of love.

May your days and nights be filled with reasons to be grateful.  Until next time…

Love & Blessed Be

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