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As we’ve all heard so much about, 2012 may prove to be a very interesting year – particularly when we reach the Winter Solstice.  I’ve spoken often of vibration, not only in connection with astrology, but the fact that everything is energy and it’s vibrating.  Everything in our world, both at-large and our personal worlds, is a contributing factor to the type of vibrations that we deal with on a daily, even minute-to-minute, basis.

So now Monday is the New Moon (see below for details) and with it comes the Chinese New Year. Based on a lunar calendar, what effects does this Year of the Dragon bring to our vibrational mix?

Well, Dragon is yang energy and his/her motto is ‘I reign.’  Some of the keywords used to describe Dragon are, on the positive side: healthy, charismatic, intelligent, self-sufficient, sentimental, successful, and dynamic – to name a few.  While the keywords for more negative traits are: impatient, intolerant, dissatisfied, demanding, egocentric, defensive, foolhardy, and gullible.

This should give you the indication that Dragons – and therefore a Dragon year – are capable of great success or fantastic failure.  It all seems to depend on which set of keyword attributes are engaged at the time.

Here’s the thing though, it’s an energy that’s all about taking risks and being adventurous.  It’s an energy that’s about not hesitating – no cold feet or wavering here.  Dragon energy says, “Just do it!”  No fear or doubt stops Dragon energy.

Perhaps a quote from Suzanne White’s book, The New Chinese Astrology, will best explain how this energy can be used this year.

“The Chinese say that the Dragon has two roles in society.  When things are moving along smoothly, governments are governing and everybody is more or less content, the Dragon is often perceived as an intellectual crank.  In times of plenty, he spends much of his time engaged in abstract and unfathomable thinking.  In his perpetually agitated state of dissatisfaction and arch, impenetrable philophizing, the Dragon sometimes seems to have gone mad.  However, when the mud hit’s the revolving door, society may suddenly find it needs the dotty old Dragon.  When times are hard, his subjects call on King Dragon, begging him to lead them out of the wilderness…”

Obviously, in the US and around the world, we need Dragon energy right now.  This, however, isn’t just any Dragon – this is a Water Dragon.  This may seem a little contradictory since we think of dragons as being creatures of fire.  Actually, in Chinese astrology, the natural element of Dragon is Wood.  Wood is an element of two minds.  It can be a crutch to lean on and by which to get support or wood can be used as a spear – a weapon.  So the element of Wood also emotionally represents both anger and kindness.  It’s all about balance.

So here we have the combination of Wood and Water.  Water can add intuition as well as diplomacy, compassion and idealism to the resume of Dragon energy.  Water Dragons are also interested in social problems and can be very creative and innovative in seeking, finding and implementing resolutions to them.

Not believing in coincidence, everything is coming together in such a manner that we, too, are being presented with the opportunity to have great success or fantastic failure in both our personal and global lives.  As always, the choice is ours, and now we have Dragon energy to help us with that decision.

The New Moon, that heralds in the Year of the Dragon, happens on Monday, January 23rd at 2:39 a.m. EST.  This New Moon happens in the sign of Aquarius.

Being a wonderful humanitarian sign, it only makes sense that the welfare of others now becomes more important in a social sense.  Aquarian energy is about freedom and individuality, innovation and uniqueness.  Combine this with the importance of public affairs, at this time, and you will find people demanding their freedoms, whether it’s the freedom to express their thoughts or the freedom to be uniquely who they are as individuals.

Good intentions must be tempered with wisdom and judgment if positive achievements are to be made.  Otherwise, the restless nature of Moon in Aquarius can deteriorate into gossip and rumor-spreading.  This energy can be so innovative that it can help us blaze a trail to laying down guidelines for a new society (or, a new life, on a personal level), if we use it wisely.

As I mentioned above, the Chinese New Year begins after the occurrence of the New Moon.  If you look at the fact that both are talking about innovation and about social issues, then you may realize we have a very potent combination to start any new beginning with.  This is going to be an exciting year!!!

Mars, which is in Virgo right now, goes retrograde on Monday, January 23rd at 7:54 p.m. EST.

This is a difficult placement for Mars, especially when in retrograde motion.  When Mars is retrograde in any sign, it’s a time when individuals’ actions in their current lives are recreations of the past – whether it’s the past in this life or an actual past life.

To do this, individuals will seek out others who remind them of those who were fulfilling to him or her before.  They are then placed in the roles of these persons from the past so that words and deeds that were never expressed then can be expressed now.  This can cause the individual to come on too strong as he/she tries to force others into these roles.  Sensing rejection from this, the individual pulls back into him or herself and never really experiences the relationships in the present moment.

The other situation that can occur is that those affected by this energy will constantly defend themselves against the reoccurrence of a past hurt.  Feeling slighted by those they tried to please in the past, they now avoid developing any real intimacy with others.

Mars in Virgo can cause a seeking of perfection – which can be troubling.  To adapt a familiar quote, “Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.”  Because of past hurts and rejections, we can judge ourselves and find ourselves wanting.  We are not good enough, perfect enough…others have shown us that by their rejection of us.  That is the fallacy retrograde Mars in Virgo has come to reveal to us.

If you combine this with the energy of this New Moon and the Chinese Year of the Dragon, you can see that Mars going retrograde is offering us an opportunity to go within ourselves , stop the dialog  of imperfection and reach out to others so that we may all grow and experience unconditional love and acceptance.

At 1:12 p.m. EST, on Friday, January 27th, Mercury goes into Aquarius.  This really is an excellent placement for Mercury.  Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is considered a higher octave of Mercury.  This allows Mercury’s energy to open the mind to new, innovative (there’s that word again!) experiences.

Because of the impersonal nature of Aquarius, the light of truth is seen through it and the mind becomes unbiased and objective.  The objectivity, in particular, allows those affected by these energies to be open to and accepting of things that others would find unnerving or unfathomable.

This higher octave energy of Aquarius allows one to connect with the Universal Mind more easily, at this time.  Things are sensed on levels that transcend the five physical senses.

This is also a time to work with others.  Mental stimulation comes through friendship, especially of an intellectual nature.

Just a brief mention here that Thursday, February 2nd is both Groundhog Day and, for those who celebrate it, Candlemas or Imbolg.  Both are celebrations, in their own ways, of the waxing light of the year.

I’ll be lighting a candle and watching to see if the wonderful, furry creature sees his or her shadow.  Will you?

Neptune, planet of both illusion and spirituality, moves into its own sign of Pisces on Friday, February 3rd at 1:57 p.m. EST.

This placement is the proverbial “wake-up call” for the world as a whole.  The time has come to take a look at our very “human” tendency to evade or deny rather than deal with problems.  It’s time to look at our illusions concerning spirituality, the arts, nature and all things mysterious. Have we been seduced by a person or idea into believing in the reality of someone or something that is really a fantasy?

Neptune in Pisces provides us with another choice:  this can be a time of unprecedented inspiration or it can be a time of great disillusionment and pain.  What we can ultimately learn is that the answers we seek lie within.

For each individual, this is a time to ask ourselves those questions on a personal level and seek the answers within.  Our personal illusions must be swept away and we must begin to deal with rather than deny the problems that we face in our lives.  Perhaps the innovative energies of this time will aid each of us in looking at things differently and being very creative in our resolution to them.

As I close this issue, I have to say this is certainly an interesting and thrilling time!  So much opportunity is presenting itself, to each one of us, to make this the very special year everyone expects it to be.  It all lies in our hands and in our hearts.  I choose inspiration and adventure…what will you choose?

Love & Blessed Be

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