Astrological Musings & More

It has been said that, even though each person’s individual natal/birth chart shows the specific energies and traits that we have each decided to work with in this particular lifetime, we contain all the energies and traits from all 12 signs of the zodiac.

If you believe in the ancient philosophy that states Mankind is the microcosm of the macrocosm – the Universe – then this will seem totally plausible to you.  After all, to be a miniature of the Universe that contains the 12 constellations which make up our astrological zodiac would require us to contain these very same energies.

“As above, so below.”  If an atom, with its nucleus surrounded by circling electrons, bears a resemblance to our solar system, with the Sun and its circling planets, then why wouldn’t we contain all the energies and traits of the constellations that exist in the Universe, of which we are the smaller version?

That alone is enough to give one pause to think and contemplate our place in the Universe and on Earth, but I present another question for contemplation: What does it mean for both us and the Universe as we approach 2012 and the center of our Milky Way galaxy where it is said a black hole exists?

One of the effects of this approaching event that I have noticed, and I believe others have been noticing as well, is time speeding up.  I know I’m not the only one to notice how quickly the months and years fly by.  There are some who would say it’s just because we are getting older, but I would have to disagree.  What I have been experiencing is more like standing stationary and watching all around me speed by.  Others seem to be experiencing it differently in that they are constantly rushing – both physically and even in their speech.  Nothing seems to go fast enough for some.  They talk a mile-a-minute and walk like they’re in a constant state of crisis.  I’m sure others are experiencing it in many other ways as well.

What is the lesson here for those of us who have chosen to be here at this time and what does it have to do, if anything, with astrology? Not being all-knowing, I can only give you my view from my little corner of life.  I believe it’s at least two-fold – maybe more.  The first being the recognition that we are cosmic beings.  We are made of the same stuff as the stars and planets and we have come here to learn from each of our individual perspectives.  That’s why we chose the particular energies, our charts reveal, to work with now.  As we each take the time to understand ourselves and who we really are, we begin to recognize that we have purpose and even brought with us the tools to achieve that purpose.  We are truly powerful beings!

Second, with that knowledge, we begin to see there is no reason for us to be swept along in the rush of anything.  We have the right to choose and the power to stay centered and focused in that choice. Wow!!!

So this trip to the center of the galaxy, this speeding up of time, it’s about us changing our consciousness and realizing we have the power within us to be anything – to do anything – and it’s our choice…always has been!

Like I said, that’s just my perspective from over here where I’m standing.  Perhaps yours is different.  Either way, it’s certainly something to think about as we cosmically speed towards December 21, 2012.

And now, about the New Moon taking place on Wednesday, October 26th at 3:56 p.m. EDT.

Both the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio for this event.  Scorpio, with its co-ruling planets of Pluto and Mars, is a planet of death, rebirth and regeneration.  Thus, it makes perfect sense that the veil between the worlds of the physically living and physically deceased would be thinnest at this time.  It also makes sense that this would begin a time of introspection so that we can either rebirth ourselves onto a new path with a new focus or regenerate/renew with vigor a path and focus we have let dwindle as the new year and Spring approach.

To me, the symbols representing Scorpio are very symbolic of its energy: the serpent, to some represents the lower natures of the sign, but to me, it represents Scorpio’s sexual nature and, therefore, its trait of rebirth.  The scorpion, to me, represents that part of Scorpio which is Martian in nature – warlike, revengeful – and needs to be transformed or transmuted to a more positive energy.  While the soaring eagle represents Scorpio’s desire to rise to a higher of level of consciousness.  Some even add an additional symbol of the phoenix to represent the Scorpio need to bring about regeneration of the self through suffering.

At this New Moon, whether you are a Scorpio or not, I believe these traits and energies of Scorpio are very important for all of us.  Scorpio is also very intense and this New Moon can bring an intense energy that can help you with any new beginning you may choose.

Perhaps the greatest new beginning is to know yourself.  After all:
“He who knows others is learned.  He who knows himself is wise.”  Lao Tzu

The next Wednesday, November 2nd, Venus moves into Sagittarius at 4:51 a.m. EDT.

To understand this placement, it’s necessary to understand Sagittarius.  There is an expansiveness to this sign because of its rulership by Jupiter.  It’s like the arrow released from the centaur’s bow – the aim is high and, once released, it covers a lot of ground.  Therefore, in love (Venus), this energy is one of high aspirations and one that demands freedom.
This transit of Venus is a time to remove the self-imposed boundaries of love – whether it is intimate, familial, or the love of life.  Take a deep breath, aim high, and let go. This is a time to be jovial, outgoing, open-minded and optimistic.  This is also a time when you may find great joy and pleasure in being outdoors.  It’s time to break any “chains” that bind you and find what really makes you smile!

Mercury will join Venus in Sagittarius that very same day, Wednesday, November 2nd, at 12:54 p.m. EDT.

This really is advantageous when you consider my statement of “find what really makes you smile”.  Here the mind is more concerned with attitudes rather than facts.  This would allow for the consideration of social thought whether it be in the form of religion, philosophy, law or any form of higher education.  It would give insight into social motivation and could assist in the discovery of why we do what we do rather than what we want to do.  These energies can also provide some prophetic insights into social motivation and our own motivation as well.

Mercury in Sagittarius is honest in nature and would never mislead anyone intentionally so, with that in mind, it’s an exceptionally good energy for being honest with ourselves as well as with others.

The one drawback to this placement is that, although it makes the mind swift and brilliant, it can make concentrating deeply for long periods of time next to impossible.  Overall, this is an excellent placement for self-discovery!


Daylight Savings Time comes to an end on Sunday, November 6th at 2 a.m. EDT/EST.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed.



Last, but certainly not least, Neptune, which has been retrograde since June, will turn direct in Aquarius on Wednesday, November 9th at 1:55 p.m. EST.

Although Neptune is very much a “generational” planet, for the individual, the forward motion of this planet in Aquarius provides the energies of increased intuition and inner perception.  What more valuable tool could one ask for in this time of introspection?

Neptune, the natural ruler of Pisces, combined with Aquarius bring a combination of the spiritual and the metaphysical at this time.  It can cause an increased interest in the those spiritual paths which take the occult or hidden side of things into account.

It’s also a time of sociability and friendship and gives a love of nature.

As I bring this issue to a close, in the “spirit” of one of my favorite holidays, I wish you all a spook-tacular Halloween!  May your life be filled with may sweet treats!

Until we meet again…
Blessed Be.

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