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With the Sun having just moved into Sagittarius and the rest of the heavens being fairly quiet right now, I thought I would talk about Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius.

I know I gave you a brief explanation of each planet in a recent issue of “Musings”, but I felt that perhaps a better understanding of what this planet could mean in your personal natal chart will help you to understand the importance of all the planetary energies in your current life walk.

In the natural setting of an astrological map, Sagittarius and Jupiter its ruler, have domain over the 9th house.  This house represents higher learning, law, philosophy, spiritual tendencies, long journeys, and intuition.  If you look at all it represents, you’ll find the tools that one might use to seek out Truth – not just one’s own truth but Truth of a universal nature.

Jupiter is known for being the largest planet in our solar system and is granted the trait of expansiveness from an astrological perspective.  If you expand your awareness through higher learning, intuition, the spiritual, travel, or any other means, you stretch out beyond the limits of your own being and begin to view things differently.

There is, however, a need to expand inwardly as well.  For without knowing yourself and your own personal truth, there may be no realizing a universal Truth when you happen upon it.  Whatever sign and house you find your natal Jupiter in your chart, along with the aspects to it, important information concerning your beliefs and values will be revealed to you. While the house and sign will show you what you tend to place high value on, the aspects will tell you whether those values are a blessing or a curse in your life.  If Jupiter is retrograde in your natal chart, as it is in mine, then the message is that you didn’t develop self-expansion in this particular area last time and now, through introspection and the higher mind, it is time to do what wasn’t done before.

Using the information that Jupiter’s placement can provide, a person has the opportunity to expand their awareness of themselves and the world they live in; to change limiting beliefs that have trapped the individual in what may seem like an unending journey of hardship and pain; and, through the use of introspection and the higher mind (or Self), allow yourself to view life from a higher perspective.

Did I mention luck?  Well, Jupiter also can bring good fortune to whatever area of your life is represented by where it is placed in your chart.  There are specific characteristics that invoke this “luck” for people, however.  From The Book of Jupiter by Marilyn Waram, I present the following for your contemplation:
(and I paraphrase here)

People who have discovered the luck of Jupiter, first and foremost, make friends easily and have a wide circle of contacts they talk to regularly.  This keeps them “in the know” and thus presents opportunities to them.

Second, they are open to these opportunities and have faith that they do exist so they are alert and recognize them when they appear.

Third, they don’t hesitate when an opportunity presents itself and will ask for help, an introduction or whatever else it might take to explore the opportunity.

Fourth, they have a good opinion of themselves and their abilities.  Because of this belief in themselves, they have no problem inducing others to believe in them as well.

These are the traits of both Sagittarius and Jupiter and they differ highly from the self-blocking behavior of those of us who are not “lucky”.  You know, those of us who shy away from relationships, don’t believe opportunity will come knocking at our door, are suspicious when an opportunity does present itself, hesitate to ask anyone for anything because we don’t want to suffer refusal or rejection, and are certain that we are nothing special and have nothing special to offer the world.

The energies of Jupiter are now telling us different.  It’s time to be jovial and sociable, to stop shying away from asking for whatever we want, and to have a good opinion of ourselves and our abilities.  Is that really so much to ask of ourselves in order to have good fortune smile on us?
May the Great Benefic (Jupiter) smile on you during this time of Sagittarius…and…may you smile back!!!

We’ve got a New Moon in Sagittarius happening the day after Thanksgiving.  So, on Friday, November 25th at 1:10 a.m. EST, be prepared for the Solar eclipse that will be happening with the Sun and Moon both in Sagittarius!

This is a very intuitive time, but also a time when people are feeling friendly, warm, and spontaneous.  There may be a restlessness and need for adventure that can tip over into an inability to endure restrictions.  The idealism that you could be feeling may need tempering so that your optimism doesn’t turn into carelessness, especially where gambling is concerned.

A great time for new projects that require enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.  This is a time of change and motion.  A good time to clear away the cobwebs, rid yourself of what no longer serves you and make room for new, exciting things to enter your life!

Venus goes into Capricorn on Saturday, November 26th at 7:36 a.m. EST.  The emotion of love takes on a practical, earthy aspect with Venus now transiting this sign.

The flip-side of this coin is that Capricorn can make one suspicious in love and even jealous, touchy and very particular about people’s attitudes toward them.  This is only because of the fear of rejection.

Once reassured, there is an energy of faithfulness and domesticity.   For this reason, this is a time when, if affected by these energies, you may find yourself wanting to stay home more.  Any company you seek may be of older individuals right now.

Although Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can become a heavy and depressing energy, being in Venus it stands to be more of a “settled”, practical expression of love towards those around you.

I wanted to slip a reminder in here about Mercury going retrograde on Thanksgiving day.  Don’t anyone go and panic!  It’s just about awareness and being around ones friends and relatives at a time that’s supposed to be joyous.  Mercury is all about travel and communication both of which will probably play a big part in your day.  So be aware, slow down, take a deep breath every now and then and have one heck of a fantastic day!!!

Until next time… Love & Blessed Be

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