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The skies are fairly quiet right now, as far as planets transitioning to other signs, so I thought I would take a little time and talk about astrology, especially natal astrology, as a tool and what that means.

There are many out there who see astrology as being fatalistic.  They fear it because, to them, there is no control – almost like everything is written in stone.  The funny thing is, nothing could be further from the Truth.

One of the first things I learned, both as I studied astrology and as I studied the magickal side of Wicca, is that energy is neutral.  It is how it is used that makes it positive or negative.  Okay, I hear you out there.  “What about when something bad happens that I had no control over?”  Well, truth be told, we always have had control, most of us just were never taught how.  That’s where all the “tools” come in.  Astrology, Tarot, even intuition and being aware of our surroundings are all tools to help us create our reality – to use the prevailing energies to our advantage.  Astrology charts, whether natal, progressed or otherwise, tell us about prevailing trends of energies.  It’s almost like having a road map that tells you where all the detours and potholes are.  You have the information, now you choose whether to go “down that road” or take another with less hassle and delay.  If you choose not to choose, you’ve still made a choice – you’ve chosen to allow yourself to be swept along on the winds of Fate.

Ever had one of those “gut” feelings that you should leave early or turn right instead of left?  Did you follow it?  If you did, you may have found out later that had you not followed your instinct there would have been a major delay, accident or something else.  Or did you ignore it and end up with a mess before you and the words on your lips, “I should have listened to my gut.”?

We are here to learn about joy, love and abundance.  Tools are available to assist us.  A natal astrology chart is one of those tools.  There’s nothing fatalistic about it.  It shows you options and possibilities.  The choice is now, and always has been, yours what you do with the information.  Just because you’ve been given a hammer, nails and wood doesn’t mean you have to build a birdhouse.  Birdhouses are nice, but your options are as infinite as your mind can create.  The same is true of the information presented in your natal astrology chart…infinite possibilities!!!

With the Sun now in Pisces, we have a New Moon occurring in Pisces on Tuesday, February 21st at 12:31 p.m. EST.

New Moons are often excellent times for new beginnings.  This one, with the Sun and Moon both in Pisces, provides the energies for things that relate to psychic experiences and those things relating to the imaginative – writing, painting, music.
This is also a time for traveling, change and novelty.  Like the symbol for Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, there can also be hesitation, indecision and lack of promptness.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house and this house is sometimes called, “The House of Self-Undoing”.  This is where we try to hide our secret thoughts and feelings from others and, often, even ourselves.  This New Moon can offer us the opportunity to reveal what we’ve been hiding and no longer let it control our thoughts, words and actions. What an excellent new beginning!

Mercury heads into Aries on Friday, March 2nd at 6:41 a.m. EST.  This combination provides mental strength, brilliance and originality.  There may be a need for constant mental stimulation now so that you don’t find yourself bored.  Concentration is more difficult right now.

You can find a combination of people being witty and amusing and others being willful and headstrong.

This is a great time for scientific things and those pertaining to literature.

Venus moves into Taurus, one of the signs it rules, on Monday, March 5th at 5:25 a.m. EST.

This is a time when constant, lasting affections, emotional security and stability are important right now.  This is a time of attracting rather than pursuing the object of love.

This is also a time when beautiful surroundings, good food and comfort are highlighted and desired.

Taurus being an Earth sign, this is an excellent time to start planning that Spring garden.  Taurus also rules the throat with Venus adds beauty and grace so that you may find yourself singing more often or desirous of hearing others sing.

A truly wonderful transit!

As I close this issue, I hope you will give some thought to what I’ve said about available tools for creating your reality.

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Until next time….

Love & Blessed Be

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