Astrological Musings & More

This issue commemorates the one year anniversary of “Musings” appearance on “Journey to the Center of the Mind”.  It’s amazing that time has passed so quickly to bring us back to this same calendar place again!

What’s also amazing is that, besides the growing number of followers to the site, I have now begun to “tweet” daily astrological updates on Twitter and the following is growing there as well!  Wow!  I am so grateful!

Spring has actually happened!  Flowers are blooming; birds are singing; the Earth is coming alive once more for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  It’s invigorating and wonderful!

Whether we realize it or not, we each plant our own personal seeds each and every day.  I’m not talking about the ones you put in a pot or plant in a garden.  Although these are exciting to watch grow and bloom, how many of us watch what grows from the personal “seeds” we plant?

Every thought, every emotion has an energy that can either blossom or fester.  It’s Spring! We owe it to ourselves to till up our personal gardens and plant seeds that will grow into beautiful things in our lives.  It’s time to uproot the “weeds” that we have allowed to grow and overshadow the beauty within each of us for far too long thus allowing the beauty and abundance to flourish beyond our wildest dreams.

There are many tools at our disposal to help us in this task.  One of them is astrology.  Being aware of how the prevailing energies of the day are affecting us can be of great assistance in understanding ourselves and clearing the “weeds” from our personal gardens and “fertilizing” the beautiful blooms to grow.

Come join me, won’t you, as I take a look at what the next two weeks has in store for us?

There’s a New Moon in Aries on Thursday, March 22nd at 10:37 a.m. EDT.  This is an excellent time for new beginnings!

With the Sun and the Moon both in Aries, there is an abundance of energy and originality for starting new projects or creating new paths in one’s life.  These energies provide great activity of the mind and quickness in perception.  You feel so alive and ready for anything!

As long as you avoid impulsive actions or rash conduct and don’t allow yourself to be unyielding or intolerant of other people’s opinions, you will find these energies conducive to greater self-esteem and independence.

Sunday, April 1st.  Ah, that special day when we have the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.  Keep it light and loving!  Joy is a great gift to bestow on others.  There are so many reasons to smile and laugh.  “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you…” Be a little “foolish” and enjoy the day!

Venus will be moving into Gemini on Thursday, April 3rd at 11:18 a.m. EDT.  Venus feels out of place here because the emotional Venus is now in the logical Gemini – a clash between heart and head for sure.

The energies here may cause you to be intellectual about love.  Let’s face it, if you only think it, you can’t feel it.  This can cause people to be superficial or shallow.  It can also cause people to not want to be touched.

If you have a love of science or math, this is great for those endeavors.  It’s not so great for starting an emotional relationship.  Wait until Venus moves to Cancer for important emotional issues.

Okay, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.  Mercury, which is in Pisces, will be turning direct, from it’s retrograde motion, on Wednesday, April 4th at 6:11a.m. EDT.

If you’ve been having problems remembering things or with concentrating, since Mercury has been retrograde, both will improve with Mercury now direct in Pisces.

Intuition will be high now.  You will just know things without knowing how you know.  Go with it!  You may find yourself tuning into your environment and the people in it.  Be careful of how much this influences you.  Don’t just get swept along.

If you are a writer or artist of any type, your creative imagination can be extraordinary right now.  Take advantage of it and create, create, create!

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope each of you is enjoying what life has to offer and finding many things to be grateful for.  Until next time…

May love & peace be yours…Blessed Be

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