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Hopefully, the “seeds” you planted in the Spring are beginning to bear fruit as we approach the last quarter of the year, a time of “harvest”.  If things aren’t “blooming” the way you had hoped, perhaps it’s due to some old habits and tendencies that should have been “weeded” from your “garden” long ago.

Habits and tendencies come from a number of places – training and programming in youth, life experience, and the energies of the planets that we chose to surround ourselves with as we entered this incarnation.  I want to talk a little about those energies and how they can help and/or challenge us in our current Earth sojourn.

I’ve already talked about the different houses of the chart and how they represent different areas of our current lives.  I’ve also mentioned the planets and what they can represent.  It’s the combination of planet, the sign it’s in, and the house it’s positioned in at the time of your birth that can determine what that particular energy is and how it can help or challenge you. I realize there are many people who actually are afraid to have their natal charts done because they believe it’s going to tell them something absolutely dreadful.  The unknown can be frightening to all of us sometimes.  The truth is, that understanding the energies in your natal chart, even the ones that may be quite challenging, can be of real benefit in navigating through life a lot easier than most of us make it for ourselves.

Let me offer this analogy.  You take off in your car to go to work and your running a little late, but you know that the weather is good, the roads or dry and you should still be able to get there on time.  All of a sudden, there’s construction up ahead.  Traffic’s backed up for miles and you have nowhere to turn around.  So now, you have to sit and wait, knowing you’ll now be late.  What if you had listened to the local news on TV or on the radio and had heard that there was a traffic jam?  Or if you had GPS at your disposal, it might have alerted you to the traffic jam.  You would have been able to take another route or some other appropriate action that would have gotten you to work on time.

A natal astrology chart is a TV or radio report or a GPS for your life.  It tells you what energies will help you create and do what you want and do it with a minimum of struggle because it also tells you where the traffic jams and other bumps in the road may be from an energy perspective.  Even more, it will reveal to you reasons why you may do certain things in certain ways – both beneficially and detrimentally.  Those habits and tendencies can be because of energies that you are working with, albeit unconsciously, that could be changed through using other energies at your disposal.  It truly can, in many instances, answer questions like, “Why do I insist on continuing to do this in this way?”; “Why can’t I seem to break out of this habit?”; “Why does life seem to be so cruel?”

I don’t know about you, but I , for one, want all the tools I can find that will help me to “grow corn” in my life so that I may prosper and help others.  If you feel this way as well, and haven’t had your natal chart done, then give yourself a gift, have it done.  I’m certain you’ll be glad you did!

Now, let’s talk about this Full Moon we have coming up on Monday, September 12th at 5:27 a.m. EDT.  The Moon will be in Pisces and the Sun will be in Virgo.

Moon in Pisces is about intuition and strong psychic qualities.  The fullness of the Moon now, only intensifies this.  As it also intensifies the higher spiritual vibration that belongs to Pisces as well.  Being a water sign, this energy can take on the negative influence of other signs and planets that are close.  In this instance, we’re talking about the Sun in Virgo.  Although Virgo is practical, being an earth sign, the energies can be prone to worry, being overly fastidious and even finicky.  This can cause people to ignore the higher vibrations that Pisces is trying to gift us with.

Pisces is also the natural ruler of the 12th house.  This could be a time when you need to look inward and deal with things that you have allowed to hold you back.  You see, one of the attributes of the 12th house is that it is the house of self-undoing.  Here rest the things we remain silent about, keep to ourselves and brood about.  With this Full Moon, the energies may be calling you to use the analytical nature of Virgo and the intuitive nature of Pisces to ferret out those things which are holding you back, bring them into the light, and find ways to let them go.  A truly enlightening time!

On Wednesday, September 14th, Venus will enter Libra at 10:40 a.m. EDT.  Venus is the natural ruler of Libra so this is a very good placement.

Love is sacred to this combination.  It is love  by the mind and spirit and is not chained to material expression.  It must be absolutely free.

