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Well, 2011 is now just a memory .  As we begin the calendar New Year, the good news is that all the planets are moving forward right now.  That’s definitely the kind of energy needed for new beginnings.

There are a great number of people who are so very concerned about what 12/21/2012 will bring.  Many are making hypotheses about what kinds of disaster may be awaiting us.  Some are just plain guessing based on nothing but fear and causing nothing but anxiety.

Me?  Well, I believe it’s in our hands.  It will be whatever we, Mankind, decides it will be.  That will be based on the energies each one of us puts in and keeps in our auras this year along with the energies we push out in front of us.  Will we each decide to run our energies high and look with optimism toward each new day?  Or will a majority of us choose to continue to believe that we have no control over our own personal lives, let alone that of the planet we live on?  It really is our choice.  Each one of us can choose to believe that, as we raise our own energies, they, in turn, raise the energies of the planet.  We can decide that the ending of the Mayan calendar means an opportunity for us all to become more spiritual in our approach to life; to come from a higher vibration as we live our lives each day; and to recognize that we are truly powerful and do create our world through our thoughts and feelings.

I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe that at every moment of every day everyone of us has multiple opportunities to make choices.  For the next 18 days, in particular, with all the planets moving forward, we have a chance to make a new beginning for ourselves and our world.  We can choose to look forward to each new day with optimism and believe that, as we do so, we are helping to create a better, more positive world to live in.  Or we can choose to believe we have no choice, no control, no opportunity and curl ourselves into fetal positions while, with fear and anxiety, we await December 21st.  Which do you choose?

The upcoming Full Moon in Cancer on Monday, January 9th at 2:30 a.m. EST can offer you the opportunity to choose.

The Moon in Cancer is its natural placement as Cancer rules the Moon.  Cancer is also the natural ruler of the fourth house in an astrological map/chart.  The fourth house is about house and home; about where you grew up; and the parent of the opposite sex.

The Sun is in Capricorn and Capricorn speaks to us about limitation and, yes, discipline.  Capricorn is the natural ruler of the tenth house which tells us about our career potentials; our standing in the community; our employer; and the parent of the same sex.

The combination of these two energies makes for a very interesting Full Moon.  Some may find they are faced with choices that involve family and career or the career may cause a choice to be made about the home.  Family and career are definitely the axis of this energy and the possibilities are infinite.

Here’s the thing…the underlying choice is about letting go of limiting beliefs and habits.  The Sun is the planet for success and right now it is shining a spotlight on Capricorn.  When that happens, with any sign,  you want to take a close look at the negative traits of that sign and honestly assess if you have work to do in letting go of any traits that might be stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals.  On the other hand, you want to take a look at the positive traits and honestly ask yourself if you are using all that you can to help you reach those goals and dreams.

This Full Moon is a good time for growth but it is also a time when you may find yourself responding more with emotion than reason.  So, if you feel the influence of this Full Moon’s energies, and/or find yourself faced with choices dealing with family, home, and/or career, remember to be cautious not to emotionally wound others or allow yourself to be emotionally wounded when making those choices or dealing with people concerned with those choices.  Yes, there are such things as “growing pains” – the idea is to make it as less painful as possible.

That wonderful planet of beauty and love, Venus, goes into Pisces on Saturday, January 14th at 0:47 a.m. EST.

This is a placement that brings sensitivity, intuition and idealism to the energies around us.  It makes it a wonderful time for anything artistic or creative.  The energy of Pisces makes things flow and everything can become a labor of love and an instinctual creation of beauty.

Where love is concerned, intuition can allow you to instinctively know what to do to please people and you will want to please without pretense.  Caution though, especially to those seeking a relationship.  Since idealism is part of the Pisces energy, and most of us do want quality in a relationship, discrimination is a keyword at this time.

This can also be a time of feeling lonely and disappointed because the reciprocation of the acts of love and affection we may express may not be forthcoming.  At these times, it is best to give these gifts without strings attached to them to avoid that letdown, should the energies not be returned in kind.

This can be a highly sensitive and highly emotional time that, if used constructively, can produce some really beautiful things in our lives.

Well, here comes the Sun!  And it’s moving into that wonderfully original, sometimes eccentric, sign of Aquarius.  On Friday, January 20th at 11:10 a.m. EST, the Sun crosses the horizon from Capricorn to Aquarius.

This wonderful communicative air sign brings with it rainbows, peace signs, strange attire, a great love for humanity and much, much more.  They have been called the “Robin Hoods” of the zodiac because of both their humanitarianism and their, sometimes, unconventional means of expressing it.

With the Sun moving into this freedom-loving, deeply caring, friendly energy each of us is being offered the opportunity to reach deep inside ourselves and find that rebel (with or without a cause) that may be lurking there.  This energy gives us the opportunity to throw tradition and habit to the wind and, just for a while even, find that free spirit that we used to be as children.  What made you smile?  What made you laugh?  What made you feel free and alive?  What did you dream of?

The Sun, symbol of success, now shines its light on that part of the zodiac which calls to us from a place that is inventive, original, independent, friendly, unconventional, intellectual, and even sometimes revolutionary. Perhaps it’s time to follow Alice’s rabbit down the rabbit hole!  What an adventure that could be!

To all my friends born under this magical sign, that help keep my Aquarius Rising alive and well –

Every year is important in our lives.  This year is no exception.  Will 2012 be the year you get to know yourself better?  Will you empower yourself, with every means possible, to manifest your life as you really want it to be? A natal astrology chart is a tool that can really assist you in this area.

I offer my charts, which are from 80 – 95+ pages to you for $150.00 each.  These charts come with a bonus of three (3) 1-hour counseling sessions, to discuss the chart findings, for free. (A $60 value.)

For those who may want charts done for family members (spouses, children, etc.), I offer the following special:

Buy three (3) charts at regular price ($150 each) and get the fourth chart FREE!!!  Each person for whom a chart is done will still get the three, free 1-hour sessions.

I take check, money order and I do have a PayPal account.  In some circumstances, I will even take payments with the chart being delivered upon full payment.

I encourage you to do this for yourself this year.  Find out what energies you came into this life to work with and work through.  It will enrich your life and empower you.

Until next time…

Love & Blessed Be

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