Astrological Musings & More

Well, we’ve passed the first harvest and the Sun is now in Virgo.  The year has been moving rapidly passed us and Fall now approaches.  I hope this has been a good year for you thus far. Have the fruits of your labors brought you discovery or creativity?  Have you reconnected with Nature or rekindled friendships thought lost?  It has truly been an interesting year already and we still have four months to go!!!

I know I’m always talking about natal astrology and that’s mainly because I feel it is so important for people to get to know themselves and the energy tools they gave themselves to work with in this lifetime.  There are other forms of astrology that may be of interest to you, either to investigate for yourself or to find someone who specializes in them.

Probably the next most popular form of astrology, next to natal astrology, is having a progressed chart done.  Let’s say you want to know what’s in store for you in 2012.  Find an astrologer who does progressed charts, and ask them to do a chart for you for 2012.  They will set up your birth chart, using your date, time and place of birth and then progress it – move it forward in time – to 2012.  It can be very interesting and informative in helping you to understand how the energies you chose to be born with will affect you then.

Then there’s horary astrology.  Some refer to it as astrological divination because a chart is cast for the exact moment a question is posed that requires an answer.  The “birth” of the question is the same as the birth of an individual and the chart is cast in the same manner in both cases.  Somewhere in the chart lies the answer to the question posed.  I find it fascinating and you might too.

Synastry is the astrology that pertains to relationships.  Those relationships can be intimate, friend, business, or any other type that might arise.  A chart is cast for each individual to be considered in the particular relationship.  Once all the charts are set up, the aspects between the planets in the charts are compared and interpreted.  It can be of great value in almost any kind of relationship and, in many cases, well worth the price paid for the problems averted.

There are many, many other forms of astrology – medical, vocational, spiritual, electional, etc., it’s not just “What’s your sign?” There are application for astrology in almost any field and that’s what makes it so interesting.  If your curiosity causes you to want to know more, there are many good books on each of the forms of astrology I have mentioned.  May the stars guide you and light your path.

On Sunday, August, 28th a New Moon will be occurring at 11:04 p.m. EDT.  As is always the case with a New Moon, both the Sun and Moon will be in the same sign.  This time that happens to be Virgo.

When the Moon is in Virgo, people can become rather quiet and shy because, like Taurus, Virgo energy is introverted.  Even though someone might not be talking your head off, don’t think there isn’t plenty going on inside.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury and, in this case, thought has a lot to do with detail.  If there’s something you’ve been putting off because of the amount of detail involved, this is a great time to take on that project.

It has been said that Virgoans make excellent business people because of their analytical ability, their attention to detail, and practical nature.  The same goes for the energy of a Virgo New Moon.  If you’ve been thinking about starting a new business, the energy of this New Moon can be of great assistance in taking a close look at things in detail.  As long as you keep yourself from becoming worrisome, overly fastidious, finicky, critical or conventional, this is the energy that could propel you forward into a new career!

Well, let’s see…we still have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde.  Mercury has turned direct just recently, but on Tuesday, August 30th at 5:18 a.m. EDT, Jupiter, which is in Taurus, goes retrograde.  So what do we need to be aware of here?

Retrograde planets always bring energy back to us so that we may learn lessons that we have yet to work through.  In this case, Jupiter retrograde has to do with lessons of expansion.  In other words, if you have stagnated in this lifetime and not ventured forth to become more than what you currently are – and intended to be – than Jupiter retrograde energies will present you with situations that nudge you into looking at things differently and/or doing things differently.  The fact that Jupiter is in Taurus, and Taurus is about money and the material side of life, means those lesson in self-expansion have to do with your view of money/material things and how you manifest them.  The retrograde energies of Jupiter in Taurus can bring much discontent with the material side of life.  The answer, however, does not lie in comparing yourself to what others have or have done.  It lies in introspection through the higher mind (ruled by Jupiter).  Continuing to do things the same way can also bring many déjà vu experiences during this transit.  You may find yourself saying, more than once, “Haven’t I been through this before?”  Remember “As you sow, so shall ye reap.”  If you keep sowing the same worn-out seeds, you’ll get the same worn-out results.  Time to expand!!!

Mercury goes into Virgo on Friday, September 9th at 1:59 a.m. EDT and brings with it energies that are primarily intellectual.  This is a pretty impersonal time because it is one of pure reason.  You may find yourself, or others, preferring to deal with problems rather than people.  That’s only because these energies promote a real sense of emotional detachment.  Though it makes one efficient, thorough and careful, it tends to also make a person forget about the feelings of others.

So, if you need this time and these energies to focus on a project or task, that’s great, but if you find yourself lacking in sympathy for your fellow Man, just remember it’s only Mercury in Virgo and “This, too, shall pass.”

National Grandparent’s Day began with an idea from Marian McQuade of Fayette County, West Virginia because she wanted the lonely elderly people in nursing homes to be remembered.  She also hoped to inspire grandchildren to tap the wisdom, experience, and heritage their grandparents could provide.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter made Grandparent’s Day a national holiday to be celebrated each year on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.  This year that day is Sunday, September 11th.  May we all know, love and remember those who came before us.

Well, here we are at the end of another issue.  May you find the energies useful in creating a good harvest for yourself.  Until next time…

In Light & Love,

Lady Maya

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  1. I think I’m feeling Jupiter’s retrograde a mite early. O..woe is me!!! Finances and their affiliated problems are smacking at us right now. Good info, as usual! Thanks!

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