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For those of you who have been reading this newsletter for a while, you’ve probably come to the conclusion, or at least suspected, that I’m someone who thinks “outside the box” quite frequently.  Truth be told, I don’t think anyone really ever told me there was a box.  I only gleaned that after I became old enough, and exposed enough to the mundane world, to realize that there were certain “standards” that one was supposed to adhere to if you wanted to be considered “normal”.

I guess “normal” has never been part of who I am and perhaps that’s the reason I have a very difficult time understanding why more credence, more validity, isn’t given to astrology and what understanding ones own birth chart can mean in understanding oneself.  It’s especially puzzling to me now that we’re coming to a point when we’re recognizing that everything is vibrating energy; thoughts are things; words have power; cause and effect applies to everything – all the time.  Why would you not want access to and understanding of any and all tools that can help you live your purpose, create the world you really want to live in, and find true happiness?  It’s baffling to me.

I do understand not everyone is ready for every lesson.  We’re all here to do and learn different things.  What blows my mind is that many of those who are looking to unravel the mystery of themselves and reach a higher state of awareness still treat natal astrology like a parlor game, a spoof.  A good natal astrology chart is a very valuable tool.  It’s a blueprint to what energies you came in, this time, to work with.  It tells of the options and possibilities that these energies give you; lessons you came to work on and goals you have hopes of achieving.  It talks about your talents and your pitfalls.  You could almost call it a vibrational GPS when it comes to helping you direct your life in a more positive manner.  Why would you not want to have that at your disposal?

Perhaps I’m not meant to understand.  It just saddens me that this wonderful tool that is so customized to each one of us is being disregarded by so many when it could be helping bring clarity to the understanding of who we are, why we are here and what we meant to do in this lifetime.  If you’ve never had your chart done, please, seriously take it into consideration.  You truly will be glad you did.

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Saturn which has been in Libra since July 1, 2010 (yes, I did say “2010”), will once more go retrograde on Tuesday, February 7th at 9:03 a.m. EST.  Our last retrograde with Saturn in Libra was January 26, 2011 until June 13, 2011.  This one will last until June 26th of this year.

You can see from this that Saturn affords us plenty of time to work on any lessons or karma brought forth to us by this placement.  With it being in Libra, for such a long time, I’d say it’s pretty obvious that all of us on Planet Earth need to be working on relationships – intimate, familial, business – you name it, we should be working on it.

Libra isn’t just about relationships though.  It’s also about justice, harmony and balance.  It’s also about learning to be decisive.  In an effort to avoid discord, Libra energies cause us to look at both sides of situation (and sometimes all 360 degrees of it!) causing indecision. The fairness and harmony we seek often becomes a balancing act that, after a while, can cause us to throw up our hands and just stop trying.

Retrograde Saturn in Libra give us an opportunity to take a more mature stance to our relationships and other lessons, still seeing the other points of view but melding them into a compromising third point of view that is truly ours.  Most certainly an opportunity for growth and wisdom!

On February 7th, at 4:54 p.m. EST, the Full Moon will occur in Leo.

The Full Moon each month, to me, is an expression of opposite polarities influencing us through their “push-pull” vibration.  With the Sun still in Aquarius and the Moon, now at its peak, in Leo, there are energies that are very loving, but the solar Aquarius energy wants to remain detached while the lunar Leo energy feels the need for romance and affection.  Both energies want their freedom and independence, but the Aquarian energy finds personal relationships often too restrictive and too demanding while the Leo energy needs the recognition that personal relationships can bring.

Where the Aquarius energy likes groups in order to remain somewhat impersonal, Leo energy, being dramatic and needing recognition, likes to take the spotlight in crowds.

This is truly a very interesting combination of energies for this Full Moon.  It may provide the vibration to see our personal view of where we should fit in the “crowd”.  Are you a leader who is hanging back in the shadows?  Or do you work better as a team member and should follow someone else’s lead?  Whatever the case may be, this Full Moon will be one that has very warm and friendly energies to give and receive of freely.

Venus moves into Aries on Wednesday, February 8th at 1:01 a.m. EST.

Aries rules the head, including sight, so how things look to you may become very important right now – especially “love” interests.  This is a time when you may make your choices with your head rather than your heart.

Venus is Aries is brilliant and exciting rather than soothing and calm, like Venus usually is.  This type of energy tends to attract others because of its dash and spirit but the attraction is never satisfying.

This may be a time of being impulsively emotional for those affected by these energies and also almost bi-polar in that, one minute, a person can be passionate and aggressive and, in the next minute, become cold and disinterested.

A very interesting, yet challenging, time!

A wonderfully psychic time begins with Mercury’s passage into Pisces at 8:38 p.m. EST on Monday, February 13th.

Great concentration, excellent memory, and the ability to access a mystical fund of information happens during this transit, if you are affected by it.  For those who may experience the down-side or darker side of this energy: watch out for strange dreams, fantasies and delusions.

This is a great time for anything that requires creative imagination.  It’s also an excellent time for the use of anything with subliminal messages.  However, because of this, you can find yourself affected more than usual by your environment and the people around you.  It’s almost as if you’re able to unconsciously tune into the thoughts and moods of those around you.  If you find this being the case, you may find it helpful to smudge yourself or use white light to surround yourself to keep those vibrations at arms-length from you.

Used positively, the energies from this transit can make it a very enlightening time with great opportunities for personal insight.

Here comes the Sun!  Now it enters Pisces on Sunday, February 19th at 1:18 a.m. EST.  The solar rays of the Sun now shine their light on things ruled by Pisces and the 12th house that it naturally rules.

The twelfth house is called “the house of self-undoing” because it rules those limitations that we’ve placed upon ourselves and the secret suffering that we put ourselves through.  It also rules hospitals, secret enemies and large animals.  The spiritual or unseen side of life is also ruled here.

Neptune rules Pisces and is considered, by some, as the higher octave of Venus.  This can give someone spiritual strength or escapist tendencies.   Being artistically creative, intuitive, imaginative and idealistic as well as evasive, nebulous, deceitful and indecisive are a few of Neptune’s traits.

Pisces itself is, like the two fish that represent it, sometimes a duality going in two directions – sometimes at the same time.  Part of this is from it being a water sign and also being a mutable sign.  Difficult to understand, Pisces people and energies have very strong, deep emotions and are, most often, too impressionable.  This causes the unstable, changing directions (sometimes in mid-stream) and the desire to escape.  Trying to deal with the physical world is sometimes more than they can handle.

While the Sun transits Pisces, we are offered the opportunity to take a look at limiting habits and patterns in our lives; see how much (and if it’s too much) influence the outside world has on us; work with our intuitive and creative abilities; and, turn to the spiritual side of our lives for guidance.  A wonderful chance for enlightenment!

To all my friends, who are celebrating a birthday now –

Well, we’ve covered a lot of ground this time – or is that sky?  I hope you’ve found it interesting and, perhaps, enlightening.  Until we meet again…..

Love & Blessed Be

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