You may find yourself seeking out harmonious surroundings, events and people.  You may also find yourself being repelled by anything and anyone who is crude or coarse in nature or expression.  You may also find that there is a clarity to your understanding of other people that you haven’t known before.  This is truly a time of connection to others on an emotional level.

Pluto, which has been retrograde since early April, will now turn direct again on Friday, September 16th, at 2:23 p.m. EDT.

Pluto is in Capricorn and, with its now direct motion, it will bring the energies of learning how to establish our individuality and authority within society.  This is a lesson in how to link your own philosophy and identity to that of the society, culture or nation in which you live.  The big question that must be asked by us here is, “How do I accomplish what it is that I want to do within the framework of society?”  Learning what characterizes your individuality – desires, needs, values, beliefs, etc. – now allows you to learn social and emotional maturity.  It also teaches the lesson of taking responsibility for ones actions.

Some very intense but important energies that can bring many good things into your life, if you choose to use the energies given here.

Mars goes into Leo on Sunday, September 18th at 9:51 p.m. EDT.  This is an interesting combination as it puts a fire sign with a fiery planet.

The combination does produce energies that promote self-confidence and strong will.  It can produce instances of temper but it’s easily appeased.  There can also be a tendency to be pushy and/or domineering.  There is also a desire to be direct in dealing with others at this time.

Overall, though, the energies here are ones of high energy and good productivity.   So, tapping into them could give you just what you need to begin and/or complete that project that’s been waiting in the wings.

International Day of Peace happens on Wednesday, September 21st.  It’s also known as World Peace Day and is dedicated to peace and, more specifically the absence of war. It was created by the United Nations in 1981 and the first celebration was in 1982.  Each celebration begins with the ringing of the Peace Bell at the UN.  It was cast from coins donated by children from all over the globe.

Autumn Equinox, that time when day and night are once again equal, happens now as the Sun moves into Libra at 5:05 a.m. EDT on Friday, September 23rd.

With the Sun in Libra, intelligence and communication are at the forefront.  Libra is about finding balance in ones life.  This can be done through careful examination of that life.  Libra enjoys looking at 360 degrees of anything and everything.  This can sometimes cause a lack of decision, which needs to be guarded against.  Libra loves debate, even if it is with oneself.

Art, music, theater are all loves of Libra – after all, it is ruled by Venus.  That also brings an inability to be rude and a love for the finer things of life.  Harmony is included in those finer things.  Whether it’s to the mind, body, or environment they live or work in, Libra instinctively knows how to restore harmony.  A very good quality to have.

For those of us who are not Libra-born, this is a time to seek out balance in our lives through the use of harmony.  Using the Libra energy of looking at things from all perspectives, we can find what needs to be done to create harmony once again in our lives.

To all those born under this wonderful sign:

Native American Day takes place on Friday, September 23rd.  In 1968, in California, Ronald Reagan signed a resolution to make American Indian Day a holiday celebrated on the fourth Friday in September.  In 1998, California lawmakers made it an official state holiday. Although not yet considered a national holiday, it is celebrated across the country.

Last, but never least, we have Mercury moving into the sign of Libra on Sunday, September 25th, at 5:09 p.m. EDT.  Here is another opportunity for the energies of the planets to assist us in finding and creating balance in our lives.

With Mercury in Libra, we have the opportunity to look at our human relations and our psychology.  This is a time when good communications and happy relationships are important to us.  We may find that, using the energies of this combination,  we better understand the psychology of others as well.

It is a time of wanting to be fair and just in our communications with others and this will promote the need for honesty on our part.  This will also make unfair motivations distasteful to those of us affected by these energies now.

It seems only right that, as we head to that introspective time of year,  we have the opportunity to better understand ourselves an others.  Mercury in Libra energies will help us with that.

The skies are very busy this time and I hope you will take advantage of all that the energies have to offer.  Until we meet again…

Love & Blessed Be

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